Fennel Seeds for Menstrual Cramps and PMS


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  • I've tried these herbal remedies and they either don't work or the side effects are unfavourable. I tried the a 100% low-fat plant based diet for 6 months and it did not work other than make my iron levels low and my nails weak b/c I still had the same cramps. I tried ginger tea and it did nothing other than made me nauseous and puke. I've tried turmeric and it did not nothing. I've tried black cohosh tablets but it takes away the pain but makes my period heavy. I'll stick to the nonsteriodial anti-inflammatory painkillers. I take 4 of these once a month and painful cramps and symptoms are gone.

  • Additionally, I suggest (clitoral) masturbating when you get cramps. It reduces pain levels and you bleed easier so you won't get more cramps. And masturbation is always a good thing y'all 😉

  • Can I just mix some (if so, how much?) in water and drink it fast? [I only ask, because I hate the taste (like black licorice).] If not, are there any bearable vegan recipes with enough fennel to reduce pain?!

  • When I get cramps I just lay in a fetal position and cry until I fall asleep. And keep a bucket next to me in case I puke from the pain. I'll give fennel seeds and ginger a try next time. But I kind of enjoy the suffering though 😛

  • The guy is a snake oil salesman. Mefenamic acid is available as a generic drug identified by Parke-Davis in the 1960s under brandnames like Ponstan, Ponalar, Ponstyl, and Ponstel. There is not enough in fennel to be useful.

  • Ditch meat/dairy/wheat/artificials
    Consume fruits/vegetables/nuts/seeds and herbs/spices in particular for pain and cramps and what not.
    Try Maca Root Powder and Schizandra Berry

  • I never get cramps or any other symptoms , except for maybe 1 or 2 pimples on my face somewhere but only if my diet was very crappy aka super processed and very fatty for at least a week before…

  • How much fennel and ginger should one be taking? Any specifics? Could only see in the background something about 30mg of fennel, four times a day. But what about the ginger? And what about fennel capsules with higher amount?

  • Ibuprofen doesn't even work for me, neither did switching to a healthy vegan diet. I use stuff that surpesses hormones. I wonder if these little things work as well. Really want to try it out. Bleeding more would be a nightmare though….

  • This is amazing!! And it's WORKING! I couldn't survive without strong painkillers. I ate just a tiny bit of seeds (1/4 of a teaspoon) before bed and woke up still not feeling strong pain, took some more during the day (around 4 servings) – didn't even had to took pills. This is a fantastic result for me! Thank you so much Dr. Greger!

  • Doctor Greger can you do a video on women not ovulation with regular periods. I have noticed this is more common than anyone knows, and I have a hard time finding info on this. Thanks!

  • As time goes by I've noticed my period cramps get worst and worst to the point of me not being able to leave my bed, or breaking into tears from pain, the only thing making my period bearable is ketoprofen (150 mg/day) and hate taking pills, so this comes really in handy, I'm gonna try this for sure!

  • make sure to drink 6-8 cups of water a day while near or on your period it doesn't help with the severity of cramps but it helps with your over all aches and feeling crappy and stuff

  • Dear Dr. Greger, thank you for the useful information as always. I have a question about menstrual cycles – I have been on the plant-based lifestyle for nearly 2 months (no added oil, completely vegan, lots of vegetables, fruit, potatoes) and I haven't had my period for 2 months. I make sure I eat enough, at least 2400 cal, I don't exercise too much (moderate jogging 2-3 times a week, yoga), I was on the pill between the ages of 15-18 and I'm 20 now, since quitting my period has been irregular (28-45 days), but I did get it each month. I have also had worsened acne since starting plant-based. Do you have any advice, what should I do to get my period and heal my hormones overall? (I guess it's hormones, when it's both my period and acne). I would so appreciate it if you'd read this comment. Thank you so much for everything you do and for all the amazing information you provide us with.

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