Gerson Therapy vs. Chemotherapy


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  • Doctor, I like your videos generally, but what you have not taken into account is that any report by the medical establishment is going to try to destroy the credibility of the Gerson method because Gerson, if allowed to operate legally, would wipe out the livelihood of oncologists and the profits of big pharma. The mistake in this case lies in actually depending only on supposedly "scientific" research. Follow the money…

  • Gerson "Like" therapy?? What does that even mean?   Why are Doctors in Japan adopting Gerson? This study is yet another attack on something that would prove a holistic approach might be the best. Next time they should make a study where The Gerson Personel actually performs the Gerson Therapy and not – God knows who doing "Gerson Like therapy" – how valid is that really?? Scientific?? You disappoint me Greger. Maybe you should take a vacation trip to one of their places and see their patient files.
    As good as you are and as much as we do love your work. Once in a while its okey to stop being the narrator of others "work" and actually think outside the box. When it comes to Gerson you could go there and see their patient files. In the end they want the same thing as you do – to heal patients.

    I mean come on think for a second – there's not any fiber of your body that thinks this study could have been setup from the beginning to get results like these?

  • Did I read this correctly??? 69-81 "enzyme" capsules per DAY???? And this is supposedly equivalent to the the Gerson therapy. WOW, "doctor", you should be ashamed of yourself for posting such a misleading and downright deceitful information. This is NOTHING like Gerson therapy. Because there's coffee enema and raw food involved, it must be the same right? Who's paying you??

  • I'm sure I read that Gerson has a 70% cure rate which means it doesn't work for some cancers and some people. What I found odd is that the chemo patients had a better quality of life in their last months…chemotherapy devastates the body, my mum had the worst constipation where she could hardly sit comfertable, she had no taste- everytime she put something in her mouth it tasted like rotten fish and the most awful vomiting and night sweats. So I can only conclude that the alternative patients must have gone through hell, possibly with pain and in the Gerson therapy patients are given between 1and 10 coffee enemas a day to deal with pain, so maybe thats why they suffered if they didn't take enemas.

  • This video is politics plain and simple. The study in which you are calling the Gerson's diet was nothing of the the sort. It states a 70% raw foods diet with enzymes. First off the Gerson's diet cooks the hell out of the 3 meals a day you get to make them easy to break down, the juice is raw and there are way more than just enzymes supplemented. Your video is like comparing a handshake to being punched in the face because being punched in the face has a hand in it also.

    It is a shame that doctors choose profit over peoples well being, if you think Gerson is wrong be a real doctor and pickup where he left off and apply what we know today because any fool can see his research had many effective findings in defeating cancer.

  • This doctor does not claim to present the ultimate truth, but to present the most current nutritional research. "He reads the studies, so we won't have to." However, the doctor many times does a more in depth analysis and gives his opinion, which sadly he did not do in this video.

    I think that neither the doctor or the study are incorrect. I think that the study was strategically designed to show these results to feed the idea that chemo is the best alternative. The national cancer institute funded it and it strategically chose a cancer that does not have good success rate with Gerson therapy and they altered the treatment just enough so that it would not have positive results, yet close enough that they could claim they studied a Gerson-like therapy.

    The fact that the study even compared this treatment to Gerson's goes to show that they might actively be trying to give it a bad name. Maybe they feel threatened by the Gerson therapy?

  • Dr Greger, perhaps you should research the Gerson files in sitio before relying on biased peer review journals that hate alternative therapies that do not follow the rules and trends of modern allopathic medicine.

  • The study seems incorrect, they didnt do the Gerson, to my knowledge they dont take magnesium citrate, and I didnt hear any mention of Lugols solution, potassium salts, slow cooked meals, and 12 glasses of raw carrot/apple and other green juices, flax oil etc etc etc, not saying they dont have failures but it wasnt the Gerson and too many enzyme tabs were taken anyway, if this study was done in order to make Gerson and other similar therapies look bad, fair enough this will happen, but if people died, man thats bad form.

  • This isn't right at all. Our bodies is a self healing machine. I ran into one of my buddies from highschool not too long ago. He knows I am interested in health because we follow eachother on Facebook and he always sees my post. Je brought up that his dad had stage 3 cancer and went on the gerson therapy and he was completely cancer free in 5 months. Nobody dies from cancer right away. It's the chemo that makes you die faster. While there is life, there is hope. Stay strong and healthy everyone 🙂

  • Gerson "Style" Regime? Not THE Gerson Therapy protocol? That is a red flag. The Gerson therapy is VERY strict and specific. You don't sort-of do the Gerson therapy. That would not be the Gerson therapy. Did they also sort-of do the chemotherapy? I see a lot of links but not a link to the actual study. And the quality of life was better with vomiting and hair falling out? Something is fishy here.

  • Lot of enzymes tablets seems mostly the Dr. Gonzales therapy not the Gerson one. Probably Gerson was too demanding to do so they chose the next one in line lol. Gerson therapy is more then a full time therapy and it is nearly impossible for people to do alone. It recommends use of distilled water for the 13 daily juices, showers with purified water without Fluoride or Chlorine, Several Coffee enemas every day. I really would like to see the actual study done. Where is it? Gerson Therapy has been around for over 100 years and has cured countless sick people. If was all made up people would have known it long ago.

  • Gerson Cured himself from cancer by Consuming Apples Only for 4 months. In accordance with a Methionine Restrictive diet as advocated by the Nutritional Oncology Research Institute.; As Apples have the lowest Methionine levels of any common food.

    I believe he had it right in the first place…Then spent 40 years – "Screwing it up" ,adding all the other components he imagined to be beneficial….. Apples only , was the answer.


  • Water Fasting before during and after chemotherapy treatment the rats lived, those on no fast chemo & standard diet died ? Dr A Goldhamer mention,s this, and also has water fasting study reversing lymphoma cancer published in British Medical Journa recentlyl. Is the gerson therapy injecting calf liver? and is it only for pancreatic.

  • I suspect this study was covered to prove he doesn't cherry-pick his studies. Dr. Greger walks a fine line talking truth to power. He is changing the world almost single-handedly. But the establishment must still be reckoned with.

    Perhaps this is meant to incite more studies be run by those that know it's not representative of reality.

  • A "Gerson STYLE???? Protocol," REALLY? RAW and minimally cooked?! You have got to be kidding!!! You TOOL, DR. GREGOR!! You didn't even read her book. Ok, didn't think we'd have to go there but I guess we do. "Can we all say JUICING boys and girls?!" CAN WE GO TO THE GERSON CLINIC FOR SOME INFORMATION MAYBE?! AND NOT THE SLOAN-KETTERING CANCER INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX FOR THEIR OPINION OF A GERSON STYLE PROTOCOL?!? YOU SLAY ME YOU BUM. (What a sell-out.)

  • I love Dr Greger, I have met him and bought his book. BUT I am afraid when you compare Gerson STYLE REGIME, its not Gerson! Like saying we compared with a Chemo style; meaning not following the clinical methodology. Well of course it will be worse because its not comparing it with the real methodology.

    I think you should change the title to remove Gerson or remove the video. Not one of your best pieces of work….:(

  • You have lost all credibility. But that is insignificant when compared to the number of people who stop considering Gerson therapy because of this video.
    When most oncologists wouldn't even take their own treatments, what does that say about chemo and radiation?
    That's what the studies say but these studies are never biased, never motivated by big pharma right? Read up on the what went wrong with the Nicholas Gonzalez trial.
    Loss a lot credibility here because you're just repeating the big pharma commandments without any critical analysis.

  • Gerson like therapy? If a doctor says you need to do X,Y, and Z and then you only do X and fail to recover, we would not conclude that the treatment is ineffective. Yet this is what is happening here. Not to mention The Gerson Institute is very upfront about which cancers it works for and which it does not.

  • Either Dr. Greger is telling the truth or he I can't trust a word he says for now on. My assumption is that the Gerson Therapy is primarily raw food diet through juces and coffee enmas. So Dr. Greger is saying all the positive feedback on the internet of people healing themselves and preventing cancer growth is all lies or paid testimonials. I always give the people the benefit of the doubt over institutions because these large institutions have a track record of foul play.

    One thing to mention all these patients are on the worst stage of cancer and I believe all alternative health organizations claim they cannot guarantee a recovery once you are to far gone which would explain why chemo had a better survival or quality of life rate. So I don't think that says anything negative about the Gerson Therapy though this video seems more like a smear campaign from the websites I have read.

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