How Well Does Cooking Destroy the Cyanide in Flax Seeds?


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  • I've eaten "flax porridge" before where I'd mix up about half a cup ground flax with almond milk, blueberries, vanilla, cinnamon, and a bit of maple syrup and microwave it for a few minutes to heat it up. Guess I maybe shouldn't be eating that anymore?

  • They banned the ground flax in the stores here, so i have to ground ot myself.
    When i tell people i eat flax every day they always ask " Arent you afraid the cyanide?"

  • I would buy a packet, grind them up and eat them like most people eat cereal. However I did notice declined sexual function so I stopped and the problem went away. I thought it was due to the phytoestrogens.

  • I have been consuming freshly ground flaxseed for over 20 years … It was my understanding that cooking flaxseed destroyed much of the benefits. Would you please address this also , when you get around to the next vid on flaxseed

  • Quorn Products: Is there any way you can do a video on Quorn products and other plant based substitutes. Im a 220 mail and body builder struggling to get enough calories consistently on a whole foods plant based diet. I love these products, but am concerned about their long term and short term effects. A video would help guide many of us who love the products and use them to boost calories.

  • A doctor told me flaxseed can cause cancer. I kept feeling nauseous and thought I was pregnant. It was my body reacting to the poison in the flaxseed. I only had one tablespoon but I hadn’t eaten yet. I googled and found out the poison is there to kill worms in the body and can make you nauseous.

  • But doesn't heat destroy the alpha linolenic acid and other omegas which are the reason we're eating flax seeds is the first place?

  • May be the reason we can safely eat small amount of toxins such as some cyanide is that these toxins are in the seeds of some fruits; for example, cyanide in apple seeds does not harm us because seeds also have a tough protective coating that allows them to mostly survive our digestive track. Another example is tomato seeds that mostly survive our digestive track because not only they have protective cover, but also they are hard to bite on! The seeds are toxic because, in our symbiotic relationship with fruit trees, we are not supposed to eat the seeds, and in cases where we have no choice but eating the seeds (cucumber and tomato for example) the toxin does not harm us. In cases where the seeds are not supposed to be eaten (in apples for example), the apple seeds taste bitter; they are telling us: hello, not the seeds dummy! Just because our body can handle some toxins, it does not mean we should eat more of it! Our body can get rid of some cholesterol, but I would not eat ANY of it. I have never been able to find scientific proof that humans are naturally designed to eat seeds, grains, or root vegetables; all I have heard is that humans have been eating them and survived to be healthier than meat eaters (which is true); or that our saliva contains amylase, so that we eat potatoes! Again, the reason for amylase is that in case fruits we eat are not ripe, we can handle some starch. But, does that mean we are evolved to eat seeds, grains, or potatoes? I think the answer is no. I stay away from all seeds, grains, and tubers (of course, also animal products, extracted sugars and oils, no controversy about how terrible they are for us, not on this site!), and have cured my diabetes and a number of complications caused by it; I do not feel or tested like I am in need of anything grains, seeds or tubers can provide me. Last time I even had a common cold was in March 2014 (I record them)! I admire what Dr. Greger does with his site and books; this is just a "graduate" level comment for those who have kicked their addiction to animal products and processed crap advertised as food by "food" industry!

    (The symbiotic relationship I described above I first heard from Loren Lockman's site)

  • How is plant-based better for the environmental when the world’s main vegetable and fruit suppliers take up so much ground with forced agriculture of all the vegetables, grains, and fruits?? All of our food is created by 10 main manufacturers who have destroyed billions of animals in areas where there was previously no agriculture in nature. But now it’s all full of pesticides and sugary fruits and vegetables.

  • So this may explain why raw flax seeds have been effective in curing cancer, especially breast cancer. It must be the cyanide, the same reason bitter almonds have been effective in curing cancer. Flax seeds actually seems like a better alternative anyway since we can fine tune the dosage easier as it contains a lower dosage of cyanide.

  • Bake the flax seeds whole in your oven at 275 for about 30 min stirring every 10 min, cool and freeze until ready to fresh grind a small batch,,,,,,80% cyanide gone and they taste so much better. After listening to Paddison Program on YouTube and heard his Rheumatoid Arthritis was much better after switching from flax to chia, I changed from all flax to half chia……..much better.

  • Since you were talking about the Swedish health regulation guidelines it might be interesting to know that you can buy bitter almonds in Sweden. They are used in some traditional cookies.

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