Green Smoothies: What Does the Science Say?


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  • WOW, I was getting nervous at first thinking I was harming myself with my smoothies when I was listening to the begging of this video, But then to hear at the end that the exact smoothie that can help you is the exact smoothie I make myself all the time……..

    1 Banana
    1 Cup of Blueberries
    1/2 cup Homemade Almond Milk
    1/2 cup Filtered Water
    Big handful of Spinach and/or Kale and/or Other Healthy Greens

    This happy Gal is off to make a Smoothie 😉

  • my smoothie recipe is kale, carrots, rainbow chard, broccoli sprouts, tomato, blueberries, Apple skin, orange/lemon peel, garlic, ginger, flax milk for the liquid and some Greek yogurt or banana on occasion.

  • I never liked smoothies.  I would go  "ooooh Yuck".    However, I loved vegetable soups.   I would throw in lots a celery, some onion, perhaps some lentils, whatever.   Then at the end I would puree it with my hand blender so I didn't need vegetable stock.  That is when I realized:     I am just eating a HOT smoothie.  Rather than a cold sweet smoothie, I was eating a hot savory smoothie.   So I suppose smoothies are good, but you have to know how you like them.   🙂

  • Did you not mention greens at all or did I somehow miss it? one moment he is loud and clear and the next he mumbles and talks fast. Haha. Maybe it is just my speakers…

  • What is the opinion on cancer fighting superfood smoothies for someone with an ileostomy? Had Peritoneal carcinomatosis so after crs/HIPEC I have been left with a ileostomy and cancer free until now that new growths have been found in peritoneal and hepatic(liver) growth. Wanted to start using smoothies or juicing(which would be better) but don't really know if there is any benefit to it with an ileostomy. Any input would be greatly appreciated as I can't find much on this.

  • the risk of "overly rapid sugar absorption" really interesting, so is it just the rapidness of consuming the juice and not so much taking away the fiber? do you advocate veggie juicing since there's not much sugar in them if any? thank you

  • A little less aa-aa-aafect in the vvvoice, please! Seriouisly. I have a hard time watching any of this guy's videos because he refuses to just fucking say what he has to say, but resorts to a most annoying intonation and pacing. It sounds like a guitar string being slowly stretched past its elastic limit over. and over. and over again. Fuck, this guy sounds like he's gargling marbles.

    Other than that, keep up the good work 🙂

  • The title says GREEN smoothies but he only talks about fruit!!!!!!!! I do veggies with maybe a half of an apple. Geezz
    Fix the Title a green smoothie isn't 5 apples and 1 spinach leaf!!!!

    I am so surprised he didn't mention that berries are one of the Dirty Dozen and to please wash them before consuming. Stay healthy babies! 😍

  • mango is my fave fruit (I'm in Florida and we have trees of the stuff all over)…so glad it has a beneficial effect, and I make smoothies with blueberries often (for brain health)…yay

  • Kale, Spinach, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, celery. Turmeric, Beets, Cranberry s. Put in blender, LIVE TO BE A HUNDRED.

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