How to Shop for, Handle, and Store Chicken


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  • Thanks, Doc. So basically, even if you don't eat poultry/ meat, you still need to wipe down the shopping cart with sanitizer. That way you and your food are less likely to be exposed. U can also bring your own cart.

  • Contamination is not restricted to the carts which vegans use but there's the checkout conveyers which can be a source of contamination unless the clerks clean them frequently.

  • We get it. Another video with a provocative title. Still no reason for the commenters here to delegitimize vegans with sexist rhetoric like “panties in a bunch” and other belittling immaturity. Is veganism radical? Perhaps, in a world of animal terrorists.

  • Ouf now I’m considering purchasing directly from fruit veggie vendors to avoid having accidental contact =| there is a vegan grocery store downtown but very $_$

  • Vegan fear-mongering. Humans have extremely potent stomach acid — same as scavengers, animals which get most of their calories from rotting flesh. The problem is people are on stomach acid blockers and then they wonder why they get food poisoning so often.

  • So my defense is to wipe down my cart every time I shop? While wearing gloves so I don’t absorb the chemicals in the wipes? Or you what? Any suggestions on how we can avoid contaminating our plant foods and children while shopping?

  • It’s not about vegans buying and consuming chicken. It’s about being aware of how NON VEGANS can potentially contaminate the rest of us through no fault of our own. Maybe listen to the WHOLE video before you comment? 🙄

  • Brilliant video, Dr. Greger. Sometimes the best means of communication is by quietly tapping on the shoulder. Direct confrontation is often ineffective as it turns the listener's attention away. This video quietly tells the consumer of chicken the risks NOT in eating the chicken, but RATHER in the handling. Well done, Dr. Greger!

  • The "how to" title of this video appeared to validate and encourage the horrible industry of chicken suffering, exploitation, and therefore the resultant deleterious health effects in animal eaters. Dr. Gregor needs to get back focus upon the Daily Dozen, rebut assertions that he is cherry picking studies with unsupported conclusions of his own, and discover qualified studies investigating new foods and spices that can optimize our health.

  • I saw recently a HUGE parasite on someone's fish fillet in a grocery store, it was shocking and repulsive. It makes me worried about having the cucumber sushi rolls I like, because now I wonder about cross contamination. Can you do a video about this? Should I be worried about vegan sushi in a non vegan restaurant?

  • So with all this contamination from animal products and needing a thermometer to make sure your animal product it cooked well threw, how did are so called paleo ancestors hundreds and thousands of years ago do it. They had no sanitizer, bleach. The people on this carnivore band wagon say this is what we are suppose to be  eating. If it is  we shouldn't have to clean anything like your pet dog. You know how your dog can drink out of the toilet and nothing happens.

  • It's super creepy how frequently your videos are exactly what I need to hear. It is as if you are following me around and then making videos on what I need to hear the timing is so uncanny. Two days ago I ate at a restaurant that wasn't vegan but I ate all plant-based of course. But since then my stomach's been bugging me. And I keep thinking "did I get some sort of food poisoning?" So basically yesterday and all day today I've been like "I'm not going back out to eat unless it's a vegan place". I kept thinking about other videos you have like this talking about how bacteria on raw meat get everywhere. I love your work man, it's changing the world!

  • Very shocking Dr, Greger would be wasting time on this animal cruelty subject. Always assumed he was pro plant based food advocate and not for animal husbandry. So very disappointing, Dr. Greger .Makes one wonder if you went so far as to accept the animal agriculture industries funding for this confession of yours. Everyone I know, always assumed you were Vegan and advocated this lifestyle.Oy wei….Oy gevalt !

  • WOW! I'm so glade that I was a germophobe about handling the package meat. I'd bag them up, use hand sanitizer to clean my hands, and I'd use wet wipes to clean the cart handle. Then as soon as I get home I'm washing my hands before and after putting up the groceries. Well lately my husband and I have been trying to eat more vegan meals and trying to limit the amount of meat we eat. Our goal is to become vegans. It's hard but we keep trying, not giving up. We need to make the change for our health. I'm interested in finding out is black seed oil good for over all health. One of my coworkers swears by it. She said its good for everything. She noticed that her acne has disappeared, her acne scars have faded, and its helping her with weight loss. I've googled it and watched a few YouTube reviews on the oil. I trust the professional opinion of Dr. Michael Greger because his opinions are backed by science. Dr. Greger, do you have any scientific information about black seed oil?

  • How to shop for chicken: buy a rescue chicken. How to handle chicken: gently, lovingly stroke feathers, pat lightly on head, give praising comments and lots of room to roam 😊💟

  • Here's the best way to buy chicken:
    Step 1: Go to store.
    Step 2: Buy fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, and beans.
    Step 3 Go home.

    Poultry is a public health hazard. It's why I place a big puppy pad in my cart to place my vegetables, and clean the belt of checkout area with alcohol, before placing my groceries there. They think I have OCD, but I just tell them "I've had food poisoning once, I don't want it again."

  • average 12 weeks age at slaughter full of hormones antibiotics and over junk . so safer and cheaper not to by it . apparently the plant based diet is recommended by the world health organisation but but hey make sure you cook and prepare your chicken safely now .

  • I get it. It’s not about purchasing chicken. But the title has a ‘click-bait’ feel to it, especially since this is a primarily PB site. AND…he doesn’t address the reason of the video until the 2:00 mark, talking about cart contamination hurting NON-meat people. Could’ve been a much more constructive way to present this POV…without ‘fishing’ for YT views.

  • i wouldnt suggest goes full sv3rige
    but this bacteria scaring is bullshit
    the boy eats almost nothing but raw meat for 2 years, hes living testament that these bacteria r not as bad as one might think

    human stomach acid is crazy strong compared to most other plant eating animals, most pathogens wont survive
    stahp bubble boism

  • …and then there are those shoppers, who don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom, or sneeze and cough their germs without regard to others. The best way to protect yourself: eat your daily dozens 🙂

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