How Not To Die: The Role of Diet in Preventing, Arresting, and Reversing Our Top 15 Killers


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  • I was recently asked "if you could only show a non-vegan one video to encourage them to explore veganism, which would it be?" I said Forks Over Knives, others said Conspiracy, some said Earthlings. If I'd seen this then, I think I would have answers with this video. The animals suffer immensely, but not everyone's ready for that. The environment is vital to all life, but not everyone can accept that. But tell someone who much healthier they're gonna be and they'll live longer and better (I get less pain and need less insulin now after two months of plant-based) and it appeals to their self-preservation and can provide a great "in" to get them thinking about it. The rest can follow from that, but I think once a person is invested in the diet for themselves, they can get used to that, and from there they can get to exploring the more "lifestyle" side of it, regarding the ethics and environmentalism. Stellar lecture, Dr Greger, damn stellar.


  • More interesting is the BBC documentary "Should I eat meat?" with Dr Michael Mosley. He shows that you should eat 30g of red meat, every day, as much white meat as you like and zero gram of processed meat. This is very far from the conclusion of Dr Greger. Dr Gregors problem is that vegans don't seem to have lower all cause death risk. Why processed meat is so bad for humans is still not known, but it is almost as bad as smoking. Me personally follow Dr Michael Mosleys recommendations, in addition I take vitamin b12, d, magnesium and omega 3 as supplements. I also try to get some exercise by bicycling, jogging and walking. I also do intermittent fasting every day to stay lean. I also try to stay away from sugar and other fast burning carbs, and try to get lots of proteins in my diet. None of these things is very difficult to do, as long as you don't do it 100%, then its very difficult, but each one represents the minimum needed to live a healthy life, and I could have done more, and thereby being even healthier, but I go for the minimum change needed.

  • i am from africa…i felt like the statement he made at the begining of lecture about how we live on plant based diet here but neglected that we also eat a lot of meat too such as beef, chicken , sea food which are large parts of our diets too. so when he mentioned that in uganda they dont have high cases of heart disease because they on plant based diets just had me raising my eyebrows made it seem like we bunch of vegans over here.

  • 🤦🏻‍♂️if this is how you think it works then you need to do some more research. Carbohydrates and vegetable oils are the cause of the inflammation that causes heart disease, not cholesterol. Cholesterol is necessary for healthy arteries.

  • i bought his book just to support the cause. ended up reading it again two times. im a med student and i am soo angry at what we learn in medschool sometimes and how badly everyone is informed about this easily accessible information 🙁

  • I tell everyone I know about these facts, but I meet a lot of resistance for change. Thank you for making it easier for me to find scientific arguments to share with my loved ones.

  • Look at the audience! All about my age…69. OK l want to live many more years so l have taken a keen interest in health matters. But you never see many youngsters and this sort of information should be given in schools. Even at age 10 sclerotic traces are seen.

  • Fantastic empowering information. Thank you Dr Greger. Here is one other critical thing to know as we continue learning for what to do for not to die at an early age. Most people have no clue that 100 prescription drugs have been found to advance dementia and alzheimersmillions of people are in for it. Here is the link.

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  • OK, so he's a believer in veganism and his agenda is to promote same. I don't agree because history and science doesn't fully support his views against consumption of animal protein. Humans may well have eaten lots more vegetable foods in history than they do now. But, they also didn't have the incredible processing, sugar-lacing, and altering of the nature of the foods that we have today. (They didn't strip all the good from a grain and then replenish the good with artificial sprays of nutrients, for example.)

    They also ate meat and fish, and eggs! What we need is to put common sense back into our education about nutrition, and we need to figure out how to better feed 8 billion people without ruining the food first. Other than that, if Dr. Greger wakes people up to what healthy food is (which does include animal proteins which we've eaten for time out of mind) then this is good.

    As for his delivery, honestly I had a hard time listening to his sing-songy, follow-the-bouncing-ball, up and down style of delivery and his tendency to mumble or swallow parts of sentences all of which hangs the listener up or causes excess strain in listening. Good delivery in speech involves maintaining a consistent level of projection, and sufficient volume, even if the pitch changes. There are many links and videos available on the internet that can help with this.

  • Well done, Michael, for your sound advice in eating natural foods naturally. It is also commendable that you have gone to the trouble of adding subtitles in 16 languages so far (thank you Barbara Leable for the excellent subtitles in English for hearing-impaired folk like me! lol). Thank you.

  • I have been vegan for eight years and I can attest to the miraculous advantages of veganism. Dr Greger and his indisputable facts cannot be argued with and yet people continue their old worn out tired excuses for meat eating and a crappy diet all the way around. There are so many sick people now in the not too distant future there will be no healthy people left to pay for all the medical intervention. Just do the simple math.

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