How Not to Die from Cancer


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  • Youe body has two ways of getting glucose, one is from directly absorbing from food, the other is from converting other compounds that already exist in your fat cells and muscle fiber. Unfortunatly cancer always chooses to get its nutriants from the second method. Which is why starving yourself of sugar does not work. And the same reason your misinforming video is a load of shit. Please dont give dying people shitty advice, please get proper medic treatment for you deadly mother in law is into this loony shit and shes dying. She has been a vegan her entire life, yet she still has stage 4 bone marrow cancer. Hmm..

  • I really hope people share this on social media, to get this message across. It makes me so angry that people are dying of cancer every day when a plant based diet could offer such a massive solution

  • Hello! Does anyone know why, when testing a drug, for example, randomized control trials use a placebo instead of no medication? If placeboes may enhance health. Why would they compare them together?

  • Prostate Cancer is the least type of cancer we should worry about,
    The majority of people never die from this type of cancer, In fact the odds for a man
    to die from prostate cancer is lower than his risk to develop breast cancer and die from it.
    This News are Old news!!

    Sorry that i'm not excited, But it's ridiculous to choose the same type of cancer that affect men, over and over again, This is the least dangerous type of cancer,
    It is very poor example of great success of treating cancer with diet,
    The most common and deadly cancer is Colon Cancer, And plant based diet can't reverse it.
    Other cancer i can think of are bladder , kidney, liver, pancreas etc
    There are more than 199 types of cancer which are greater concern to our life way more than Prostate Cancer.
    So your exciting news are not exciting at all!

  • As of yet there is no food out there that is a cancer cure!! There is ongoing research on all aspects of the diet but the only thing PROVEN to prevent some cancers is avoid processed meats ! Literally angers me when I read misleading articles claiming to have cures

  • Dr Greger you're an inspiration to me . I'm vegan 20 years old however I've been diagnosed with a sinus pericranii . I've gotten bouts of dizziness and blurry vision before. I would truly appreciate any advice that you have to offer , I'm feeling very desperate .

  • hi Dr thank you so much for this video. I was diagnosed with invasive ductal breast cancer IDC last Thursday stage 2. can anyone please guide me to a good plant diet?? Dr do you have any suggestions? I walk two hours a day with my dog..with a plant based diet do I give up meat?? I just went onto Dr wallach channel who says vegan diets are no good because we need meat..I'm so confused? he also said frying foods is the cause of lung cancer and not actually ciggerattes?? any advice would help me right now. my consultant has said I am in for 8 months chemotherapy

  • but famous author of the gene , cancer physician siddharta mukherjee said in a tv show ONLY colon cancer has ta do A LITTLE about DIET. apart from that cancer is not about diet at all.

    is this guy a quack

  • Thank you for posting this! I'm currently listening to your audiobook and I love your work. Could you perhaps talk about preventing ovarian cancer? My doctor told me I'm at an increased risk for it due to endometriosis but I've been vegan for 6 years now and eat a Whole Foods plant-based diet along with being lightly-moderately active.

  • Even if your cancer grows slower, you still have cancer and it's growing. Are you saying everybody should be on chemotherapy drugs? Maybe the normal cells also suffer from this blood that kills cancer cells?

  • Low IGF-1 has it's downside also: it makes you more frail and older looking. IGF-1 does not cause cancer. It only promotes growth. Too low IGF-1 is not a good thing.

  • I only have to quit some dairy products now. So I'm still a vegetarian 🙂 Thank you Dr! You're awesome! Do you have any special plant based diet recommendations for people living with undetectable HIV? I would also love to hear your thoughts on WFPB diet and HIV

  • October 2011: PSA 4.7. Had biopsy done. Cancer in a few samples.Gleason 3+3, t 2.
    PSA has been slowly increasing (sometimes up/sometimes down) to what is now 10.3.
    Presently still in “Active Surveillance” but have refused any new biopsies. MRI done back 3 years ago showed nothing to be alarmed about. Urologist said, “if PSA continues to go up we will do another MRI. Based upon the results we may need to do treatments”. Next PSA: July 2018.

    I have been on a “Plant based diet” (mix of raw and cooked) for at least the last 4 years. I drink 2- 8oz glasses of vegetable juice a day (first 2years 6 glasses a day). No meat or sugar (except stevia), negligible amounts of dairy and bread (will probably stop them soon).
    I drink some coffee and a lot of green tea. I am 68…feel great…and consider myself to be fairly active walking 35-40 minutes many days a week.

    Everything I read or view on YouTube leads me to believe that my cancer should be at least in remission with PSA going down. I know that not every protocol works the same for everyone so I am thinking of adding some different protocols. Something simple I can do right now is fast 18 hours a day…I’d fast a number of days but don’t want to lose too much weight. (only 155 lbs.). Any thoughts on why my PSA continues to go up?

  • This is nothing new. Gerson has been curing cancer for nearly a century with a plant-based diet. Dr. Greger should retract what he said about its being quackery.

  • After watching this short video and seeing that it is fully backed up by studies (al presented in the video) one wonders what stops people from completely, totally and absolutely adopting a plant based diet. Does this problem have to do with insecurity? Sadly, we have been bombarded by diet suggestions that have hardly ever worked.

    This is not a diet suggestion, this is information that should make it clear for all of us that there is something wrong in humans eating animal protein. We know that cats in general do not do well at all with plant based diets. They might even die prematurely. Dogs do well; no problem.

    But humans… that is an entirely different story. Everyday one or two very solid studies are indicating that we do not need any kind or quantity of animal protein to do well in our lives. This is dangerous territory; a country, the USA was sold on the idea that to be masculine and brave and strong, a man must eat lots of animal protein. Then women decided that they should do the same, since they changed their way of seeing themselves. Then breast cancer became a problem, almost epidemic.

    Two weeks is all you need to reverse the situation. That is a dangerous piece of information: “I suppose that I can continue enjoying my delicious meat and then, if I get sick, I will be all right in 2 weeks…” That is what usually happens.

    The worst part is that they do not believe what they hear and they do not have the will to even try those two weeks.

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