How Much Added Sugar Is Too Much?


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  • Is unrefined okay? Is adding refined sugar to lets say banana smoothies okay?

    This is where I get confused. I'd assume adding refined sugar to a smoothie isn't too bad as it retains the fibre.

  • This is confusing – what Dr Greger forgot to say is "white highly refined sugar". Sugar in itself is actually extremely good – in fact every cell in the human body is fueled by sugar and without sugar, we die. However, coconut sugar or eating dates, although almost completely comprised of pure sugar, are far from unhealthy, and are completely different to white refined cane sugar filtered through bone ash, or science lab style corn sugar extracts. Demonizing sugar is just leaving the door open for low carb cave man buffoons.

  • This is the first NutritionFacts video that I've ever Disliked.  Sorry doctor, but you need to do more research on this one.  You seem to be lumping all sugars under the same umbrella.  I don't think all sugars are equal.  Also, fruits are probably the healthiest types of foods that one can eat, and those are loaded with sugar including fructose.

    Not all sugars are high fructose corn syrup.  HFCS is like the bottom of the barrel for sugars, especially since many of the foods which contain it are a nutrient vacuum.  It's unfair to try to tarnish sugar as a nutrient just because junk foods full of chemicals are unhealthy.  There are plenty of high-sugar foods that are healthy.  The problem is that those types of foods aren't the types of high-sugar foods that people are eating.  I've never seen anyone get fat by eating lots of bananas and grapes.  In fact, the people that I've known who ate the most fruits tend to be very skinny.

  • The problem as John Oliver illustrated is that sugar is in everytbing. Even if you gave up soft drinks, candies, cookies, etc., you would still have sugar in your food supply. Sugar is in peanut butter, tomato soup, really basically everything.

  • Is added sugar to the diet still an issue if you follow a low fat (5-10%), whole foods, plant-based diet?  I may use anywhere from a quarter to a full cup of sugar per day, but I never add any oil to my diet.  Am I to believe I'm living a dangerous lifestyle by doing so?

  • Interesting, I wasn't quite expecting Dr. Greger ever citing the work of that fat quack Lustig, with the aim to support a NutritionFacts video. I believe that refined sugar is not the most optimal type of food to consume, especially when combined with a high fat diet. But there is nothing wrong with an occasional can of soda and a few spoonfuls of sugar in a cup of tea if you're already on a low fat high carb plant-based lifestyle.

  • My Nutrition teacher said the fructose in the soft drinks and the fructose in the whole food fruit has the same effect in your body when you eat it,, I was pulling my hair(figuratively speaking) when he said it and was screaming "NOOOOOO" in my head,, It was really misleading and i was just standing there and like "oh really?" lol I should send him a peer reviewed study through email huh?

  • I eat a lot of sugar.  Mostly from whole food.  But since we run on sugar especially our brains, it only makes sense to eat a high carb diet.  Sugar itself is not really the problem.  It's the fat that gets ingested with it that's the problem.   Eat a low fat, whole food, plant based diet and feel great.

  • Great video Micheal but people please remember its not sugar that's making the western world fat. I don't see Americans eating copious amounts of bananas or any form of fruit I mean everyone goes to McDonald's for fruit salad huh? The bigger problem is clearly the meat and dairy industry that are still pushing both as a healthy food.

  • what total shit sugar will not harm u i have been eating tons of it and i feel fantastic , just get rid of the fat and all will be well . fruit is full of sugar is he saying we should not eat that ? 

  • TEETH – i ate sugar and have cavities – my son raised as a vegetarian did not eat hardly any sugar and has no cavities at 33 years old – good enough reason to avoid processed sugar

  • Based on my reading of a review done on the NAFLD – fructose/HFCS link, the data is very unconvincing and relies heavily on rodent data, which is significant because they metabolize fructose differently than humans.

  • just leave the nutrients in. fear mongering is attacking fructose. while the bigger problems(animal foods and refined fats) get ignored. compare a steak diet to a unrefined sugar diet. the sugar busters want people to go low carb on typical cholesterol foods. the sugar industry needs to stop refining their product. while the animal industry needs to stop completely.

  • People tend to confuse the meanings of the word 'sugar': In chemistry, sugar means all sweet carbs. Since complex carbs (starches) are converted into simple carbs during digestion, they are often also considered counted as sugar. Finally, many people think sugar equals extracted and concentrated sucrose (e.g. refined white table sugar).

    I eat about 700-800g of sugar per day in the sense of carbs but only maybe 5-10g of extracted and concentrated sugar. Therefore, although I get 80-90% of my calories from carbs, my diet is very low in 'sugar'.

    As Dr. McDougall says about refined sugar and salt: Those are seasonings. Use them in small amounts for seasoning purposes.

  • The World Health Organisation has recommended restricting to no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar per day. Hmm, interesting. Obviously those who are already satiated on a whole foods diet will avoid sugar anyhow, but for those with a demanding or fast-paced life-style, sugar has its place, and the use of it, given the OK by Dr.McDougall and Durianrider in differing amounts, obviously helps for maintaining a plant-based diet with the avoidance of caving into a high fat diet instead.

  • I became addicted to sweets as a child and now most of my teeth are compromised with dental cavities. Parents: keep your kids away from sweets, it's horrible!

  • I acknowledge that sugar is an issue, but I don't buy that there is anything special about added sugar as opposed to the naturally present kind. Dosage is all that matters when it comes to sugar. There is chemically very little difference between different kinds of sugar.

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