How Do We Know that Cholesterol Causes Heart Disease?


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  • your logic is wrong. until you find out exactly everything the pcsk9 gene does and why it's produces lower ldl then ldl is still a confounding factor. for sample the gene might do something that's puts a higher priority on preserving the collagen in your blood vessels than other parts of your body and hence maintain healthy blood vessels and so there is less need for ldl cholesterol production.

  • Love these videos! Solid based facts! And to think some are still preaching paleo from authors who cherry pick studies to back their claims and spin the truth by leaving out all the facts. Plant Based Starch based worked great for me so to each their own.

  • cholesterol is an acute phase reactant. we have high cholesterol to protect the vessel when we have high damage. the cholesterol doent cause the damage, Doctors are treating the cure and killing everyone. that's why death due to heart disease goes up and not down. sorry to be a killjoy Doctor but you just can't think worth a damn. So , people with higher cholesterol do have more heart disease, that would be expected . really i dont know how doctors all missed this. stop giving statins and watch death rates fall to before statin use. instead treat the damage buy giving the body what in needs to make new collagen vitamin c , magnesium, vitamins . then sit back and watch cholesterol fall to the normal level twice that as you find sugar in the blood.

  • There are still some fools that think that grains and potatoes clog your heart. Or buy into weird conspiracy theories that conveniently take the blame away from meat and animal products.

  • Hey Dr. Greger … I think it would be interesting if you could comment (either in a video or on a Q and A live) on all the doctors that refute the cholesterol data on what appears to be valid grounds … like Mercola, Cousens, Malhotra etc. They sight Harvard reviews that find no significant correlation between saturated fat and heart disease, and smack down cholesterol research from Keys on forward based on statistical manipulation of data etc. And if you add to this Malhotra's data that I saw, you can develop quite an argument against the cholesterol scare … for example, 75% of admissions for heart attack patients in hospitals have normal cholesterol and normal LDL … and Malhotra's research of people over the age of 60 showed no increased risk of heart attack due to high LDL, and in fact, longevity increased the higher it went. These are some confounding contradictions found by sincere doctors like yourself. Is there no relevancy to what they are saying?

  • By the way, this is basically clickbait. The video does not even really pose let alone attempt to honestly answer the question, why it is believed that cholesterol causes heart disease. As cardiologists often say today, blaming cholesterol for heart disease is like blaming firefighters for fires. Both are present at the scene of the disaster. But ("oxidative") arterial damage is the cause of heart disease, not cholesterol.

  • Or or or… it could be that those who are at a higher risk for heart disease and have higher LDL, have higher LDL precisely because their body is trying to repair a pre-existing inflammatory response. I mean, that is one of the primary roles of LDL/cholesterol, right? To patch up underlying damage from inflammation in the arteries/wherever else there is a chronic inflammatory response within the body? And is it not also true that our liver determines the vast majority of serum cholesterol levels at any given time depending on the current needs of the body? This video strikes me as a classic case of " if there are more fire men at the scene of larger fires, it must be the increased number of fire men causing the fire to grow!" argument, as many other viewers have already pointed out. Your "causality" is bass ackwards. Just because someone has a genetic tendency to have lower LDL does not mean they have lower rates of heart disease/mortality BECAUSE of the lack of LDL. I have an alternative theory: those with naturally lower LDL levels may have experienced slightly lower levels of heart disease mortality, but not a significantly lower incidence of all cause mortality. Oh hey, here is a quote from the study you so conveniently omitted:

    "Moreover, it is not known whether the beneficial effect of decreased LDL cholesterol levels on cardiovascular disease results in an overall reduction in mortality rates. The number of deaths observed during the follow-up period was slightly lower among carriers than among noncarriers both in black subjects and in white subjects, but the difference did not reach statistical significance"

    Soooo my conclusion from that statement is that we should lower LDL cholesterol at all costs in order to reduce heart disease risk, even if it means we aren't actually significantly changing mortality rates? Hardly. This video is just another example of a doctor missing the forest for the trees. If lowering LDL doesn't reduce mortality, then why the hell are we focusing so much on it? Clearly there is something else at play here, and the tunnel vision approach of " lower LDL at all costs" has a potentially more deadly outcome than not focusing on it at all.

  • You dont your just speculating, well speculation is the mother of all fuckups, more than half the people who die of heart attacks have normal to low Choloestertol. So this is all B.S. people who live into there 80s and 90s on average have high cholesterol. So you stupid asses can say all you want and lie like idiots but true facts are in. Choloestertol helps protect and build tissues not harm it. Everything he says is cherry picked biased B.S. now thats the truth

  • Before going on ketogenic diet, my tryglycerides were 400 and thats danger level, now that im ketogenic and eating high fat and high greens its dropped dramatically to 46, have another test in 2 weeks, cant wait

  • I'm getting all conflict information such as



    All claim that cholesterol, good or bad, has LITTLE to do with heart disease. It is the carbs and sugar the really criminals. How do you explain that??

    And thank you, Internet.

  • I've looked at one pubmed study on TMAO. Now, this is just my theory based on what I read. It appears that TMAO increases the risk of clots forming in our arteries. Now, TMAO is formed in our bodies with consumption of animal products, like fish, meat and eggs which when our gut bacteria eat it, they produce TMAO as a by-product. This is not produced when eating plant products. So what may have happened here is we have blamed cholesterol for clogging our arteries, when it was TMAO all along. However, whichever it is, eating animal products is indicated of cause, so this part has not changed. It doesn't matter which one(TMAO or cholesterol) you want to believe is the bad guy, it doesn't change anything on the risks of eating animal products and artery clogging.

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