Garden Variety Anti-Inflammation


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  • AWESOME!!! And I've learned from many other sources of the value of combining turmeric with black pepper…so easy if you eat salmon for one example…just spread it on with some crushed garlic and you are good to go…or canned salmon in salmon salad. Or with tofu…very easy to put turmeric with the ground black pepper!

  • "A variety of vegetables and fruits are recommended. Vegetables and fruits that are deeply colored throughout (eg, spinach, carrots, peaches, berries) should be emphasized because they tend to be higher in micronutrient content than are other …" AHA Scientific Statement, Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations, Revision 2006, Circulation 2006; 114: 82-96

  • Lol when I heard that black pepper boosts the bioavailability of turmeric by 2000% I RAN IN TO THE KITCHEN FASTER THAN USAIN BOLT! Thank you Dr Greger!

  • While nutrient synergy is real, pepper increases the bio availability of turmeric and other spices and nutrients because it is a gut irritant and it destroys the protective living of the digestive tract, causing mucosal micro-bleeding… which temporarily results in increased absorption. Why don't you post one of those studies. I can't believe half the crap you post Greger.

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