Fish Consumption and Suicide

The mercury content in fish may help explain links found between fish intake and mental disorders, depression, and suicide. Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free …


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  • Cherry picking bad studies doc. Title is bad also. It should be mercury consumption and suicide. Fish oil has been proven in many studies to improve depression. Yes there are fish that do not have mercury. (Sardines, oysters, salmon, cod) I feel bad for you vegans, I believe you are abusing your body and the sad thing may be that you don't even know it.

  • As always dr you are right on the target.iwouldnt know about rates, but ican say one thing. More fruit ang veggies eaten more happiness comes from inside.yet to discover by observation if this happens because of nutrients or because you do something right for yourself and feels good.
    As for Mediterranean diet, modern greeks kept those greasy plates and got rid of the healthy ones. Except family meetings, there the old generation does indeed follow by tradition food that take you to health itself.
    Tradition state only old age meat and one every 2 weeks.what is your opinion about this "all in moderation" proverb?

  • Dr Udo Erasmus proved that a 2:1 ratio of Omega 3&6 was required to assimilate any Omega 3.  To get the anti-inflammatory omega 3, look for cold pressed, CamelinaGold or Hemp oil.  These are the only plant based oils that have a 2:1 ratio.  You cannot get omega 3's in flax  because flax has a 3:1 ratio.  Research CamelinaGold d o t com.

  • Could be the Mercury but it should be noted that EPA /DHA causes a depletion in vitamin E levels resulting in depression/decrease in well being. Same symptoms are observed when flaxseed oil is taken without vitamin E.

  • Get rid of amalgam fillings that are poisonous mercury that eventually breaks down and is breathed in with every breath . All done to harm not help you and get you on DR table or on prescription medication from cradle to grave .Follow the money$$$$$$

  • I always apply the physiology rule to rate food:  if it is good for you, you should be able to eat it raw.  We definitely can't eat fish as is.  we have to descale fish, thoroughly clean it, and cook it as it contains parasites and worms besides mercury.  So it can't be all that good, may be a secondary food when your optimum food is scarce.  As for fish oil, never believed that BS it's just slick marketing promoting yet another snake oil

  • Scare mongering at it's best. This is why I no longer follow Gregors videos anymore.

    He has an agenda and it has to do with the vegan movement, his videos are biased and he has made this very clear. 

    Fish has helped me with depression. When I consume no fish I get very moody after about a weak since I'm not getting enough of all of the essential amino acids.

  • Excellent presentation again Dr. Gregar! Have any studies have looked at supplementation with EPA and DHA pills as opposed to eating fish (theoretically decreasing mercury intake) to see if the same association with increased suicide is found?

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