How Much Exercise to Sustain Weight Loss?


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  • Weight management on an all plant based diet is SO much easier! What a joy to figure this out, even though it was post cancer and in my late 40's. I'm working towards attempting a 100 mile running "race". I'm not sure how many romantic encounters running 100 miles in under 30 hours is equivalent too??  Merely finishing is the goal (running goal), and I tried to summarize many thoughts on life, running, food, being human etc in a new video, and when on a mostly whole foods all plant powered "diet", it's hard to get too much exercise:  "Barefoot Training & Vegan "Diet" Towards a 100 Mile Run Attempt." Happy Valentines day all… 

  • I think he's underestimating the types of exercise you can do to burn more calories, he only mentioned walking and 6 minutes of sex.  Most people who exercise regularly do more than just walk, and most people do more than 6 minutes of exercise.

  • I am sure it was not Dr. Greger's intention but the message here is "dont waste your time exercising", which is terribly wrong. 30 minutes a day of exercising trumps almost every other method ( including a veg diet ) in maintaing a healthy weight and preventing heart disease.

  • but hey, what about mr.Durianrider who eats 3000 to 7000 kcals a day. and weights under 65kg (145lbs) mega lean… so I guess it isn't only about how many calories people eat, but also what kind…. High Carb Low Fat in Harley's case

  • The best reason to be vegan? Because it's morally unjustifiable to torture and murder 80 billion land animals and 1 to 3 trillion aquatic animals each year mostly for our palate pleasure since we can easily meet all our nutrition needs from plants (and non-animal sources). It's easy to be vegan.  It's clear that using animals as property, as "things", as resources for food, clothing, entertainment and other reasons is great violence. Becoming vegan was one of the best decisions I made in my life. If you're not vegan, please start here

  • I wonder what the average calorie intake is for obese people, 3000-4000 a day? According to self reported data people eat around 1800 cals a day, Ha! Can you believe anyone would get obese on that amount?

  • Maybe bcs we eat GMO Frankenstein food in addition to weird over engineered wheat that our bodies can't even recognize anymore, exposed to scientifically proven obesegens every day – like drinking plastic water (from plastic bottles), fluoride in top water and other millions of chemicals that in our food and water and eating dead food that has no life in it left after we cook it – do animals cook their food? And who is doing all these to us – we are! We are working for crazy people and corporations and letting them to brainwash us with all for profit no matter what the consequences to the population which is us – time to get smart everybody and open our eyes!

  • There seems to be a lot of confusion between nett and gross calorie burn during exercise, which leads to people thinking they're burning more than they actually do. To actually add calories you can consume to your day, you need only to take into account the nett calories burned and ignore the BMR competent.

    For somebody weight around 75kg (165lbs) it would take a walk of around 10 miles at around 3.5mph to burn enough calories for a Big Mac. Who has the time the walk 10 miles a day to burn off a Big Mac's worth of calories, let alone the motivation to do it. Maybe you could do it with a treadmill, but it'd still take around 3 hours a day.

    Ultimately, it's best to just not eat the Big Mac in the first place. A Big Mac a day, if none of it is burned off, will result in a gain of around 22kg (50lbs) of fat a year.

  • The problem is that a lack of exercise (among other things) contributes to CVD (cardiovascular disease), and while a plant based diet has proven weight-loss benefits; it's unhealthy to define your overall health by weight alone.

    Oh, and BMI is a lie that offers no accurate picture of health.

  • To help lower my blood sugar, I do exercise before breakfast and also after every meal. I also put a small table under my computer table so I can stand and or exercise while using a computer. Same can be done in the office by requesting a higher office table.

  • As anyone who runs understands it's not just the calories you burn while running but the extra calories you burn for many hours afterwards that should be taken into account.  Also overlooked is that physical exercise conditions your insides and helps with hunger control and digestion.

    But if I had to guess I'd say it's the long slow sustained exercise you'd get from normal physical activities that is missing in most people's lives, hunting and gathering wasn't like going to the Gym.

  • Take it from a CPT when I say: If you stay at a caloric deficit you will lose weight.I could eat Twinkies as long as I am eating lower than my TDEE. It's not hard…You don't need to workout 2 hours a day. Many trainers will go against that. It all depends on the intensity. Yes, if you walk a slow pace you're going to need to go longer. Do HIIT and you will burn a heck of a lot more calories in a shorter time. 

  • Exercising is good for circulation, oxygen, detoxing, lymph system, pain levels, strength, training for some kind of physical ability, muscle strength, particularly core strenght supports overall good health etc… so it should still be done!  But, definitely eating has much more to do with literally losing weight for most people, no doubt about it.

  • exercise isn't just burning calories, it's gaining muscle that will use up more calories during the day just by being made of living cells. as well as that, it also increases metabolism for many hours after a workout which will burn up calories that would normally not be used up and stored as fat. on top of this, it burns carbs in our body then breaks down fat for energy. overall, if you tie it in with proper nutrition and not over consuming unhealthy foods, you will lose weight and get a better body. neither one nor the other can truly work wonders on their own, they need to be combined to become as effective as they can possibly be.

  • Geesh, when I am on the treadmill at the gym, going 4 mph, the display says that I am burning 405 calories per hour. Since you have to burn 3,600 calories or so to burn one pound of fat, that would be about 9 hours of walking at 4 mph, about 36 miles, to burn one pound of fat. Wish my car was as efficient as extracting energy from carbon, I could get almost 300 mpg. But going to the gym does improve my eyesight…

  • How to save hours a week in the gym burning calories – don't eat sugar filled beverages, fat and salt filled burgers and fries and definitely no pizza. If you save a dollar off something you were going to buy it's the same as earning one, same as not eating a calorie means you don't have to waste time and energy burning it.

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