Flax Seeds for Hypertension


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  • Hello Dr.:  I wanted to make you aware of an incident that happened to me 2 years ago when I began adding flax seeds to my morning smoothies.  These were whole flax seeds, and apparently they weren't getting ground in the smoothie well enough.  A couple of months later, I developed a bowel blockage, and was in need of emergency surgery.  The surgeon reported finding the tips ends of flax seeds embedded in the diverticulum, and rips and tears which he thinks corresponded to these flax seed tips.  4.5 ft. of bowel was removed, and it was a terrible experience.  I'm not blaming anyone, except myself for my own ignorance, but it might be wise to make people aware of what COULD occur if the whole seeds aren't ground properly.  I've been unable to find finely gr. flax seed yet, and if I do, I will use it, but I completely avoid flax seeds on breads or any other items, for obvious reasons.  Just thought I'd share this with you, in hopes of sparing someone else from having to undergo the same hellacious surgeries (2) that I did.  Thank you for your kind attention.

  • The lecture refers to 1/4 cup flaxseeds. The conversion is 1/4 cup equals 4 Tablespoons which may help when measuring since not all of us have measuring cups nearby. Thank you for the excellent lecture, Dr Greger!

  • I'm over here watching these videos while I eat a bowl of mixed beans with 2tbs of flaxseed mixed in and eating baby okra and brussel sprouts on the side. :3 Ever since I learned about gut bacteria it makes me want to eat healthier because I'm like, "FEED MY CHILDREN FEED"

  • Seriously, I´m so confused about the whole thing about flaxseeds. In my country "The Swedish National Food Administration" advices people not to consume any ground flaxseeds due to their ability to release very toxic hydrogen cyanides inside the body! This is what they say:
    "We advice people not to eat ground or crushed flaxseeds at all. However, about 2 tablespoons of WHOLE flaxseeds should be OK. But too much isn´t good. The seeds contains substances that can create toxic hydrogen cyanides."

    Whenever I watch Gregers videos or any other sources claiming the health benefits of flaxseeds, the whole cyanide thing is never mentioned!!
    I´ll personally avoid this seeds until someone can prove that they are completely safe to eat!

  • I hear that pre-ground flax seeds from the store aren't as good as whole flax seeds ground just before use? Anybody have any further information on this?

  • Actually eating flaxseed or using flaxseed oil (which never should be used in high temp, best use for salads or dressing) you have to be careful. For example you shouldn't eat whole seeds itself as they can "clog" your digestion system, you can mill the seeds but they only can be eaten fresh – as when seeds is opened some proteins in seeds are quickly oxidize – when this happens this can be turn into poison. Decoction from flaxseed can be very beneficial – both from whole or grated seed.

  • Hi Dr Greger, i just bought your book on Indigo (im in Mtl) even i lisen your videos for few years, its my way to say thank you for all your works, i learn a lot with you. Love.

  • Flax is gross gives me belly pain and it is oily plant containing a lot of phytoestrogens, bad for men since makes them feminine and bad for women because it will make them estrogen sensitive cancer cells growth in breast uterine cancer and horrid periods.Lots of estrogen in women makes the women f a t . Chia/flax frenzy should be stopped. Damn, I am a biologist, if you consume this shit you will be sorry later. Flax because contains even more phytoestrogen, check it out. I am polish and live in Poland and am a biologist. My friend with breast cancer after one breast surgery was still bloody staffing her face with chia and flax, bleathing from uterus in between period and growing next lovly bump in the breast. Than I told her to immediately stop the frigen chi/flax mix and the poor woman regained her normal endocrine functions. No bleading etc.Please, put this message in viral form if you know how because I don't to my fellow men so they don't get needlesly sick.Cha and flax somebody peddles and makes millions of this crap. Better consume black seeds, cacao that gets rid of toxins and astragalus that extends telomerse and rejuveneates the body. Otherwise don't come to me crying with bumps hanging all over the body and within, including prostates.I hope you dont make a penny on you stupid frodulent book. You sound like you are drunk cynical cigarete puffing old burnout men. Boooo

  • I have lost 30lb in the last few months having turned to a vegan and low fat diet. When l took my 2 blood pressure medications, my hands became extremely painful if they got cold. Now that l have stopped these meds, l no longer get this pain. Dr John McDougall advocates that we should not drop too low below 140/80 when we get older and have had a history of hypertension. High blood pressure is there for a purpose apparently. It forces blood to reach the extremities! Which helps to explain why my hands were painful. Also blood pressure meds can make men impotent for probably the same reason.

  • Flax seeds, oatmeal, ripe bananas and fresh orange juice are the ingredients of my daily breakfast-smoothie. My BP has decreased by almost 20 mmgH (diastolic and systolic) during the past 3 months. Thank you for helpful informations. Greetings from Germany. I love your videos 🙂

  • How much flax should someone consume to reduce high blood pressure? I've plant based for 4 months and still suffer from high blood pressure and have not lost any weight. I'm so frustrated. I feel like my body is rebelling against all my best efforts to make lifestyle changes.

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