How to help prevent abdominal aortic aneurysms


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  • Start living right before its too late.

    There is nothing good about smoking. If you have any desire to live healthy you have to give up smoking. If you do everything else right but still smoke then everything else doesn't matter. Yes some people live a long life as a smoker but we all know it decreases your chances of living healthy. Alcohol is not bad either but the people who abuse it give it a bad rep. No more than one drink a day 2-3 times a week isn't going to kill you. 

    With that being said the next step is diet. You are what you eat! Eat FRESH veggies and fruits. Organic is better but its not always affordable. Greens are important. Eat green food. Like avocados, kale, spinach etc. You can easily learn what each whole foods are capable of. The internet provides with endless knowledge. 

    Next onto meat. Meat isn't bad, its the quality and how it's prepared that can be bad. Eating good quality lean meat is healthy. If you can go vegetarian then great! Just make sure you get your protein. I did vegetarian for 3 months and I was always hungry. Try to eliminate red meat. If you are going to eat red meat make sure it's only grass fed and no more than once a week. 

    Exercise. Don't need to over do it. Remember too much of anything is usually not good. Cycling and running are really good for the cardiovascular system and much more. Calisthenics are king.  

    The last thing is the mind. Feed your mind with positive energy. This can go a long way. It is definitely connected to your physical health. Some people have religion and others meditation. You can even get through the common cold faster by having a positive mind. This is great practice for if you ever get a bad illness later on in life. 

    I am not a doctor but a doctor is simply someone who is educated on these facts. I am not saying that I educated myself of that which is equivalent to a doctorate but I will tell you that I hardly ever go to see a doctor and I am never prescribed prescription medication. Only take med's if you absolutely need to. This is all advice and you can do whatever you want to do with your own body. 

  • Did anyone notice on the last slide that fish consumption was associated with a reduced risk for AAA? I'm really, really trying to give this vegan thing a try, but the data on fish is so conflicting.

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