How Many Poppy Seeds Are Too Many?


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  • Wait….. poppy seeds can get you high? I use marijuana, but I don't suggest anyone smoke poppy seeds. I'm curious if you can get high by consuming poppy seeds. That would be really interesting. Also, I can't believe you can fail a drug test by eating poppy seeds. That blew my mind.
    Great video, Dr.Greger

  • rkmcanany, check out his longer youtube videos "Uprooting the leading causes of death" or "More than an apple a day"– Michael Greger is a very energetic and vibrant guy, nothing robotic about him at all, just saying.

  • I often eat a LOT of poppy seeds, it doesn't seem to have an effect on me. On Christmas time I'll make central-european style poppy seed milk for the family.
    Sleep well lol

  • I ate ritz crackers that contain "everything" and are baked with onion, poppy seeds, garlic and sea salt. will this cause me to fail a urine drug screen? as posted if baked the morphine reduction is 100%? pls advise. Thanks.

  • I am looking for possible solutions to improve chronic back pain issues I deal with. I have been taking Tramadol, a non narcotic, for years and either the pain is much worse or Tramadol is no longer effective or both. 
    I have NEVER done drugs and don't drink nor smoke. Not because I am a goody-goody-two-shoes person but was never interested.
    So, now I need a more effective method to control the back pain that has left my mobility in limbo and my life in the despair.
    The Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen my dentist has prescribed after several root canals does seem to help. I understand this can be habit forming and concerned about that becoming an issue.
    Have others looking at this post been able to find relief via non narcotic means? I looked at one post suggesting cyan powder capsules and I will at least give that a try. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

  • What? Tests on poppy seeds show no morphine in them. Sometimes tiny seed-sized bits of the fruit that contains the seed, called the "poppy pod" or "poppy capsule" get mixed in with seeds, when the seeds are collected – often simply shaken out of the pod. This can contain infintesimile traces of morphine. But the seed themselves have none. The poppy plant does not only synthesize morphine, codeine and thebaine. It also synthesizes a whole ARRAY of related substances – most of which have no analgesic properties and, as far as we know, have no drugging effects, at least not on humans. These are metabolized by the body similarly to how morphine is metabolized. When laboratories test urine to see if people have used drugs, they don't always test for the drug, they test for the presence of metabolites that the body, usually the liver, creates from the drug, in the process of detoxifying it. Since morphine and related non-drug compounds are so similar, they may produce similar metabolites. This is the reason poppy seeds test positive for morphine, not because they have any actual morphine in them. At least, that was reported in peer reviewed journals several years ago, and I'm not aware of any new information that contradicts this. I can't speak to why the baby who ate poppy seeds stopped breathing, as I have not looked into the details. And I did not see a link presented here, to scienfic forensic analaysis of the details, just some hearsay being reported. In short, poppy seeds do not contain morphine, bits of dry poppy capsule do. You can get morphine into your system by crushing the capsules and making tea from them; you can't get morphine from the seeds.

  • 1344 seeds will make you really high but be warned, if you eat 1349 you get overdose and if you eat 1340 you will not feel anything. Take your time and count them carefully😌

  • How to make poppy seed tea but be warned, first off you need to order unwashed poppy seeds once you have unwashed poppy seeds get a 32 ounce Gatorade bottle fill it halfway with unwashed poppy seeds and no Spanish poppy seeds do not have any of delightful alkaloids you want run water till it’s cold from the tap fill Gatorade bottle 3/4 of the way up with water put 1 teaspoon of lemon juice in with it tighten cap now shake vigorously very vigorously for at least 10 to 15 minutes now grab a cup or glass and a teaspoon along with sugar turn the Gatorade bottle lid 1/4 turn and squeeze gently on bottle and fill cup up about 90 percent then add sugar a lot of sugar to kill the bitterness taste stir and drink it all then refill with bottle again and repeat for a second wash and with in 20 to 30 minutes you will start to feel the effects of all 16 alkaloids if you are not use to opiates only drink about half of the first cup and wait for 1 hour for the effects to kick in and grab a movie or plop a video gsme in and enjoy if the seeds have a plastic or pepper smell to them they have been washed and most of the alkaloids have been washed off them if the seeds have a earthy smell you got a great batch warning do not do it as I’ve been told the withdrawal from poppy tea is 6 weeks of living hell not 2 weeks like heroin users go through if your still going to do it use it 1 day and go with out for 3 or 4 days I use the bare minimum for pain relief and I do it for 2 days and wait 5 days seeds used to be super cheap from what I heard but a 5 pound bag will set you back around 70 dollars give or take and most people can only order them online now due to many people stealing them In stores and. O mc cormak poppy seeds In food stores have been thoroughly washed. This is the only way to use poppy seeds is in a tea form and it’s not really tea as your not using leaves from the plant and your not boiling anything but be warned if you do this the withdrawals are far worse than people trying to get off heroin your ingesting all 16;alkaloids from the poppy plant unlike heroin only has 1 alkaloid and Vics have one alkaloid oxycodne one 1 alkaloid

  • Please don't consume large amounts of actual seeds for recreational purposes.. You won't get where you want to go by consuming the raw seeds whole and by the time you've consumed enough to get any effects, you would be feeling very sick and uncomfortable. The seeds are not meant to be eaten raw/whole in large amounts for any reason so please do some research before crunching down a pound of poppy seeds (just the thought of doing this makes me want to gag..). There are better ways to achieve your goal and they are all over the internet.. they work. Be careful, be informed and be safe.

  • I just came here looking for a good calcium rich plant food. Sheesh! What's up with all these drug seekers wanting to try and find a way to get high?

  • When you have a urine test the following day, any amount of poppy seeds is too many.

    Oh—I see Dr. Greger says exactly that! Interestingly, they didn't tell me at the lab I should wait before taking the test, so I tested positive for opiates and was fired for being a [presumed] junkie.

  • Go to Starbucks. Get yourself 20oz of what ever coffee you like ask for it to be extra steamed hot.

    Put in 7 tables spoons of seed in the coffee stir and let simmer for 10 minutes, microwave for 30 seconds if it gets cold and drink up the coffee is already bitter you can't even taste the seeds

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