Fighting Lupus With Turmeric: Good as Gold


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  • Why do doctors need to be "told about" turmeric or any other effective treatment?  Why can they not do research themselves?   It's their profession for heaven's sake.  Virtually everyone I know in a profession ON THEIR OWN INITIATIVE does research!   Yard men research plants that do well in their area, on their own!  What a concept!   Computer programmers read computer magazines, manuals on different computer languages and processes, etc. etc.  But medical doctors somehow can't do it. I repeatedly see and hear people defending the poor pitiful helpless doctor who has learned nothing of new developments IN HIS OWN FIELD.  He/she doesn't have time.  It's "soooo hard" to find out this information.  Really?  Really?  If I, a random person who is not in any way a medical professional, can easily find this information, why is it "soooo hard" for someone for whom this is their chosen profession to find it out?  And it's not me saying they think it's hard and then bashing them for it.  I repeatedly hear people, usually doctors actually, say how hard it is for them.

  • Apparently turmeric is not terribly well absorbed by the body. To increase availability, cook your turmeric in a liquid medium (curry sauce!), take it with some fat (curry sauce!), and take it also with black pepper (curry sauce!).

    In short, eat more curries. 🙂

    I got this info from a book called The Sirt Food Diet by Aidan Goggins & Glen Matten.

    Oh, and turmeric tea is another option.

  • I use a lot of turmeric I put it in my egg mixture and I also put it in my vegetable stew along with other spices I research to be healthy. I go through a normal size spice jar in about a month and a half.

  • Make sure to always take your Turmeric with Cayenne or Black Pepper for much much better absorption in the body.
    Medicinal Mushrooms and Cannabis/Hemp are also in the similar category for an all in one medicinal food.

  • I like the sarcasm at the end. turmeric is one of the myriad Indian spices. it stands out in that it is a quantum food known to repair DNA and prevent cancers besides spicing up your meals. it is used in Ayurveda which is one of the oldest medicinal systems in practice

  • I stopped using fluoride toothpaste a year ago. I'm concerned with the toxin & with teeth getting brittle with fluoride use. Someone told me her teeth got destroyed by not using fluoride toothpaste. Could you please address that issue if you see anything on it?

  • I use turmeric in my dressings… I take at least an inch (I've grown to like more) and throw it in my blender along with other spices (optional) like garlic , shallots, ginger etc…( also an inch or more) celery ( or peeled zucchini ), a few pitted dates, coconut vinegar..coconut secret aminos, ( to taste) and a tb. spoon of apple cider vinegar ( and or a squeeze of lemon or lime ) …instead of oil I use a tablespoon of hemp… it makes it creamier and I make a practice of having hemp and flax seeds daily…play around with it to your taste and I think you'll come to love it..

  • My sister died 8 years ago from Lupus – it's her birthday tomorrow

    The doctors misdiagnosed her as just having a cold and sent her home. From there she deteriorated and I nursed her in ICU until her death.

    Wish I knew this stuff 8 years ago 🙁

  • i hate lupus, im on 15 pills and every pill is to counteract the other ones, currently my high dose prednisone is giving me oral thrush and i have to still go on chemo… i just want to stop everything i feel like im dying

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