How to Prevent Blood Sugar and Triglyceride Spikes after Meals


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  • There is too much confusion as to how we should eat Because even Most Plant Based Doctors don't agree on what to Primarily eat. However, every single Doctor or Health Expert I've heard Both Plant Based and Non Plant Based Clearly Agree that PROCESSED FOODS and JUNK FOODS should be avoided at all costs. The caloric Density, lack of Nutrients, and mind controlling ,body destroying , Chemicals make them very toxic to the body.
    So the best thing we can do is Eliminate all of the Processed Foods from our lifestyle, this will automatically boost our health Tenfold, & will make it much easier to decide what Whole Foods will give us the Best results.

  • lol i had a box of cookies right after i got home this evening but now it's sweet-potato-mixed-veggies-black-beans-guacamole-time … really need to get rid of these bad habits for good, no excuses ¯(ツ)

  • This video contradicts what Dr Greger claimed in a previous video, I thought eating a lot of fat with carbohydrates "gummed up the lock" of the insulin receptors thus the body creates more and more insulin contributing to type 2 diabetes?

  • So I should throw away the Glucose Revolution book. From what I remember they tested dozens of different foods and there insulin response. One thing I remember is it mentioned that when you combine the carb food with a protein (meat) it slows it down. Everything here is different. I side with Dr. Greger. I just don't understand how more insulin is secreted when one eats beef than say bread. When glucose entering the blood should trigger insulin. Any help?

  • Does anybody know if tofu has this same sugar spike blunting effect? The only vegan meal my school sells is a tofu and white rice bowl. I prefer brown rice over white because of the fiber, but if the tofu helps blunt the sugar spike that would make me feel much better about eating it 🙂

  • We need more info on triglycerides doc.. 13yr vegan, 8yr fruit based w starch dinners in winter, all whole foods and just had blood results of 127LDL and 181tris. Thank you for your work. Im going to go eat a giant vegan pizza now as it doesnt seem to matter

  • Ok Greger, let me get this straight. Eating meat is bad because when you add it to white rice it makes your blood sugar spike more than if you ate the white rice alone. That's some great reasoning. You could also surmise that rice is bad because your blood sugar spikes more when you add it to chicken than eating the chicken alone. I think what this says is don't eat starches and animal protein together in the same meal, as been known since Pythagoras in ancient Greece.

  • While I believe that whole plant based foods may have what appears to be a dramatic effect on blood sugar spikes, my own testing with a glucose meter says that at least dairy isn't causing a spike, but rather lowering my blood glucose even more. My experiment so far: I tested a baseline fasted state glucose level this morning, 96, a little high but I have the dawn phenomenon issue. I then drank a cup of coffee with heavy cream (grass fed cows). I waited an hour and tested again, I got 86. It actually went down. I plan to test this again next week with Coconut and Almond milk creamer (Better Half).

  • My triglyceride results came out shit even though I eat mainly whole plant foods. I'm sad to say this because I really love animals, but I'm seriously tempted to go back to eating meat since I was healthier as an omnivore.

  • I’m type two diabetic and along with eating a WFPB diet I’ve been eating French fried potatoes cooked in an air fryer with very little oil. I’m concerned because the numbness has gotten worse.
    I’m gonna try taking apple cider vinegar with them, hopefully that will help. 👩🏼‍🌾

  • Learned a lot from from this short video. I thought that any kind of animal fat such as butter could blunt insulin and sugar spikes when combined with carbohydrates.

  • It's the American way, this is America Jack, we eat what we want to eat because that's what we want to do, we are well aware of the consequences, but we don't need some fucking know it all "QUACK" telling us what to eat how to live for whatever money they can get out of it, we are Americans, we are free, and we despise anyone trying to tell us what to do!!! If you don't mind I'm going to get back to doing what I was doing before I go come up on this stupid video, indulging in a big greasy cheeseburger from Mickey D's!!

  • Vegan "food" has not the amino acids necessary for muscle maintenance, brain function, and the immune system which is greatly affected. We are carnivores for a reason, our bodies need the nutrients contained in red meat. Sorry to kill your enthusiasm. By the way, "plant-based foods" are farmed by cultivation of soil as well as the processing of them to extract the edible parts. It is actually less efficient for people nutritionally than red meat. The nutrients in meat and in non-red meats are much more dense than that of plants–and plants do not contain complete amino acids. If you're so concerned about environmental issues, then find a chart that shows the amount of fuel, fertilizers, eradication formulae (insect, blight, mold, etc. control), and water necessary to produce plant food for 100 adults for one year, even if grown organically which sometimes is less efficient depending on the requirements. The poundage of plant food needed is much higher than that of meat, esp beef. I am from a farming family, and even if you don't like it, this is true. Eggs are a good source of protein and good fats (if fed correctly) as free-roaming hens are still a better alternative than your plant-based diet. Real butter, unrefined coconut oil, and raw milk products are good meat companions. If you have ever been in farming, then you should know that these facts blow veganism and vegetarianism (a very poor nutritional model) right out of the water. Just chill, and have a good steak a few times a week, eggs, avocados, chicken, fish–your skin will stop sagging, you will sleep better, and your hormonal fluctuations will be much more steady including that of insulin spike with is brought on by carbohydrates of all sources. Meat and good fats are what maintain youthfulness and strength. Go to Whole Fools and look at a 45 year old vegetarian/vegan….they look closer to an unhealthy 70–and the old hippie look is SO 1990's. Yuk.

  • Here is where I see a problem with your conjecture. First, I noticed that when you added Animal Fat to your lentils chart you conveniently neglect to point out that this 'spike' in insulin is only in the matter of minutes – not hours, as previously demonstrated with high carb foods. And second, (and I know this is what you really don't want pointed out) In the examples with Chicken or Animal Fats, that if you removed the Lentils or the Carbohydrate source altogether there would be ZERO INSULIN SPIKE. You wouldn't even need to mitigate the insulin spike at all by adding an avocado (a purely fat source) or almond butter (another almost purely fat source).
    Not that I wouldn't agree that the majority of actual food be vegetable based, but the way this information is couched is just as disingenuous as the biased studies and propaganda they come from. I could eat a HFLC keto diet all day long and never spike my insulin levels, therefore never needing any anti-oxidant mitigation. So why not compare Apples to Apples instead of Apples to Pop Tarts?

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