Flaxseed vs. Prostate Cancer


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  • Quinoa, Amaranth, Teff, Millet, Buckwheat take place of grains/breads.
    Grass fed animals, raw milk and their products, organic nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. AVOID oils except organic raw coconut. You can literally feast on these but you have to mostly prepare your own food, this is where we have gone wrong today relying on manufacturers who make cheap, nutritionless, chemical full edibles/drinks for their profit not for our health. "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fullon, read it!

  • Grass fed animals, raw milk and their products, still have colerral and growth hormones .. were not meant to eat these things.. need proof? go and try to take a bite out of a cow with your "k-9" teeth .. lmao

  • show them pictures of fat Americans and scare them into it i visited the states and what i saw in commercials and on the news was not what is on the go you are all obese and love it you need more than flax seeds and super food

  • For the most part, there are two types culinary people in our society, junk food junkies & health food nuts. Your statement that "all" Americans are obese is a generalization. In a court of law, judges throw out generalizations as not being logical.

    The obese figure is more like 25%. The overweight figure is around 40%. That leaves approximately 30% to 35% of the population in the US to be health food nuts. This group of people are very serious about their health. It's up to you to find them.

  • Great video Dr. G.  I have heard that it is best to grind your flax seeds and consume them within a day or two because they will soon oxidize if you let them sit for longer than that before eating.  Anyone else heard something along those lines?

  • You can grind the seeds in a regular blender just fine. No need to get an extra coffee grinder. There's also an Oster mini grind accessory for you blender if you're a perfectionist.

  • Mortar and pestle? Thoughts? I understand we lack the enzymes to digest the cellulose shell of the seed, would simple maceration of said work? Or, must I grind?

  • So what does tell us about flaxseed? Nothing! Here's what I mean, the flaxseed itself was not studied in isolation. By definition if you put people on a low fat diet, they'll ultimately replace those calories with something else, presumably plants and grains. Maybe it was the diet itself, after all, a low fat diet has long been recommended to protect against many cancers, the least of which prostate. While the video was interesting, I don't see the relevance. A good study would have been three groups, one on a low fat diet (no flax), one with no change in diet except adding flax, and the third doing both. That way, we'd have a control.

  • Are you getting the message yet?is it getting through to you dumb dumbs? Since we abandoned high fiber low fat vegetarian diets and replaced it with high fat animal protein diets, cancer and heart disease has rapidly increased,it is there in front of you,the cause of many disease,yet many don't want to give up their steak and french fries,reap what you sow,enjoy your sweet cakes and soda and meat with french fries and then enjoy cancer and heart disease.

  • I had a biopsy in April 2015 that tested positive for very early prostate cancer. I started taking a teaspoon of ground flaxseed (as well as switching to a processed sugar free, vegan diet) everyday until my next biopsy in late July 2015. That biopsy showed no signs of cancer. My also PSA dropped from 3.1 to 1.9 in that time. Was it the flaxseed? I do not know. But, it certainly did not hurt.

  • I watch this popular video the other day saying that baking soda+molasses can also heal prostate cancer, could anyone comment whether this type of treament works or not ?

  • Begs  important questions though:  what about cyanide liberated by grinding flax to meal and mixing in liquid, and what about phytoestrogens and anti-nutrients?  Could  we safely try to mitigate by fermenting, maybe mixed with soy puree while making soy yogurt?  Would the flax meal go rancid during the 8h fermentation or fridge storage for a couple days?

  • dude you said the American diet is high in fats and protien. What America are you talking about. The America I live in has been plagued by 30+ years of obesity due to the consumption of carbohydrates and high fructose corn syrup

  • ground, flaxseeds is best, as the body can't brakedown whole flaxseeds.
    best grounded in coffee grinder, don't ground lots as it goes off within three hours.
    just enough for your self. each day, three tea spoons.

  • I also soak some in hot water witch makes a tasteless gelatin liquid, and drink this great for colon cleaning, flat stomach, b17?. and numerous other health benefits.

  • In my family there is a history of prostate cancer. I was eating around 100 – 150gr. of flaxseeds per day which I would grind up and then eat usually for breakfast, usually with something like tomatos, garlic or other vegetables. However one unfortunate side effect appears to have been sexual difficulties which stopped as soon as I stopped eating the flaxseed. I put this down to the quantity of phytoestrogens and problems with testosterone formation – I don't know. So I stopped eating it and the problem went away. So be warned of the potential side effect.

  • Dr. Greger, I saw a vid last Nov. where a single flaxseed oil soft gel dissolved a hole in a block of dietary plaque right in front of your eyes, till you could see the plate it was setting on. Next to it was regular oil which did nothing. I had just switched cause of fat content, a bit more expensive, but a rich golden experience nonetheless and worth it.

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