Flashback Friday: Who Says Eggs Aren’t Healthy or Safe?

Freedom of Information Act documents reveal that the U.S. Department of Agriculture warned the egg industry that saying eggs are nutritious or safe may violate …


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  • Really appreciate flashbacks like this to keep issues like this in the conversation. No matter how many times these myths get debunked, low-carbers still believe them. Seems necessary to just keep repeating these facts to get people more aware of them.

    I also appreciate the flashback to remind myself of nutritionally relevant information, too.

  • These emails are from 2007. 2007!
    En España, desde hace un tiempo, muchos nutricionistas vienen advirtiendo que el miedo que se le tiene al huevo no se sostiene por la evidencia científica a día de hoy, a pesar de que tenga colesterol. Esos reclamos forman parte del pasado y hay que actualizarse. Eso dicen los nutricionistas de más prestigio en España. Y que es perfectamente compatible en una persona sana comer dos huevos al día sin que el colesterol se vea aumentado. Yo misma los llevo consumiendo casi a diario desde hace años y mis niveles de colesterol estan perfectamente.
    Un saludo

  • Eggs are one of the healthiest food out there, it's full of vitamins and minerals. You can't call them healthy for political reasons, because of the high saturated fat, and cholesterol, which were deemed unhealthy for bogus reasons.

    The logic of this video is so illogical, 'the government says you can't call eggs nutritious, therefore they're not nutritious'. Smh

  • The SAD, Standard American Diet says that the FDA shouldn’t give any advice about anything to do with health! Unless you pay them enough to publish your lies!

  • Another BS video from DR. Greger. Veggies do not have issues with fat or cholesterol, they have issues with nutrients which are not present in vegan food (e.g. iodine in the UK exists only in dairy, or vitamin D, or B12). So this egg concern is for the SAD consisting of burgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner, not for vegans. Stop distorting the truth!

  • Yo Takahashi, thanks for the KNOWLEDGE. Here in my garage, with my Lamborghini. But nah for real doggy, your vids helped me lose 68 pounds since 2015 and I'm no longer diabetic so big ups to ya. I would be a vegan but I love oysters so got dang much. Can you do a video on oysters? I enjoy smoked oysters in a can, I usually have 1 or 2 cans at a time. Am I gunna die? I guess were all gonna die lol. I hope you read this or else it's like I'm talking to myself. Alright, peace

  • "Corporations aren't allowed to lie with those funds"? Damn, we need to find a way for all the corps to stop lying to us. What an amazing thing that would be. Of course, we probably wouldn't buy most of their products after that, but hey, at least we would know what they've been hiding all these years. Might have something to do with food addiction, obesity, the skyrocketing rates of heart disease, and cancer.

    Their FOIA documents are even more scary. Why would they look like top secret government documents with the entire page redacted? Imagine how bad the information must be for them to make the documents look like something out of a failed government science project. The other problem I have watching this video is seeing our paid government officials aiding and abetting them to word it in a manner that would fool the uneducated public. Must be those bribes they are receiving from the egg lobby.

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