How Not to Die from High Blood Pressure


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  • This is what interest me about going plant based. My mother has higher blood pressure and it lead to congestive heart failure.

    She’s not overweight at all, which is a plus but she has a poor diet.

    I’m thinking if do this vegan diet , she follow along with me. I’m not over weight either but high blood pressure seems to run on my family.

    I’m still relatively young but I do believe I’ll suffer the same fate if I don’t act now.

    I don’t know where to start. I’m thinking of doing a 3 day fast with organic veggie broth, and going from there.

    Anyway thanks for the info! 👍🏾

  • I had hypertension and took medication to maintain it for two years, but I started out this blood pressure level plan “yumkum shocking guide” that I found on G00GLE recently. During my next visit to the clinic, the doctor said I did not need to take medicine mainly because my blood pressure lessened normal again.

  • If you tell the American public the truth they will not believe it. They'll say it's: "a Communist plot", "a New World Order way of controlling our lives", "the 'left'/'right' just trying to take over", "fake news", "a conspiracy to turn everyone into robots", etc. Most people are in their own little worlds and they don't want to be jolted out of their comfort zone. It doesn't matter if you show them facts, it won't matter because it's not "their truth." People will hear what they want to hear, see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe. And there is no way around that.

  • The people who live the longest are the kalaash valley people in pakistan . They eat lamb,goat ,beef and legumes. However , they cook meat like a stew with vegetables.

  • I’ve been on a whole food vegan diet for the last 17 months. Overall I like the diet and wouldn’t go back to my omnivore days. However, the one disappointing thing is that my blood pressure is still around the 140/75. I have not been able to reduce my blood pressure medications.

  • I have very low blood pressure. My doctors over the years have never asked me what I eat. I've been vegetarian for 18 years, on and off. They say it's genetic, but my father and grandfather both had high blood pressure.

  • I'm so divided on whether high blood pressure is good or bad. High blood pressure can be a good thing to help people lives longer because sometimes the heart have to work harder if the body needs more blood flow through other area of the bodies.

  • Guys. cleanse your high blood pressure issue inherently doesn't need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I'm going to give you some advice right now. Look for a high blood pressure treatment called Hybetez Remedy (search on google). Thanks to it I have cure my high blood pressure issue inherently . I shouldn't even be speaking about it cause I do not want lots of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I'm just in a great mood right now so I'll share the wealth haha.

  • I`ll attest to the effectiveness of the “fetching komso site” (look it up on G00GLE) that handles blood pressure level. I`ve tried other products with minimum results. This is the first one that does what it says. After a couple of weeks, my blood pressure has retained the 145/90 line. Under normal conditions, my BP is now 120/70.

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