Heterocyclic Amines in Eggs, Cheese, and Creatine Supplements?


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  • The paleo crowd doesn't have a leg to stand on anymore… it doesn't matter if you eat free-range or grass fed or whatever… the animal products themselves are toxic.

  • they always have been. Leukocytosis occurs every time you eat any animal tissue, regardless of if it was cooked or raw, factory farmed or grass fed, etc.. We are simply not made to eat animals at all, never have.

  • What does how old she is have to do with anything? If she eats meat then she gets a dose of heterocyclic amines, according to this video. That would be the argument of this video. Not how old she is going to live. :

  • There are also other things to take into consideration as well when it comes to longevity, besides diet (amount of total calorie intake, fitness level, genes and disease risk factors, quality of diet, etc. etc.).

  • So taking a creatine supplement is just as carcinogenic as eating meat?! I've been taking it off and on for years! I'm tossing it in garbage today!

  • in this society we've been led to believe that living till 100 is somewhat of an achievement. IMO it's still young, and btw diet isn't everything there are plenty of other factors

  • it appears that the guy's saying COOKED meat, and burned vegetable matter, is where these come from, the animal products, if not cooked, should be safe then.

  • Although I am on a plant strong diet and don't smoke, I've been exposed to a lot of second hand smoke as it seems that where ever I go someone is almost always smoking something and so this leaves with some concern.

  • true, some people think that living long is a measure of life that's important, what's more important is to be happy, if someone's got to eat something risky, that makes them happy, does it really matter if their life is shortened? it's a fact that eating food you don't like causes you to absorb less nutrients from it, and that controlling cholesterol only gains a few months, for a few months i'll relax a bit. soon as i can, i'll grow my own food, that'll fix a lot of the modern food problems.

  • So, was there any data on the creatine supplementation or was it just a presumption? Would love to know, I'm a vegan but I supplement with creatine. Cheers for any responses.

  • "You get pointless fluoride from city tap water" Not all places fluoridate the water and besides,you can get a filter,not drink tap water,and eat foods that chelate chemicals like fluoride(sea vegetables with iodine,chlorella,etc.)

    "Your shampoo is full of bad chemicals" Implying that one doesn't check the ingredients on the shampoo and get organic/natural shampoo(which you're implying that there is no such thing as,but that differs from the reality),let alone that one even uses…

  • rationalization for flesh consumption which leads to the things just listed so that it can seem that "everything" harms you and that you should just eat flesh anyways(which is foolish and is ignoring the other things it causes).Also,if you were healthy and consume a high raw whole food vegan diet then your body would be optimal at defending itself from such toxins we experience

  • " Hahahahah the body was made to eat meat."(your message)

    Considering that the human body is physiologically the same to that of a herbivore.Also,the top flesh consuming countries are those with the most cancer and bone disease and they have the same high rates of diseases that the Inuits had and the Inuits were high flesh eaters as well.

  • "And I guess a mothers breast milk is vegan as well…. morons…. o and supplements grows on trees lmao."(your message)

    So are you saying that we should all be drinking mother's breast milk?

    Supplements as in what? Herbs are considered supplements and gingko biloba is a herb and is the leaf of a tree so technically some supplements do grow on trees.And you're also using projection and assumptions again and implying all vegans use supplements and considering the fact that the…

  • best consumers of pharmaceutical drugs are flesh eaters and not to mention the animals whose carcass you consume are fed fortified grains(supplement) and get B12 injections.

  • I like how my professor called this "theoretical meat" – the kind of meat that even if it didn't have the bacteria, cancer sores, shit, rats, and carcinogens that are sold to us along with meat would still be bad for you.

  • You're right. One outlier that could be due to factors like genetics completely disprove thousands of scientific controlled experiments on other factors like nutrition and make their findings totally BS. I'll get your comment out to the scientific community as soon as possible so they can finally stop wasting their time with their silly "science"! Thanks for letting us know about this!

  • Damn, why do they get B12 injections? How do animals normally get B12? …i guess probably from their natural diet that they aren't being fed. They also give pigs antidepressants.

  • they are just trying to justify their eating habits somehow.. i always thought it was ridiculous to have a person zoom across the atlantic on a plane, browsing their ipad while glancing over and saying "i'm a paleo" lol. yeah sure whatever you say

  • The actual paleolithic-era hunter gatherer's diet was recently proven to have been almost all "gatherer" / very little "hunter", ie: virtually vegan. Paleo's point re avoiding refined sugars grains & oils still stands, but -that- never -was- in conflict with a -healthy- vegan diet.

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