Flaxseed vs. Diabetes


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  • Wow, good job getting a book published. I'm currently studying naturopathy. Fruit is really good for us, especially more so if you live in a hot climate. I don't eat as much fruit as say if i were to live in the tropics, so i tend to eat lots more vegetables. If you realyl want to change your health, buy a juicer, use it everyday and NEVER put it in the cupboard like so many other people. Drinking just 500ml of fresh juice per day is life changing.

  • i have an omega juicer and it was the best purchased i've made in some time. i drink about 16 oz of green juice or some other mixture every day. and, i love it. i've made my money back on this juicer already by not going to a juice bar and making the juice myself. 16 oz at a juice bar is around $7 in los angeles.

  • For those looking for ways of incorporating flax into their daily diet:

    1 tbsp of flax seeds powdered in the blender + 1 tbsp water, replaces 1 egg in baking.

    My preferred breakfast is 1-2 tbsp flax seed, blend into powder, then add 4 oz tofu, frozen berries, a banana, frozen berries, and a little almond milk.

  • Flax oil is modern invention, but the seeds have been cultivated (for fiber and food) for millenia, and our ancestors have been eating seeds for hundreds of millions of years.

    Mahatma Gandhi said, "Wherever flaxseed becomes a regular food item among the people, there will be better health". Charlemagne required its consumption for the health of his subjects. Hippocrates used it for abdominal maladies. Lignan + anti-inflammatory omega-3 fat is a potent combination.

  • With regards to JUICING not blending. The reason we should be juicing is that our digestive systems are not as efficient as they should be with years of poor dietary choices. JUICING supercharges the body in under 30 mins, whereas when you eat whole (which we also should do) things take much longer and the absorbtion is likely not to be as good. Juices, smoothies and wholefoods for the win. 😀 JUICING saves lives.

  • Once again sarcasm and the human ego rule the day. You already know the answer to your own question, but like i say you only asked to satisfy your own ego. What i can say categorically is that juicing cured my own on record 10+ years of deep manic depression and anxiety. The doctors have been amazed at my progress. No meds for 6 years now, no looking back. I've since met many more people having similar positive health transformations with regards to juicing. Likely you have never juiced. Try it.

  • I'm sorry, my question wasn't an attempt to berate you. I'm happy to hear that diet and nutrition has had such an impact on your life. I should have been more specific, I wanted to know if you had any information about human digestive systems not being as "efficient" as they once were. I'm asking out of curiosity not sarcasm. Many people that comment on Dr. Greger's site often include citations, I wasn't sure if this was the case on YouTube.

  • Well to the best of my knowledge there is no scientific concrete evidence to say human digestive systems are not as eficient as they once were, however from my own experience this is definetely the case. What actually happens is the overconsumption of processed foods, sugar, grains especially wheat are really taxing to the digestive system and over time imo+e they glue it up thus any real food eaten the absorbtion is minimal, nowhere near optimal. Parasites can also arise. Thanks.

  • Thanks for this video. It is great news about flax seed. Just one point to criticize: the narrator tends to use LOADED SENTENCES that drains our attention. (eg 08s – 21s: 3 phrases linked by ''that, to, by, as …'')/ LOL 
    – – –
    QUALITY not quantity, or just 'unload those sentences, baby' 😉
    – – –
    1a Drug companies are hoping to capitalize on 
    the fact that 
    1b the consumption of certain plants appears to lower the risk of diabetes
    1c isolating the active components for use and sale as pharmacological agents
    – – –
    1 The consumption of certain plants appears to lower the risk of diabetes:
    2a Drug companies are hoping to capitalize on this fact
    2b isolating the active components for use and sale as pharmacological agents.
    – – –
    I know doctors are not necessarily gifted in grammar but in this instance it is better to avoid showing off. Intelligent people do tend to load their sentences. Although all the ideas are there, the unfortunate listener is left trying to decipher their point.

    ''whyy i feels beter olreddie.''

    (love you)

  • is dr. greger refering to reversing only type 2 diabetes? seems so as he's talking about insulin resistance. will flax consumption also reverse or at least help blunt type 1 diabetes?

  • I take 2 heaped tablespoons with my Porridge of a morning, and it tastes just fine, but you should also look at the benefits of organic Hemp seed oil, again 2 tablespoons it has a nutty taste and is quite pleasant to take,I take both of a morning, you should look at the video "run from the truth" by Rick Simpson you'll find it on youtube.

  • So if a person has type 2 Diabetes should they be on Insulin while eating a plant-based diet, or not? The reason I ask is that this is a weird place to be when you are watching soars appear on your arms, and your vision starts to blur. People with Diabetes lose limbs. There eyes start to shrink–not good.

  • not a huge fan of vegans spewing emotion based "facts", but this dr. Gregor guy is good. all the videos I have watched show tons of studies and information to back it up. he seems like a sensible person, even more so than Dr. McDougal!

  • Is there any data on the speed of oxidisation once flax has been milled? I hear people talking about the loss of omega 3 once flax is ground, but I was wondering what the data has to say on how quickly that process occurs. Thank you for your videos. They are one of my go to places for accurate nutritional data. 🙂

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