Good, Great, Bad, & Killer Fats


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  • Saturated fats and MonoUnsaturated oils are the fats/oils our body can make and does make for metabolic functions!! Those are GOOD fats and the transfats in dairy and meat is mainly CLA and only 2% of total fat.. that is good BUT polyunsaturated oils from nuts/seeds/fatty fishes and liquid vegetable oils ARE NOT!!!

  • Really:
    Compared with dietary monounsaturated and saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat protects African green monkeys from coronary artery atherosclerosis, Rudel al.
    “In sum, the monkeys fed monounsaturated fat developed equivalent amounts of coronary artery atherosclerosis as those fed saturated fat, but monkeys fed polyunsaturated fat developed less.”

  • Dietary Monounsat.Fatty Acids Promote Aortic Atherosclerosis in LDL Receptor – Null, Human ApoB100 -Overexpressing Transgenic Mice – L.Rudel et al.

    "The reduction in aortic atherosclerosis was not found when either cis or trans monounsaturated fatty acids were fed….Rather, just as much atherosclerosis was seen when cis monounsaturated fat diets were fed as when saturated fat was fed,..& significantly more atherosclerosis was seen when the trans monounsaturated fatty acids were fed."

  • Hepatic Origin of Cholesteryl Oleate in Coronary Artery Atherosclerosis in African
    Green Monkeys…Enrichment by Dietary Monounsaturated Fat, L. Rudel, et al
    “the amount of coronary artery atherosclerosis was similar in the monounsaturated and saturated fat groups, IN SPITE OF the significantly improved LDL cholesterol concentration and LDL/HDL cholesterol ratio”

  • i could be wrong but maybe the scientist was basically saying that once you know all the facts it becomes philosophical: are you trying to live forever or are you trying to enjoy your one life as much as possible? In other words, that big cheeseburger may kill you earlier than that tofu wrap but it is much more enjoyable to consume. If this is the case then i think the scientist is a wise man. Or maybe he is full of shit!

  • An advice that's too extreme might create the opposite effect,people might as well accepts that risk of trans fat if you tell them the only way of avoiding it is going vegan

  • What about POLY-unsaturated fats? I often find foods that contain mono-unsaturated fats also have poly-unsaturated fats. Are they that different or are they both considered good?

  • Plant based diet is the best diet no doubt, now having Sid that eating meat and dairy once in a while is way less dangerous that walking around in the cities we live in, so….

  • Are you sure you're a real Dr and not a Quack? Hydrogenated fats are bad for you, that's a given but to dismiss animal and dairy fats means you know nothing and you're arguments are simplistic. Cos it comes from a vegetable or seed does it make it healthy? you telling me Canola oil and Corn Oil are healthy?

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