Flashback Friday: How to Treat High Blood Pressure with Diet


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  • Hello, i have a question about nutritional yeast (i know the video is about high blood pressure but i wouldn't have had answer on an old video).
    I wanna buy nutritional yeast in France but i'm lost among several names : "dried inactive yeast", "Saccharomyces cerevisiae", "brewer's yeast", "malted yeast"… What information needs to be on the product so i can be sure it's the good one to buy ? Thanks

  • I’ve not eaten red meat over ten years …. no dairy or fish or chicken in over 5 years … very little processed food like skinny popcorn or trader jobs veggie wraps… no coffee … no oils in over 2 years …. vegan and WFPB still blood blood pressure is high 😞…. maybe it’s stress ?. doctors want to add pills which I really don’t want to …. use to do that when I was a meat and cheese eater with no knowledge but dang …oh and I walk 8000 to 10000 steps a day not over weight BMI 23 yeah bit high but dang….😞

  • Just for grins, I took a reading just now. I've been up and active for several hours and am drinking my second cup of green tea. Result: 99 / 63 Pulse =67. That's normal for me. Not bad for an old geezer of 72 years. Been vegan since Sep 2003. Never had high BP, even when I was much younger, although it usually was high-normal back then. Lose the weight, eat clean, and BP comes down. Simple as that.

  • Wow, excellent video. Thank you so much for sharing! I have so far been thoroughly impressed with the quality, value, and knowledge of great purity that I've seen from each of these narrated videos containing peer-reviewed, accurate information with a personal twist that keeps the sharing human. The information given is presented in a digestible manner that is adeptly streamlined, leaving superfluousness and vanity/pride out of the equation entirely. Just wanted to let you know that I, among many others I have no doubt, love and most deeply appreciate this channel and all of this wonderful content released. NutritionFacts.org YouTube is quickly becoming one of my top channels I enjoy to engage in. Wishing the best, namasté 🙏💓☮️🌍🎵🌌♻️

  • My BP have always been 100/70 to 110/80. That’s normal for me even when i ate lots of meat & eggs. I don’t do well w/ dairy & was never fond of it. My lowest point was 70/40 and that was when i was pregnant. My doctor told me not to worry about my low BP but to workout should it drop too low and to eat more veg which i did & still do. Now i actually only eat 1 little pc of pork on Chinese new year eve & occasionally still eat 1 egg when i feel like it (which does not happen often like 1-2x in 2-3 months). I take my flaxseeds in my home baked sourdough bread and multi seeds crackers.

  • In the past 14 months, my blood pressure has improved from 155/95 to 115/69. I changed my diet and exercised more after reading "how not to die" by Dr. Michael Greger. Eating WFPBD is a miracle for me. Thanks doc!!!

  • Proof is in the pudding. I changed my diet and dropped my BP. I remember being 144/89 at 29 years old. I fumbled through figuring out how to do a whole-food-plant-based diet and eventually (a few months later) landed on a GREAT diet that brought my BP down to 117/77 – I can definitely get it lower but I just need to exercise more (or at all-LOL!). My diet currently focuses on getting at least 4700mg of Potassium and less than 400mg of sodium. The sodium restriction is tough to stay under but I never push it past 1000mg in a day of sodium. MyFitnessPal is the key. LOG EVERYTHING!

  • Dr Greger u have been lazy as hell when it comes to making new videos. You've only made videos on crap no one cares about lately. Make a new research video plewaaase

  • How in the world does high blood pressure "cause" death? For someone to actually believe that, they'd also have to believe that exercise causes death too. Don't confuse association with causation please. Shooting the canary doesn't make the coal mine a safe place to work.

  • TW: Eating Disorder(s)

    Thank you for this! I’ve been dealing with pre-hypertension at the age of 22 and have been a junk food vegan for a few months now. I’d eaten more WFPB in the past, but due to lack of self control and my battle with multiple eating disorders including anorexic behaviors, bulimia, and binge eating disorder, my health this past year coupled with anxiety and depression has been sooooo difficult. My trigger foods have always been animal products, so not only are the physical consequences horrible but the emotional and spiritual ones hurt just as much. I always feel so bad eating animals and animal byproducts. I just have to keep them and my health in mind during this ongoing battle within myself. <3

  • When you rent a house that was built before 1978 the lessee and leaser both have to sign a form saying this property may have lead paint accompanied by a information booklet. So my question is on say issues like heart disease, diabetes 2 and arthritis why not prevent these doctors from telling their patient its in the genes or don't believe the internet by having them sign with the patient with a booklet that the patient was explained to that a whole food plant based diet could do the trick? We would save tons on health care and stop tons of second hand medications going into are oceans effecting all the marine life and make these people better and stopping these deceiving doctors that are just focused on keeping their cash flow coming in? And put a million dollar fine attached to it.

  • I was vegan for 14 months. It reduced a few points off my levels, but it still wasn't enough to even allow me to reduce my meds. The only thing I've found which seems to have a big effect on my blood pressure is Spirulina powder mixed with water, which I consume as my last beverage of the evening. As a result, I've been able to reduce the diuretic part of my medication by half, because my levels were getting too low, while I was taking the Spirulina.

    However, the doc here says Spirulina is potentially harmful, so I'm conflicted about taking it.

  • I'm at 145/93, I've eaten a 100% plant-based diet for the past 10 years, and I've never been even a pound overweight a day in my life. It's clearly more complicated than just the food you eat.

  • I just took my blood pressure and it was 105/69 (and it's always around this level), yet I eat meat or fish every single day and quite a bit of cheese. How is that possible? Let me know, Doctor.

  • Dr. Greger says limit leucine to live longer, but all the NCBI and pubmed studies say the opposite, I would type in the url, but youtube prohibits this, so here is a title on NCBI for e.g.: "Autophagy and leucine promote chronological longevity and respiration proficiency during calorie restriction in yeast" And there are many others, I could not find any studies substantiating Dr. Greger's claims on leucine.

  • Best way to control high bp is to keep an eye on your salt intake. High potassium diet will be helpful along with regular exercise for at least 30 mins. Believe me none of this will work if you continue to stress about the things that you cannot control. Meditation, yoga, praying and showing gratitude for everything you’ve or achieved is an easy to be stress free which in return help you to be high bp free. Good luck y’all. Stay healthy. The most effective, quickest and easiest way to lower blood pressure naturally are 3 easy blood pressure exercises. here t.co/cdsUp5EPe5

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