If White Rice is Linked to Diabetes, What About China?


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  • Wouldn't the elevated insulin release be because of the leucine in meat? Leucine is found in meat and provokes a strong insulin release for the purpose of protein synthesis. However, long-term treatment of leucine has been shown to improve insulin secretory dysfunction of human diabetic islets. In vivo, leucine administration improves glycemic control in humans and rodents with type 2 diabetes. If the meat were consumed in the absence of abundant starchy carbohydrates such as those in white rice would the insulin release be problematic? It would appear that leucine serves as a strong signal for protein synthesis because it's found in common with the most abundant sources of protein, and at scarce levels in virtually all plant sources. Therefore it would appear that our physiology has evolved a mechanism for the rapid absorption of animal protein. And let's not forget that protein has minimal effect on blood glucose levels unless in the case of insulin deficiency. So could it be that abundant carbohydrates are ruining the party for animal protein rather than animal protein ruining the party for abundant carbohydrates? And I'm intentionally excluding milk and dairy products because there is no use in conflating them with animal products in general. And the same goes for processed meat. Just a little food for thought!

  • Animal meat is full of powerfull steroids like trenbolone , tren is a nasty steroid that has killed a lot of bodybuilders , it causes tren sweats and tren nightmares , your not eating real meat your eating junk

  • Of course adding protein to a meal causes a higher insulin production, it's PROTEIN, it doesn't matter if it's animal or not, the same would happen if you added pea protein
    I'm vegetarian, and the selected narratives found in some videos, don't do any good in cultivating awareness

  • China has the world’s largest diabetes epidemic, and it continues to grow at a fearsome pace. Rapidly rising rates of diabetes have been seen in previous studies, and the most recent research found that China has overtaken the USA in terms of diabetes prevalence: according to the latest data, 11.6% of Chinese adults have diabetes. The Chinese diabetes population stands at some 114 million people — about a third of all people with diabetes. The authors of this study warned of the enormous strain on the country’s public health system

  • I test my glucose daily…not because I have to..I have no BS issues…I'm just that kind of person. And after a bowl of white rice with a teaspoon of EVOO/butter my BS was as follows…96 at 30 min, 97 at 45 min, and 95 at 60 minutes. I get ZERO reaction to white rice. I just can't get excited. I am of Cuban descent and have been eating rice my entire life, as have my people for centuries. Cubans are fat, but it's not the rice….try the fried bananas and tons of greasy meat dishes with no, repeat NO green vegetables in their diet. And don't even get me started on the deserts. (I looove Cuban food, to be clear, but it's very fattening).

    If Asia is having a problem with T2D it's obviously all the trash food from the west they're eating because they're been eating rice for thousands of years with no threat of diabetes at all. In fact, I had a friend here, Filipino with T2D, who told me that when he travels to the Philipines and eats the food there his diabetes DISAPPEARS. It's not the rice.

  • No stupid… remove the toxic carbs from your foods. Our bodies were designed to eat meat and survive. Also… the problem is not the meat. I eat meat every day and veggies. I feel better and my sugar doesnt level doesn't spike.

    Ive been living in south east asia. People dont lots of meat bc they cant afford. They eat rice every dam day with every dam meal. Diabetes is rampant in the Philippines. How you gonna tell me different when i have been living here for two years. Fortunately i have money so i buy meat and qcauire my carbs from green veggies raised on farms.
    Your research suggests people to keep eating carbs and less meat. Somebody should take you behind the shed somewhere and beat the living carbs out from your kidney along with your pancreas. You moron!

  • I am from the USA and have seen first hand, even living with the Chinese, You can see children eating burgers and fries and sipping fizzy drinks in China sure, 
    While there is lotteria (Japanese burger chain), McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC, 
    many of these places are empty most days of the week as many can not afford to eat at these places regularly, sure they are crowded when it’s the weekend, but most are sharing food, or just eating a ice cream cone to get outta the heat. And as far as the parents go they almost never eat fast American food. We need to stop blaming american fast food on diabetes, sure it’s a factor but a much smaller one. The bigger issue of the Chinese diet is rice, and lots of it, it is common practice for families to eat 3-5 bowls of rice per person, it’s cheap and many workers on their lunch break will go eat (cheap rice), then there’s the sweet sticky rice and corn with beans mixed with coconut sugar and table sugar in a plastic baggy people eat as a snack, and (sugar cane juice) coconut jello (sugar), xoi (sugar), bun vermicelli noodle soups (sugar), fruit after every meal, juices, banh bao, Minh pao.
    Alcohol is a problem but what isn’t stated is that beer is liquid bread, it’s all sugar and will cause insulin resistance in a hurry, it isn’t the ethanol, cigarettes is anyone’s guess on causing diabetes, the studies are weak. And we cannot say for sure that decades ago Chinas diabetes rates were low, because China has been reluctant to publish their real records on the matter, they may have had a diabetes problem all along, and many currently are undiagnosed, as it isn’t a practice to get a regular checkup in China. Eating more proteins and fatty foods will not make you obese to raise insulin much. 
    Carbohydrates make you obese, and definitely will cause a rise in insulin. 
    This is wrong and old science. And if diabetes is linked with “laziness” I find that hard to believe when a lot of farmers in the country side work all day, one can hardly call them lazy, but they still get diabetes. The Chinese eat way too many carbohydrates in their diet, it isn’t calories in calories out, laziness, wealthy or poor, it’s a hormonal issue linked to insulin causing diabetes, heart disease, cancers and more. Protein and fats don’t Raina’s insulin, carbohydrates do.Many are reversing diabetes and preventing it. Carbohydrates > insulin > fat storage This means carbohydrates increasing Insulin and insulin is creating fat storage in the liver and blood as high tryglycerides and body fat. So, what does one do? Start by eating a low carb high fat diet, get to know how the body works and functions to avoid or reverse this disease. Read why we get fat by Gary Taubes https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B003WUYOQ6/ref=mp_s_a_1_1_twi_kin_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1526197016&sr=8-1&keywords=why+we+get+fat+gary+taubesLearn more at Dr Andreas Eenfeldt MD at Diet doctor website He will sell you nothing and has a lot of great information on low carb eatinghttps://www.dietdoctor.comAnd check out Stephen Cooksey who reversed his diabetes through a low carb high fat diet and is thriving https://www.diabetes-warrior.net

  • What about China? My ancestors didn’t eat rice. Rice is poison for me. Perhaps it’s awesome for the tiny Chinese people but for a strapping lad like myself, rice will not help with these magnificent muscles. My best to the plant eaters. Your hearts are in the right place. Maybe.

  • Comparisons were flawed based on mass alone. If you have 25g of something, measure a response, then add 25g of more something, than 50g of something will elicit a greater response than 25g of something.

    Observational studies and glucose response studies =/= causes of diabetes. Missing possible mechanisms, additional evidence that > insulin secretion leads to diabetes (ie. appropriate response to meal vs hypertrophic response).

    He's offering an explanation scientists have poured decades of research in, within 5 minutes, and… 6 studies? This is not an expert people.

  • What? This study compares the insuline spike of 50 vs 100 g food.. Of course 100g will be higher.. Carbs has the highest insuline reaction, protein the second and fat the lowest.. So if you add protein of course you increase insuline.. That is why all the real keto diets are low carb and moderate protein and high plant base..

  • This answers a lot. For a while I've been wondering why the high carb, low protein diet proposed by McDougal reverses diabetes in his patients, yet for some reason the low carb high fat and protein diet also reverses diabetes in other patients. Was very confused until I came across this video. Its the combination of carbs and animal protein that leads to high insulin spikes.

  • Here is a thought I`ve been studying. Acidic Crystals—-I think that is the beginning of all Neurological symptoms. Could it be that is the reason some fat cells refuse to take in glucose ?

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