How to Prevent High Blood Pressure with Diet


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  • "there is no safe cholesterol level above 150…" Wow. Putting aside Dr. Greger's "we all for vegan for life" recommendations, imagine what the statin drug makers would do if that was the consensus. Heck, I'm surprised they haven't quoted him verbatim by now.

  • I'll never understand why people would rather take medication than just change their diet.  With all of the side affects of drugs, it seems a change in diet is the safest and smartest choice to make… but people just gotta have their meat, right?

  • Without a doubt, hypertension is a problem making your life miserable. Guess you'd tried everything you could but your situation doesn't seem to show any improvement.

  • Actually, high blood pressure is a result from your body's immune system insufficiency. Thus, to eradicate hypertension, you should repair your body's defense mechanism first.

  • While I don't doubt the results of the study, the effect of genetics is rarely considered in any of these dietary and health research projects. It would be interesting to see genetics incorporated as a variable that influences the outcomes.

  • What about hypotension (lower blood pressure) though? i got hypotension and it made me aching my body, very sharp chro nicheadache, nausea, fever, goosebumps. i mean, if you said blood pressure is normal when it's going down to 70, I'm at 100 and its already unpleasant that much. Can you please answer this, Doctor? Very much appreciated

  • I see lots of people keep on talking about Hybetez Remedy (just search it on google). But Im uncertain if it is good. Have you ever tried using this popular diabetes home remedy?

  • It seems this kind of information should be at the center of the healthcare discussion in America. I believe I read that America's healthcare expenditure is in excess of 3 trillion dollars! Just imagine the lives that could be saved and the good work that could get done if we were to recover a quarter of that amount. Just imagine the positive outcomes of educating our people on the best dietary strategies and inoculating them against the lies of big pharma and the "food" industry..

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  • I am so frustrated how no one seems to want to listen to this message. I just read a doctor sharing a story on Facebook how happy she is she managed to lower a patient's blood pressure with drugs… but she is just changing a symptom, the arteries are still clogged. I want to tell her she should change her diet, but I know from experience everyone tells me there is no connection and that I'm exaggerating and that I look anorexic and behave orthorexic and why should anyone listen to me? I hope one day people will listen to people like you, Greger.

  • What is the best way to cleanse my high blood pressure issue inherently ? I read loads of superb reviews on the internet about how Hybetez Remedy will help you fix your high blood pressure issue naturally . Has anyone tried this high blood pressure secret remedy?

  • Ever since I was Twenty six years old, I had been already suffering from high blood pressure and I required to take medicine. This is the first blood pressure solution “fetching komso site” (G00GLE it) which has ever actually worked to lessen my pressure by natural means. Right after following the advice of this author, in just one month I only need to take half my medications.

  • This is among the finest blood pressure solution I have read “fetching komso site” (G00GLE it). Simple language is used to write it, meaning it`s easy to fully understand and do. Individuals with hypertension can have this book that I advise for coping with this problem. I dropped my blood pressure below 120/80 following this plan.

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