How to Win the War on Cancer


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  • It's amazing how even in 2018 we still know so little about nutrition. Everyone seems to disagree on what is the best diet approach. I'm 3year vegan but still have many doubts if this is the right way. Maybe now would be a good time for a blood test…

  • See Tom Seyfried’s work Cancer as a Metabolic Disease, Wiley, 2012. And his 2017 publication on Press-Pulse therapy. Seyfried TN, Yu G, Maroon JC, D’Agostino DP. Press-pulse: a novel therapeutic strategy for the metabolic management of cancer. Nutrition & Metabolism. 2017;14:19. doi:10.1186/s12986-017-0178-2.

  • So the big problem is misinformation: if people would be better educated/informed then people at least have a choice. Now they see (at best) when disease strikes and it's too late.
    Great video!

  • All we need to do is understand the two sides of chemistry : alkaline and acids. Period. Acids burn and create inflammation. The body creates mucus and cholestorol and steals calcium from bones to cool it down but also clogs us up. The mucus hardens and blocks passage ways in the lymphatic and immune system. Cancer is an acidic condition – and so are the drugs and chemo— which is IDIOTIC. Do you put out a fire by adding gasoline? That is what medical doctors do. They get paid boatloads of money to make you even sicker. If the truth be told, it is their treatments that kill people not the cancer. All cancer is is damaged cells. People who do NOTHING after a cancer diagnosis live something like 12 years longer than someone who "survives" the orthodox treatments.

    We can prevent but also reduce and eliminate cancer by STOPPING EATING the acid forming foods ie cooked foods, animal products, dairy and even whole grains and legumes – especially if they aren't sprouted first and then cooked afterwards….. and ONLY EATING alkaline producing foods – ie raw fruit and raw fruit-like vegetables containing seeds and tender leafy greens, vegetable broths, herbal teas and sea veggies and a FEW nuts and seeds. By doing so we will automatically begin to detox our bodies. Additionally we can take specific whole herbs to expedite the detoxification process that are grown in Nature and recognized and fully utilized by the body UNLIKE man made "natural" supplements where parts of the chemistry of the plant is isolated and made into a vitamin supplement. Taking these will stimulate but then enervate and you don't want enervation! Remember, with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    Cooked food equals DEAD food and death begets death. The TRUE BLUE naturopathic doctors, raw foodists, most herbalists and traditional healers and detoxification experts all know this. Even Dr. Greger did a video showing if the truth be told we are FRUGIVORES and we will harm our health if we don't get enough fruit.

    You also can't get rid of cancer until you get rid of the acid wastes inside your body it feeds on. So that means to DETOX your colon and lymphatic system . When you've done that there isn't anything left for the cancer to feed on. You are cancer FREE. No need to worry about getting it again unless you go back to abusing your body eating massive amounts of dairy, animal products and cooked grains on a daily basis. Once in a while is ok.

  • Wow. My grandmother had unnecessary chemo due to this war being waged on cancer. Crazy. It's just like their war on opioid addiction is harming many people unnecessarily, including myself. Doctors should stop waging war on intentional objects that know no evil and cannot be taught, like cancer cells. Can't say the same for the opioid epidemic I guess. They'll never be able to eradicate cancer either, it is always occurring. Rather, they should create war on the people who are causing this mess- in other words get to the real cause of cancer- intense pollution levels and lacking nutrition combined with an weirdly stimulating environment and poor psychological factors, all of which often contribute to one another. In some cases, go after the farmers. In others go after the government, the parents, the violators of childrens' rights, across the globe. But doctors should really stop waging war on their patients' bodies, it's nuts. They should be helping their bodies. These like medical wars have caused me and many others to do insane things, including getting unnecessary blackened titties. It's a cruel delusion to believe conventional doctors really have anything near advanced medicine. Really, they're primates waging war on beings that don't know any better mostly, and also constantly executing prejudice on patients' bodies' and psyches' presuming about situations they actually don't know enough about to diagnose, leading to constant type one error problems and inhumane treatments. Remember Dr. Gregor's liquid gold injections for arthritis, anyone? These people are absolutely imaginative lunatics who refuse to think they anything but the utmost superbly rational of beings. In other words, they are ignorant, as in they are the most dangerous kinds of people out there. They know what they are doing, but they still refuse to treat patients like anything higher than the standard of cattle because they don't trust in their own abilities to properly communicate with patients their implicit models they are using which is full of many flaws in theory oftentimes. Then they kill them and move on and we the people have to suffer without knowing what happened. Well thank you Dr. Gregor for helping us to get some clarity on the situations which have shaken many families and taken loved ones from them.

  • Too bad we can't cure or treat most of the common diseases like IBS, IBD, CFS, diabetes, MS, etc.
    Your research shows prevention is the key and everyone who is sick with the exception of heart disease, obesity and certain types of diabetes, has to live with what they are served.
    It's nice that you post research with possible treatments, but they usually don't work at all, most studies are flawed.
    I'd just like it if some time and money could go from obesity for which we already know the cure and treatment, to some chronic ilnesses I listed above.

  • WHO came out with the warning about flesh being carcinogenic, you listen to this video and think about what people are feeding their innocent kids. I used to work at a school and it was hard to watch the kids eat pigs flesh and other animal products, every day. The needless suffering of sentient beings AND what you are setting your kids up for… They have no choice, but to trust the people that are feeding them this. It’s just insane.

  • How to Win the War on Cancer :
    Read the ingredient labels, if an ingredient is abbreviated then that is one to avoid for sure.
    You like bread ?… try it without bromine and avoid breads that have over 10 ingredients. All you need is water, flour, salt, sugar and yeast to make bread.
    Don't eat so much meat, avoid BBQ. Avoid Kraft products. Dont drink anything with sodium benzoate in it. Avoid processed food and avoid canola/rapeseed oil.
    Read Those Ingredient Labels and look up those "additives".
    Think of others when you have that car engine running. Car emissions are very carcinogenic.

  • Chemo = Big Pharma Money Pigs 🐷🐷🐷 pulling the wool over the Masses in order for their monetary gains without any moral or ethical compass. There is another BREED on this planet that resembles similar traits……. "Egocentric Sociopathic Serial Killers".

  • It's interesting how on that map Russia had a much lower incidence of breast cancer than Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia–interesting, because I'd have guessed that the latter areas would have diets and fitness levels similar to Russia's.

  • This is so true. I used to work in cancer research and no one ever talked about diet or prevention. Ever. All our work was geared towards slowing growth, and 20% cure rates were considered great successes and celebrated. It was so odd to me. I never felt like that was good enough. The doctors in the department would give talks on how their aim was not cure, but maintenance…stopping the growth of tumors so the patient could live with them longer. I couldn't believe it. Patients want tumors out of them and gone. They don't want to learn to live with them. Would you? It was a very depressing job. When I learned about plant-based diets a couple years after I quit, and read all the science on it, I was blown away. There's SO MUCH information out there! Why hadn't any of this ever come up in department meetings?? I immediately switched to a whole-food plant-based diet and haven't looked back. Maybe if I'd known then what I know now, I might have quit sooner…

  • No word about fasting as a cure against cancer? We have Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Michael Farley, Dr. Alan Goldhamer and Dr. Darren Schmidt that I can name on the top of my head who all support this treatment.

  • Thanks for the Emergency rooms but for the most part of modern allopathic medicine when going after diseases it is nothing more than legal drug cartel! And doctors are legal drug dealers!!!!

  • Dr Greger. Your information is appreciated. I've been on a plant-based diet for decades and feeling relatively well. However, is it possible that Weston Price protocol can have some value at least in the short run?

  • Too much cherry picking in this video. The first article is based on a discussion papper from 1991. The advances in cancer treatments since 1991 are overwhelming.

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