Foods that Help Headache and Migraine Relief


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  • Not sure what this means if anything but recently moved from southern part of Florida to Texas and once I moved here migraines disappeared. Poof literally. Where I’m at now is far less humid without the constant heat that the part of Florida that I lived in had just about 365 days a year. Not sure if that has anything to do with the elimination but I’m grateful. I was having several a week to at times daily. I do take magnesium, ginger, and cayenne but I used these in Florida as well.

  • Low fat whole food plant based cured my migraines. I still had them as a purely ethical vegan, although less frequently than when I was a vegetarian, and way less frequently than when I was an omnivore. As a kid I had a headache pretty much every day.

  • Great video, thanks!

    Could you explain why inflammation is bad? You have a lot of videos on foods and beverages which help fight inflammation but none on why inflammation is bad. Isn't inflammation the body's way of dealing with injury or disease?

    It is just that the argument is not whole without this step.

  • I eliminated all fat except for one D3 pill, Omega-3 pill and the tiny bit from flax and I really suffered from skin issues and I was looking awful. Increasing the fat with some olive oil, an avocado, or some basically junk food really got me back looking and feeling great. I don't have head issues, only I can feel the crossover point from glucose to ketones upon heavy activity.

  • Het NF team, way to cash in the pandemic! Charging for a FB Q&A? Shame on you, shame on all of you!
    Yeah, I don't care that it's free the NEXT day, the 5 bucks is so you get to ask questions live.
    You people make those hoarding toilet paper look good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is beyond offensive.

  • Please forgive me for interjecting my thoughts, anytime I hear someone talking about migraines, I get on my soapbox so hear goes.
    My wife has had – notice the tense – had, migraines for the 40+ years that I've been married to her, she has gone through the western medical hell, like endless med, er room visits, condesending doctors, all that until we fortunately got totally ripped off by a neurologist in Phoenix who actually stole 3/4 of the botox medicine she was supposed inject. This was bad because my wife was out of options, so my daughter had gotten a Daith (some spell it Daithe) piercing up in Alaska and was able to say that it was her last migraine! So we very skeptically went to what we thought would be a questionable insertion, it was done at a surprisingly professional clean tattoo shop! for approx 80.00. I cannot begin to tell you what it's like to actually be out from underneath the black cloud of migraines!!! Like for real, no more endless trips to doctors, scary med painful shots, lost days laying in pain on the sofa. From what I've seen it works for about 70% of people. So you gotta ask yourself, risk 80.00 for not just like most meds promise, a little improvement, but a serious chance at being able to say "my last migraine!". At least check it out on line, worst case senario you wasted the 80 and you take it out. And yes by all means start to eat right, yes we are accountable to our bodies for the things we eat, eat garbage food – have garbage health life. Probably the biggest concern would be like any piercing is keeping it clean while it heals, my wife was an RN so we had no issues.
    Of the people we follow online, Dr. Greg has great info on helping all of us who are turning the corner from prepackaged crap food to healthy healing real food, Thank-you Dr. Greg for your service in helping all of us find our way through this maze of information on how to give our bodies the food to optimize our health. yes i'm getting paid for this by the fact I now have a wife who's not down with migraines.
    "Mic drop"

  • Dr. Greger, you should be speaking NOW about why governments from all the world should ban animal commerce and animal protein products to avoid more pandemics like the actual COVID19. Its the moment to make global laws about this so we can prevent catastrophic events like this one or even worse… If governtments take extreme meassures like confinement of entire countries for months, they ALSO can take meassures like banning all animal products and animal farming, hunting, selling.

  • DON'T EAT MORE THAN 1/2 CUP SPINACH OR OTHER HIGH OXALATE GREENS per day. Going WFPB SOS free completely eliminated my migraines. Now I only get them when I overeat rich whole foods such as dates or walnuts with blackstrap molasses. I eat lots of greens now but for many months ate a lot, and I mean a lot of spinach in my daily vegetable soup. I started to notice changes in my teeth and nails, and my dentist noticed as well. He thought it was from sleep apnea or too much acidic food. I didn't consider the spinach because I thought all veggies were alkaline. When I watched your warning about high oxalate foods it finally dawned on my that this was the problem. My nails are much improved over the past few weeks and my teeth are not getting worse. DON'T EAT MORE THAN 1/2 CUP OF SPINACH A DAY. I still eat a lot of greens, but different lettuces, kale, and cabbage. Not only have my migraines been eliminated but also I no longer have high cholesterol, sciatica, hyper pigmentation on face and hands, no puffy eyes and face and hands, heart arrhythmia, My eyesight and hearing have improved as well and my mood is always upbeat, and my energy is high. My skin tone is great, too, whereas previous too going WFPB SOS free, I had always had a sallow complexion. I am too thankful to this website and for all my other plant based heroes.

  • Dr. Greger and team, keep up the great work!!! As a Long time watcher of your videos via your site, I’ve learned so much through the years and your info has definitely tuned down my migraines. Especially love the snorting chilli peppers to dull those pain receptors (actually works lol), cheers and thanks again!

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