From Table to Able: Combating Disabling Diseases With Food


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  • Thank you so much! I wish every doctor would promote a plant base diet! As a nurse, I have seen the effects of the SAD diet on people, and thus have begun to change my own diet, so I do not become one of those patients who I have cared for who are on copious medicines!

  • I only can speak for myself. I originally changed my diet to vegan because and only for animals sake, not my health. I have the awesome side effects from it. My blood tests improved, I have my gastritis under control,  my gastritis was created by medical error. More energy, I have fun experimenting with my food now, easy and sorter time preparing my food, rarely I allow my self to have a vegan fast food, but that is not a daily routine.  For me alone i can see that it made my entire life better. I am a vegan for 5 years now. I don´t know if it is good for everyone, but for me personally was the right choice.

  • They will ban you from their website forums if you don't share a drone mentality and allegiance to their ideas.

    They will attack you, block posts, remove posts you make if they demonstrate you have opposing information or ideas.

    I shared my success with LCHF to reverse symptoms of severe diabetes and how I eliminated over 400 shots to my gut in 11+weeks. I got hammered and harassed by their users, told fat was killing me etc. It was like mevwondering n if I was on that show "SCARE TACTICS?"

    First time they blocked me I worked to resolve the matter. They said I used t h e word "worm" to describe a person I was reply to. It didn't matter though that this person had sent NE repeated post telling me I was essentially making myself more sick, causing heart disease and cancer by e a ting a high fat diet etc. It didn't matter that I had finally broken the pattern of insulin dependency to him or other Rabid fans of these censoring halfwits.

    Today I discovered I was banned again and all I was doing was replying to a person "Michael Grain" on one post after another reiterating one biased report after another whilst ignoring my personal experience and countless other studies not b in agreement with his claims.

    So if you want an honest forum to discuss nutrition from users font go here. If they can't fully indoctrinate you they will censor you heavily on their website forums.

    They obviously fear any studies that refute their ideas regarding eggs, fat. Protein from animals etc…

    If you're looking for a community of like minded drones this nay indeed be your party. I for one want honest dialog and debate from all forms of whole foods which include Fats and proteins from animals. These too are indeed whole food and they are indeed healthy.

    So if you're into Nazi mania censorship go there and have fun….

  • Alright there! Have you heard the talk about – Bekkas Incredible Sugar Detox (search on google)? Ive heard some decent things about it and my friend got excellent results with it.

  • I have amazing problems with my spine disc's. my wertebras went left and right from the normal position, same as my disc'c, truout whole spine. And i have scoliosis higher at my back. Plus, i have multiple sclerosis. So i gess i should eath a lot of green leafy vegys? is thet a point here? My english is not that good at all so i apoligez.

  • Thanks again for another great talk. I've been subscribed to this channel for years and only just realised. Will be keeping up to date more often now 🙂

  • Buffy end of 2015 went off chicken, fish, I had only been eating since 2000 drinking distilled water since 2011 and Bragg's Apple cider viniger with the mother and there nutritional yeast, I also have seen great results, few weeks, slept till 4:30 am no waking up for bathroom. Now I sleep though till 5 am. My clock set for 6 am. Used to be wanting to stay in bed. No more refresh, wake up, do stretches, squats, balance on legs one at time, push ups, against wall. I am 66 yr. old. I have two glasses of water one with Bragg apple viniger 2 teaspoons other lemon fresh. Then some times juice carrots, celery, eat apple, pear, banana, pineapple. orange. That is my morning. Or if I want half a cantaloupe. Winters oatmeal gluten free, nuts, flax-seed, hemp, nuts. My ex who left me and son when young died pass month, over weight, sick, only 72. He had liver cancer never knew it. Before that he had diabeties, and cholesterol and blood pressure. I in 2000 reached first time 260lbs. 5ft 5 11 months later 145lbs, no diabeties. I am well now. God is great our Creator gave us all we need for our wonderful bodies that heal themselves.

  • You were the final persuasion I needed, I was thinking about it for a while after a series of diseases. In one week I already lost weight and my dysmenorrhoea has improved. Thanks! Funny too!

  • Doctor offices have become a corporation and somehow health has become their good for sale. But it's all apart of this never ending cycle and has several departments. Family physicians, cardiologists, pharmacies, dentists… it is repulsive. They should be calling it the hypocratic oath. Hippocrates actually saw food as medicine. What they're doing today is the exact opposite, making their oath entirely hypocritical. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

  • Dr. Gregor your videos are so important and helpful in figuring out what health really looks like.
    I would be remiss however to point out that the Kellogg's cereal company wasn't actually never owned by Dr. Kellogg but was the brain child of his younger brother Will Kieth.

  • Please help me to continue, helping the animals.
    I am currently a British Vegan after watching much content on YouTube thanks to the activists.
    Thank You activists for your good and righteous work from Me and most importantly from the Animals themselves.
    I am wishing you all the success and happiness that you deserve.
    I have been Vegan for approximately three months now and I am already feeling the benefits of not consuming pain and suffering.
    However I am in desperate need of some resources concerning a healthy clean diet consisting of plant based whole foods in the British format. I am not interested in the processed meats and cheeses as I am happy to go without
    I am able to get plenty of American recipes which contain unavailable ingredients complete with confusing weights and measurements online, which is leading to huge amounts of frustration and disillusionment.
    Where and who are the British Vegans?
    Are there any Plant Based Whole Food experts in Britain?
    Or are they being censored and assassinated?
    If so who are they, I can’t keep wasting money on American Books which are pretty much useless to us in Britain due to the unavailable ingredients and confusing weights and measurements.
    Please can someone help me to find some simple British everyday meals that I can prepare at home with plant based whole foods with with British ingredients, weights and measurements using no sugar, salt or oil’s.
    Many Thanks, From A Happier, Healthier Sentient Being.

  • My family calls Dr.Greger my guru because I regularly send videos and articles to them from his website and youtube. Lol. This was another great video full of facts and his trademark humor!

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