Gluten-Free Diets – Separating the Wheat from the Chat


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  • I've seen "Gluten Free" on the most absurd things! Tea bags, Rice, Cheese, Peanut Butter, and other things that would OBVIOUSLY not contain wheat, barley, or rye. It's turned into some kind of marketing fad to the point where whenever people see something labeled Gluten Free, they think it's healthy to consume.. Even if they aren't allergic to it.

  • I am in so much pain when I eat even a small amount if gluten I'm not sure anyone could convince me to eat 4-5 slices of bread a day. That may be a huge hurdle in getting real numbers on who really has celiac. Being on a gluten free diet kind of stinks and most would probably have to be experiencing quite a bit of discomfort and be pretty convinced it's gluten to go gluten free. I hate being gluten free but the pain drives me to avoid it. When I think I can get away with eating gluten I am very harshly reminded by my body. Wish it wasn't so, I love wheat and think whole wheat is healthy! Everyone who can eat it, enjoy every bite for me!

  • Bullshit! Gluten means in Latin Glue!
    Look into the books Grain Brain and Wheat Belly !
    And i feeling a lot better when i skip all gluten of my diet! No more heavy feeling on my stomach after eating gluten and not constipated anymore and a lot of other things.

  • So many silly little testimonials, so few people actually trying a blind test for gluten sensitivity. (Which is a bunch of pills with flour vs ones with, say, sugar or MCTs. Easy to set up.)

  • Gluten makes one dull and fat and if you really look into it the word gluten which means 'glue' actually acts like glue in your guts.
    Why Gluten free?
    The word gluten comes from the Latin word meaning glue. A human’s digestive tract has structures small hair like structures that gluten can interfere with by flattening them and behaving like glue. Causing things like bloating, gas and a drop in energy. Gluten free is much more than just the latest fad. Studies have found that gluten can cause a host of digestive complaints and making your body feel heavy or sleepy after eating it. Try switching to a gluten free way of being and see how you feel. 

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  • Is the rise in NK cell activity really a good thing? A pathogen would cause a similar rise in activity, but we wouldn't say it's improving the immune system…

  • There are better ways of testing for celiac disease than packing the diet with gluten and destroying the patient's gut (and causing neurological damage). Lots of misinfo and bad logic in this video.

  • 20 parts per million can be toxic to someone with celiac??? im CLEARLY not gluten intolerant then…good to know since ive just gone vegan and was finding it hellish to find wheat substitutes:: hello seitan gyro!!!!😄😍😄😄

  • Almost a year ago, I switched to a naturopathic doctor, who had me take a very thorough blood test. The results came back that I have a gluten & fructose intolerance. So, since then, I've avoided gluten & most fruits; which may sound nuts since I'm a vegan, I do take a Vitamin B, B12 & D supplement.
    But I feel so much better now. I no longer have acid reflux, or GI discomforts, I've lost weight easily, my cholesterol has dropped by 80 points and counting, and my blood pressure has dropped too. Over the course of the year, I have eaten a bagel once, and another time a plum, from a tree growing in my yard, both times I had a terrible GI reaction. My doctor said it was OK to try these things from time to time, as a reminder of why, I'm avoiding gluten & fructose. This may not be for everyone, but it certainly has worked wonders for me.

  • just go raw

    seeds and these kinds of things r not supposed to make up a large portion of an ape's diet…especially not cooked

    i get stinging in my heart area if i eat pasta with gluten in it (maybe some leaky gut thingy going on – the fuq do i care its shit food regardless)

  • 3:10
    i bet it increases killer-cell activity because the cells fight the fucking gluten
    …i bet u wouldnt brush that under the rug if it was an animal product causing the killer-cell activity to spike

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