How to Prevent Fainting


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  • I got fainted at vein puncture class to learn how to take a blood sample I was afraid and started the procedure I put the tornika on his arm and then sterilized his vein then take a needle and put it in in the vein so at the time I felt dizzy so i tried hardly to take the blood and then get the needle out of the vein but i couldnt wait for putting the needle on the bench straightly went to seat for about 10 minutes and then stood again , what should I do to prevent it from happening again ? its second time that this happen to me . Thanks

  • I have reccuring occurance of syncope, from age of 9 and now am 25. I have consulted many neuro specialist and done all sorts of test from eeg to mri of brain, unfortunately nobody is able to find any issues and i fainted today as well, frequency of occurrence is increasing. Kindly suggest me what should i do. Thanks in advance

  • I'll try to keep these in mind, though I was already aware of the water one. I have debilitating anxiety due to a fear of fainting! Ironically the panic around it causes me to feel dizzy sometimes, thus simulating the sensation of a pre-faint. I'm 24 and my once calm demeanor has been reduced to a neurotic mess. I'm wasting my 20's thanks to this ridiculous phobia! A life of house-bound routine and supplements is no way to live.

  • So I went to a theme park yesterday, and I fainted/passed out while I was in line for a roller coaster. Everyone was staring and concerned about me, I shut the ride down. And security was everywhere. It was really bad. Wish I knew this before I did it.

  • I get problems with orthostatic hypotension when exercising a lot/overtraining. I know you focus on people who are not moving enough and may be overweight, but it would be very helpful to also see analyses of other sides of the spectrum.

  • I've had Vasil Vagal Syncope since I was a toddler. Before my parents and I found out the actual name we called it the Reverse Hulk Syndrom, only because the syncope would start to happen whenever I got too excited or upset, (or suffering from a bleeding wound) and instead of turning big and green, I would just faint. I faint way less now than I did back then. I try not to let it run my life. I learned to control it the way Dr. Greger explains and also breathing exercises really helps too. I guess I've turned out to be a really mellow person because of it. I don't get upset easily anymore, but every once in a blue moon my excitement does get the best of me. 🙂

  • thank you so much omg I rlly needed this because I easily faint and I almost fainted at tryouts today so I'd like to thank you so very much because I couldn't find any videos that was with what I needed …

  • I feel faint like I'm gonna pass out and stuff alot and I get dizzy and I get lightheaded and like my hearing goes in an out and my vision gets like darker like black and stuff!!

  • I only every feel like I’m going to faint when I’m in biology because of the videos we need to watch I fainted to a baby being born

  • Thank you very much! Great Video. The pictures were very helpful because i already read a lot about "applied tension through contracting the muscles" but never knew how to contract them exactly so that it would be effective. 🙂 Go on with your videos, they are really helpful! 😀

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