Flashback Friday: How Much Fruit Is Too Much?

Does the threshold for toxicity of fructose apply to fruit or just to added industrial sugars such as sucrose and high fructose corn syrup? This is part of our new …


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  • Am I the only one who doesn't like the idea of Flashback Friday? It's a good concept but a duplicate video with just the intro added at the beginning..? Isn't it redundant? I hope there's no new information because I have watched the original. I believe YouTube has the "community" tab for channels where you can post things? Maybe using posts to showcase Flashback videos would be better? Just my thought.

  • as an ex fruitarian i can tell u this is misinfo
    even organic even ripe fruit
    its a lie

    all carbs r condiments, not the main dish
    if u eat fruits ull need actual protein to even shit out
    average build humans need around 100g protein, not 0.8g (or 1.2g….) per kg bodyweight (for that matter)
    ull notice the difference if u have at least "some" body mind connection….and rnt just mislead by these studies here

    and if u eat fruit u just mess up ur macros even more than on shitty grains:
    if u eat half ur calories from fruit (lets say 2000 calories diet….1000 cal from fruit) and u want to hit the very modest "15% of total calories from protein" and fruit has an average of like 5% it means the other half of ur 2000 cals needs to have on average 25% of its energy being provided by protein….good luck with that lentils fruit diet…and the candida that ensues

  • There's nothing wrong with fruit, nutritionally speaking. But it is expensive, both in terms of personal finances, and environmentally. Overall, it's best to get most of your carbs (and calories) from cellular starch, i.e. intact whole grains and/or minimally processed tubers. Keeping all that in mind… no, there's no nutritional benefit to restricting fruit for anyone, other than someone with fructose malabsorption.

  • A friend recently shared with me the information she read in The Plant Paradox by Dr. Steven Gundry. He claims that fruit “might as well be candy.” I wonder if he’s seen this research. 😉

  • This fructose story is too good to be entirely accurate. First, the relatively low glycemic index of fructose (and its apparent benefit for diabetic patients) is deceiving. In the liver, which is its primary site of metabolism, fructose is handled similar to glucose. When taken in large doses (often as sucrose or a mixture of monomeric fructose and glucose as in HFCS ) it ends up as glyceraldehyde-3-P, which is converted to pyruvate. The latter enter the mitochondrial matrix to be turned into Ac-CoA then into citrate, which exits the matrix to give rise to cytosolic Ac-CoA, the building block of fatty acids. Excess fructose => excess fat in the liver (NAFLD) => fat export => further ectopic fat deposition in other tissues including skeletal muscles (fatty muscle) => Insulin Resistance => pre-diabetes (w/ hyperinsulinemia)=> => diabetes (T2DM) => fatty pancreas => beta cell failure => low insulin secretion.

  • I recently started thawing out my daily serving of frozen, store-bought blueberries by running under water. I am disgusted by the numerous green, aged and moldy some of the berries are. I had blindly just added them to smoothies in the past. Dr. Gregor, could store-bought frozen berries be harmful to our health from the mold content? Does cooking kill the mold?

  • I always laugh when some idiot mentions avoiding fruit, even without this study why would you avoid Mother Nature. Even if you refuse to believe this study plants are far more beneficial in vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants, cancer fighting properties.

  • the "advice" was probably given by scientists paid by a major food processing company. The moral from their point of view would be "don't eat REAL fruit, eat the processed crap we package and sell." Because real fruit doesn't make those vultures any money at all

  • this is a load of.. crap! my mother ate one piece of fruit apricot and her sugar level rose to 11 moll, 2 pieces of apricots and her sugar level rose to 17 moll. I took your advice but it does not test true to my experience. how do you explain that? I think a lot of information in your videos are self serving to your philosophy of veganism and vegetarianism and is not the whole truth.

  • Dr. Gregor, as an intensive care nurse, I see a lot of people suffer and die due to lifestyle choices. Whenever given the chance, I tell my coworkers, patients, family, friends, and acquaintances about plant-based phytonutrient-rich foods based on your work. I greatly appreciate your works and always point them in your direction. Thank you for helping me to help others and for being this huge beacon of light.

  • My Experience of Fruit for Weight loss:
    After 18 months on a whole foods plant based diet I am finally shedding that stubborn weight and what I can say is I am eating a ton of fruit. I used to have low blood sugar as a teen so I thought I needed to be conservative with it…but the fact is I have a sweet tooth and I don't believe that can change…………..So my treats over the last 18 months consisted of a lot of dried fruit and nuts (I kept hoping McGregor's video about nuts not causing weight would be true for me but seems it was not)…..When I finally, stopped eating all the nuts and let myself have a ton of fruit….I finally satisfied my sweet tooth and the weight is dropping like crazy with out any deprivation.

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