How Plant-Based to Lower IGF-1?


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  • I want to eliminate all meat, dairy and grains from my diet, but Im concerned about the drawbacks former vegans claim.
    If I eat greens, fruits, and healthy fats, B12 supplements, basically low carb, high nutrient eating, exercise, etc. will this promote vegan vitality?

  • The simple answer would be yes, in most cases, certainly. No need for low carb; simply avoid processed carbs at all costs, remember fruits are carbs, and you would not want to avoid their benefits in your fare.

  • …the ideal is (in comparison to the SWD) high-carb (high fruit) and low fat. In reality this is 'normal' carbs and fat. No need to supplement B12 unless your uMMA is low AND you have symptoms. With a natural, clean lifestyle and 811 style diet B12 should not be an issue (like it is for many meat-eaters).

  • prostate disease is caused by testosterone if you have low testosterone for several years due to intraepithelial neoplasia in the prostate but if you don't have that & also if your PSA levels are low, testosterone is healthy & harmless.

  • What about plant protein isolates? McDougall claims soy isolates cause even greater production of igf1 than meat. If this is true, what about protein from peas, rice, hemp, etc.?

  • Dr. Greger, I have a question about one of the studies regarding testosterone levels. Having read the study, I’m curious as to how much of a difference the age of the men being tested may have factored in their measured hormone levels. The meat-eaters were older than the vegetarians, who were in turn older than the vegans. So it only seems reasonable to conclude that, of course, vegans would have higher levels of testosterone. Or am I making too much of this?

  • I saw something on TV that really surprised me! It was a science show that took 4 couples and put them on 4 different diets. Vegan, LCHF, 5:2 periodic fasting and finally the general nutritional guidelines from the Swedish government. They ate their diets for one month, taking all kind of tests both before and after. The thing that chocked me the most was that the LCHF dieters had significantly lowered their IGF1 levels! Way more than the others including the vegans! So why is that? You only ever hear that it's the animal protein that gives you higher IGF1…I read somewhere that carbs also can elevate you IGF1, especially when refined. But it seems like the animal protein in it self don't elevate IGF1, it seems like it needs to be paired with lots of carbs to do that? This couple that significantly lowered their IGF1 ate animal protein and fats including fatty dairy plus vegetables. Not a diet I would personally choose, but I find it interesting when it goes against everything all the plantbased doctors are saying!

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