Flashback Friday: How to Prevent a Stroke


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  • Hmm, I guess I need to go back to Cronometer logging again, at least for a while to see if I am getting >25 g/day soluble and >47 g/day insoluble fiber. Although I got a good start this morning with oatmeal that had about a quarter cup of pumpkin puree mixed in along with some raisins and unsweetened coconut flakes (lots of insoluble fiber there).

  • you know……I think you know……that there is a grand conspiracy to slowly kill us all in the most expensive way possible……as the food and medical institutions that are run by very evil greedy people view the masses as sheep to play with and solely to make many from them…….so its not that hard to believe that Kellogg was a trusted soul who eventually was used, perhaps post death, as a way to lure unsuspecting sheeple to eat products with his name attached………..there is no money in foods that are healthy….and especially ones that don't cause sickness……or that aren't addictive……..I think what most people should find out…which would be interesting to know is….what exactly do the EXECUTIVES, the OWNERS, and ELITE…..what exactly do THEY eat???? Sure, some of them very well could be poorly nutritioned, but I know for a FACT that certain ones NEVER indulge in the products they sell to the masses……as they are certainly AWARE of how unhealthy they are…….Warren Buffet hasn't lived to be close to 90 because he is eating Dairy Queen everyday………: D

  • Oh I wish our family friends would watch this.

    They suffered a stroke last year and ever since been going to the doctors after doctors so they could test them for every little thing. Surgery was canceled but that’s another story.

    A year later still testing, getting the runaround and no answers. Every time they say negative or diet didn’t cause this (well that’s how they interpret it), they go and eat the worse kind of foods. Spouse doesn’t help, we love them both, but damn I want to smack them.

    Last year the bp was well over 200, my husband who is a nurse had warned them to please go to the hospital because he would likely suffer a stroke. They didn’t listen and the next day that is what exactly had happened.

    But now our friend had lost a good amount of weight and their bp is much better and controlled sadly with lots of meds. However most recently the lower number is dangerously high as per the doctors and now more testing!

    Last I heard (yesterday) our friend (spouse) told my mother he is practically on a veg diet. It seems they took meat off because our friend is so scared he’s not going to make it since the last the test wasn’t good results. That being said I went over a few weeks ago and spouse was cooking up some sort of fried breaded animal and spaghetti no greens. I had to walk away because I was so annoyed that I would say something, but it wasn’t my business. Plus they don’t listen anyway (because I already told them my thoughts but it goes over their heads, I gave them books and all).

    Sadly it seems they just don’t get it. They want to be told it’s not a diet issue, that the the stroke was a freak thing, and all will be ok. But to me it’s so obvious what the problem is. I think he could benefit from a plant based diet, even if it’s Bill Clinton’s style. Needed to vent this. Sigh ✌🏼🌱

  • Kellogg also believed in the "evils" of masturbation and that pouring acid on the genitals of children was needed to stop it. Kellogg actually got parents to do that very thing. He was insane.

  • Thank you for all the information and the positive contribution you make to society, Dr. Greger! I am grateful for everything you do! I’d love to know what’s your take on microwaved food? Hoping to hearing from you. Thank you!

  • Hi Dr Greger! I have a question.
    I am 28f with the brca gene. I'm petrified of getting breast cancer. I like soy milk but I make myself drink almond milk because of my fear – is this warranted? In addition, should I make an effort to eat more soy (ie- tofu 1x/week), or avoid it altogether?
    I actually asked my personal Dr this & she didn't know the answer. She said she'd get back to me.

  • Does anyone know what the "new" info on stroke is? I saw there is a pay only talk coming up on this. If I understood correctly Dr Greger is saying vegans do not have a reduced risk of stroke. Has anyone else heard this? TIA

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