Improving mood through diet


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  • Dr.Greger, I saw your health recommendations article (including about B12, vit D etc) posted on your website (or somewhere) ..I can't remember exactly where, hence I'm frustratingly struggling to find it again. Would you be able to point me in the right direction?

  • Recently I ran my first 100 miler, and in ultra lightweight minimalist footwear … into my 4th year on 100% plant based foods. I used BEET Juice. (video I created … "Doping With Beet Juice, Beet – Chia Iskiate".

    Anyhow, the key point here is that I had HOURS of the best runner's high EVER. As others were in pain and dropping out, I was laughing, smiling, joking, feeling like superman really. Talk about MOOD ENHANCEMENT. Wish I could have bottled up the endorphins, coffee, vegan powered blood etc …. I'd be rich if could sell that feeling. :~)

  • I just discovered your videos today and have been binge watching them. I'm an ex vegan that is looking to get back to plant based. I've been nervous about the nutrition because of the way I felt last time and all these videos are making me feel much more confident in my choice

  • I'm not sure this guy understands statistics….. being 'statistically significant' is not the same as having a significant effect (as used colloquially), but he often uses these phrases interchangeably in his videos.

  • How do you feel about the claim that meat eating significantly contributed too human evolution? And if you think the previous statement is true, why would humans only flourish on a plant based diet?

  • On my almost brand new WFPB lifestyle I was feeling great. Then well, not so much. I became very anxious my blood pressure went very high. I spent three separate trips to the ER with high blood pressure, several more with my own PCP. As far as I'm concerned the hospital was committing Medicare Fraud. They did nothing in the ER. ER doctor never talked to me, except for some student MD's. Stayed one day in the telemetry unit. Then my own doctor who pumped me up with a BP med, and finally, at my request, some anti-anxiety med. In my readings I found that I was taking way too high a dose of Vitamin D3 (7000IU) The nurses said they had seen this high of a dose before especially in the winter time. Then I searched for "side effects of too much Vitamin D3". The search revealed depression and anxiety as two of the psychological side effects. After 3 months of seeing doctor after doctor and staying in the ER and telemetry area of the hospital, I took myself off Vitamin D3 and the symptoms disappeared. I figured the Federal Government got screwed out of over $30K. I'm off both the additional BP med and the anti-anxiety med both. On my own, no doctor permission.
    BP is wonderful. This morning 107/74. Allopathic medicine, a totally bogus endeavor. I can hardly wait until the WFPB doctors wipe them off the map.Thank you Drs. Greger, McDougall, T. Colin Campbell, Essylstyn, and many more I'm sure I'm omitting.

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