Flashback Friday: Is Gluten Sensitivity Real? & GF Diets – Separating the Wheat from the Chat


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  • I witnessed peak gluten paranoia about 4 years ago when I was tweaking my 34 year WFPB diet.
    Perhaps due to GM wheat not being available in large parts of the world, some nuts started claiming that the modern wheat varieties bred by the great Norman Borlaugh – winner of a Nobel prize for saving billions from starvation, contained gluten that was "not like your grandparents' gluten" – shades of cannabis paranoia.
    Ever since, I have endeavoured to eat wholewheat every day.
    I try to ensure it's not "organic"… Sadly in the UK I cannot obtain GM.
    Hopefully I am ingesting trace amounts of glyphosate….
    I remain in excellent health.

  • Appreciate the research but would like to see some coverage about the prevalence and implications of glyphosate contamination in North American wheat which can be linked to cancer and many other health issues.

  • Some studies have shown that what was perceived as a gluten or wheat sensitivity was actually a reaction to Fructans. These are short chain fructose polymers well known to IBS/IBD/SIBO suffers as a member of the FODMAP's group that often cause their symptoms. Fructans are also found in large amounts in garlic, onions and leeks. I suffered from IBS/SIBO in the past and was suspected of being gluten intolerant. During a low FODMAP diet and before reintroducing wheat and other fructans I was advised to try Sourdough bread which is usually moderately high in gluten but low in fructans. In the UK Waitrose Spelt Sourdough was tested to this end. I had no reaction to the bread. Thankfully now my condition has been cured I have no reaction to fructans either but for a long time they were the culprit for most of my worst symptoms!! Here's a link to a small scale study on fructans https://www.gastrojournal.org/article/S0016-5085(17)36302-3/fulltext

  • I was diagnosed with Lupus over 15 years ago. I was so sick that I felt hopeless. After years on steroids and horrid pharmaceuticals I decided to try a dietary approach and quit gluten cold turkey. It took almost a year to completely eliminate all lupus symptoms and have my rheumetolagist declare me in full remission. I've been in remission for over 10 years. If I slip up and let small amounts of gluten creep into my diet, I can feel my joints begin to swell and feel painful. Gluten also has an immediate effect on my mental health. My own experience is all the evidence I need.

  • I had two high protein whole wheat bagels a day for a while, I developed awful and extensive pustular psoriasis. I then removed that from the diet and it mostly resolved, just a bit of cortisol cream to clean up the last pustules.

  • 3:36 They feel worse not in the wake of eating something "harmless." Gluten isn't the only gremlin in the muffins and American people eat way too much wheat product generally. A major cause of why they're so damn fat. Eating vegetables and meat is a better idea than any raw food skin and bones fruitiarian or grain-brained soyboy could ever dream of matching. While I agree that whole grains are healthy on balance, weeding out the innumerable garbage products out there is a herculean task. If you choose to eat bread, you ARE going to be exposed to an endless ocean of trash masquerading as healthy food. While vegans have good hearts and their diets have a lot to appreciate, they're deficient in Choline, Omega 3s, collagen, B12, Astaxanthin for starters.

  • Hi everyone! My mum has been having a flu-like voice for a few years (too often that everytime she's on the phone, people will ask if she has flu!). Last year her condition got worsened with heavy coughing and asthma-like symptoms. She once cut gluten for a week and showed tremendous improvement. From last year onwards she cut gluten off and she's doing great, unless she consumed gluten. However the weird thing is she's also somehow sensitive to corn, cassava, groundnuts and seaweed. These ingredients would trigger coughing, excessive mucus production and in bad cases, difficulty breathing. Has anyone experienced the same thing? Please feel free to share your inputs! 🙂

  • It's definitely real, Gluten is a serious poison created by plants, My friend thought the idea was stupid so i got him to eat a wod of pure gluten and he got really sick… Fruit and veggies people.

  • I've been vegan for nearly 4 years and I now have a sensitivity to gluten or wheat. Having more blood tests done next week to see if I have celiac. I have stopped eating gluten for a short time because the symptoms were so severe I couldn't stand it and they have stopped now I haven't been eating it. The symptom themselves just came out of nowhere about 4 months ago.

  • This guy is such a joke. How do you explain gluten ataxia huh Sherlock ? This guy is dangerous. He looks for studies only to reinforce his starvation diet rhetoric. Is he even practicing medicine ? This guy is the gold standard for heat confirmation bias is.

  • At age 44, a gym rat, healthiest I’d ever been, had sudden onset in one month of abdominal bloating, foul stools 10 times a day, I was anemic and had numerous deficiencies of vitamins and electrolytes, etc. I thought I had colon cancer. I called a friend who’s a gastroenterologist and he dropped off a prep kit and did labs-celiac antibody tests, the genetic test, and on my upper GI or EGD he did biopsies and every biopsy (18) all indicative of celiac disease, and colon biopsies showing a type of chronic colon inflammation. I went on a “CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE DIET” (gluten free allows 20 parts per million of gluten per serving of “gluten free” foods-the FDA allows that, so you have to ingest ONLY CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE products. Symptoms resolved after a few months but 3 years later I developed neuropathy with no known reason, had nerve studies done by a neurologist who diagnosed celiac neuropathy treated by 1 Neurologist at Mayo in FL, so I figured I should see the celiac specialist there also, so I had my GI friend repeat my labs and EGD and colonoscopy with biopsies…but I had a tumor in my stomach that after a month a pathologist that specialized in GI pathology, diagnosed it as type 3 malignant carcinoid tumor and in a matter of weeks I had a total gastrectomy (removed my stomach) and after 100 lb weight loss (I’m 6’ tall and was a healthy lean muscle 225 lbs, so I truly looked like a skeleton with skin hanging on it, so after a jejunostomy feeding tube and 6 surgeries, chemo, GI tract reconstructions, I finally stabilized after 2 years out on medical leave. I now see my oncologist every 3 months for the blood marker chromogranin, and every six months full body CT scans with IV contrast as carcinoid tend to pop up anywhere in the body if you’ve had one. And, in fact, Celiac Disease increases risk of GI cancers (ME) and lymphoma. I nearly died. So Celiac Disease is serious and can kill you. It’s an autoimmune disease. It’s caused neuropathy, “rheumatoid-like arthritis”, but I can’t be on the immune suppressing drugs due to having had cancer. I’m a Physician. An MD. Board Certified. And the last time I had seen or heard about celiac disease was in my second year of medical school, in pathology class. So if you have been told you have irritable bowel syndrome but have never had an upper endoscopy or EGD, then see your gastroenterologist or ask your Primary Care Dr to refer you to one so they can check for it. Your primary care Dr can do the celiac antibody panel and the DQ2 and DQ8 genetic test beforehand.

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