How to Prevent Prediabetes in Children

Prediabetes is a disease in and of itself, associated with early damage to the eyes, kidneys, and heart. The explosion of diabetes in children is a result of our …


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  • More great info, thanks. I eat tonnes of sweet fruit for breakfast often with coconut sugar and my blood sugar has always come up perfect, I believe this to be because of the plant fiber and perhaps more importantly I never buy oil (unless at a restaurant) and keep overt fats fairly low.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this! I grossly appreciate this!  Parents wishing to feed their children a plant based diet REALLY REALLY need to be empowered by this kind of information.  Most nutritionist are NOT trained in plant based diets.  I have had such a terrible experience with a doctor and nutritionists with my desire to feed my child a plant based diet.  I want ONLY the best for my child and it is really scary going out there against someone with a degree in "nutrition" when most feel a plant based diet will never be able to nurture your child or provide the calories needed. I was told that a plant based diet and nursing my child to two years old was responsible for his short and slender stature – even though it is very normal for both sides of the family regardless of diet. I found my son grows better, has better health and more energy on a plant based diet. Thank you so much for this research. I asked for this and I am not sure if that is what has spurred that research on children, but either way I really appreciate your work. I can't say thank you enough. 

  • Most doctors are business people. Business people are trying to make money. Money is made by stroking ego's, telling people what they want to hear, giving them nasty side effect causing meds to mask preventable symptoms and NOT by trying to change people's narrow minds about plant based diets. Luckily we have Dr. Greger making it easier for more doctors to use peer reviewed science to support something that might allow them to help more people heal themselves … even though it might cut into their bottom $$ line. 

  • 0:43 "Before 1997, virtually all diabetes in young individuals was thought to be autoimmune type 1 diabetes".
    2:22 "The problem appears to be kids eating too much fat and added sugars and not eating enough fruit and vegetables"
    2:45 "What might sound advice sound like?" … 2:53 "Not eating meat at all might be an effective strategy."

    Now let me get this right. The problem was not caused by people starting to eat meat after 1997, and was non-existent before then when nearly all ate meat. Yet the default suggestion here is to promote vegetarianism/veganism.

    I'm not saying that won't work, but surely the most logical and easy way of getting back to having NO kids with type 2 diabetes is to simply go back to eating the way we did before 1997?

    Take away the cause, remedy the problem. I don't see how any sane person can't see this as the first sensible step to take.

    It's simply perverse to ignore the obvious – and guaranteed effective – solution. Especially when your alternative suggestion is something most people refuse to do.

    A 100% effective method that only 10% of people take up is only 10% useful. (Illustrating a point here, not claiming those are the stats.)

  • Fruits & vegetables are the least expensive because they are consumed RAW.  They are the only foods we can eat naturally RAW in Excess and they are good for us with no negative health consequences proving that we are Herbivores.

  • The first thing to do is probably to eliminate refined foods : oil, butter, sweeteners, juice, white flour, salt, protein powder, vegan milks, tofu, supplements (except vitamin b12), drugs, etc. Many processed food have refined fiber added back to fool the consumers. All animal products have zero fiber so reduce or eliminate animal products and just take daily vitamin b12 supplement. Fiber expands with water so better to eat foods with water or boil dry foods or drink lots of water. To save money can get most of the calories or fuel needed from tubers, grains and winter squash.

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