Fish Consumption Associated With Brain Shrinkage


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  • Mercury from fish is nothing compared to mercury, aka "silver" dental fillings. Dentists in the US are still putting thousands of pounds of mercury fillings into the population annually.  Monstrous! 

  • This is quite interesting. Just 1 can a week is too much. Is there anyway to find out the fish with the lowest mercury levels if people choose to consume fish but want to be below that level? I am vegan but for the people who do eat fish this may be research they need to conduct if they are concerned about this report.

  • People, this is a classic propaganda! He starts from the generalized statements that sound like revelant to all fish like "Fish consumption associated with brain shrinkage", cities words like "All fish contain SMALL amount of MeHg". But to "prove" his claims it he doesn't try to find a representative samples from all varieties of fish, but CHERRYPICKS one of the WORST CASES for mercury contamination – a large predatory fish high on a food chain – tuna, known to contain more mercury than other, smaller fish!

  • Question: 
    I have taken your advise on giving up fish in favor of vegan DHA.
    Now, on one hand i'm told the best source of DHA is fresh, cold pressed, refrigerated oil (e.g.flaxseed oil). On the other hand, i'm told recent study shows ALL oils are bad (for cardiovascular reasons). So my question is; should I still use the "higher quality" liquid oil, or go for the DHA powder capsules???

    Thanks for the GREAT content. This is real public service!

  • Mercury is like sugar compared to the radiation poisoning Fukushima is doing to the Pacific for the past 2+ years with no end in sight. 100% of the tuna tested was contaminated, the sardine industry is gone, none were caught this year. The star fish off CA lost all their arms and died.Infant deaths are also up sharply in CA. The meat and produce industry is also being contaminated. The jet stream carries it over and the rain, snow blankets the US in Radiation, animals eat the grass, farmers plant in the soil and doubled up with GMO and round up ready……

  • I eat 99% plant based (plus occasional sushi). I don't completely doubt this study but if it is true, then what about the Japanese people who consume so much fish? The entire county would be so damaged. Must be something more to consider. 

  • I think this is getting absurd. The only message of all these videos by dr. Greger is: don't eat anything but fruits and vegetables. Poison everywhere. But what propels this tireless propaganda? The last human ancestor to do that kind of diet was, you know, Australopithecus. OK, everybody, quit your jobs and chew cucumbers all day. As you'll really need to chew all day like a panda.

  • Oh dear, him again!! Who is this bloke, guy if you are American. I have come to the conclusion that if I listened to everything he said I would starve. All things in moderation, but I don't eat bread or margarine, for some reason just stopped eating it 7 years ago. Listened to what my body was telling me.

  • totally agree.  fish is not suited for human consumption, may be once in a while combined with coconut like the islanders.  otherwise if you consider human physiology, anatomy then fruitarian diet with greens and veg, nuts makes most sense.

  • Not good- typical scaremongering.

    Vegans can be a bit like the 'sisters'.
    'Every male is evil!'    
    'Meat is Evil'

    'Only lentils are vegetables are good'   ——  yet we're fat n ugly,       why??

  • ok so Tuna is the worst of the bunch… but all of these fish swim in the same water and accumulate the same toxins. if all you do is cherry pick the fish you eat, you're just settling for a little less brain shrinkage.

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