Fat Burning Via Arginine


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  • Weight loss programs are dying for everyone to give their products a try to show that they really do help you lose weight.
    Well I discovered a website that will send free trials to your home, its the best way to get free diet supplements 🙂
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  • I have a question. Which is worse, millions of Africans starving to death or Millions of Americans Eating them selves to death ?…Americans eating to death are worse, because they actually "can make a "choice" not to eat too much. They're lacking of self control , discipline . Those Africans do not have choices but to starve.
    The biggest problem with controlling diabetes and weight through diet
    is the lazy human variable. You can lead a horse to water but cant force
    them to drink. Most people rather eat pills or shoot insulin than to
    change their lazy eating habits. We live in an instant gratification
    society full of people with Zero 0 discipline or work ethic. Sad but true
    Every one who gets gastric surgery will gain weight its just a matter of
    time . For those people who are over weight and UN-healthy , you
    should get
    this book by Dr. Jason Fung from Toronto Canada his book will cure
    obesity and type two
    diabetes . Read this book at
    least two times and follow the fasting ,diet to control insulin ; check
    it out and read
    the reviews at amazon
    ; http://www.amazon.com/Obesity-Code-Unlocking-Secrets-Weight/dp/1771641258/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1462303576&sr=8-1&keywords=Jason+Fung

    Dr. Esselstyn book "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease" is the best book for people with heart disease , eating a plant base organic diet with no fats , no oils , and 1000 milligrams of magnesium a day and one raw lemon a day for your heart and arteries . .

    The more meat and dairy you eat the more fat you eat and alcohol you
    drink ; The more weight you gain . Fat and alcohol creates more Estrogen
    in your body …more Estrogen in the body more weight you gain …and
    The more hormone-cancers like breast cancer and prostate cancer.The
    solution is to eat a plant base organic diet (Vegetarian ) coffee ,
    sweets, beer , junk food , red meat dairy raises your estrogen in the
    body . Vegetarian diet and exercise will bring down estrogen . life is
    about the choice you make in life ! alcohol , red meat ,
    dairy & fat equals = estrogen————more estrogen in your body
    equals = lots of weight gain Vegetarian plant base diet , no sugar , no
    alcohol , no coffee , and exercise every day is the solution to lose
    weight and bring down estrogen . if you're not
    born with the skinny gene ! than you have only one solution eating low
    fat healthy diet and exercise .and sleep 9 hours at least , go to bed
    early so your hormones are not out of control . If you don't get good
    sleep you will not lose weight . you must fast , and not eat every hour
    .control your insulin ! You must not use any type of sweetners , no
    Stevia either , Stevia also raises your insulin hormone and you gain weight .
    no sugar no sweeteners ! ZERO !! if you feel hungry eat some resistant starch , raw plantain .or chia seeds with almond milk .Detox your liver ; eat one raw lemon a day , goose berries , two kiwis for natural vitamin c (acorbic acid is poison)when you get sick take "olive leaf" extract 1500 mg a day ,oregano oil and Astragalus .If you have heart disease take 1000mg. of magnesium a day .

  • These values are all per 100g so you would have to eat a roughly 3 hands of pumpkin per day in order to get the recommended 4g of L-Arginine. It's easier to eat some quality meat. One single 100g chicken breast fillet contains already 1g of L-Arginine. And by the way if you eat 100g of peanuts to get 3g of L-Arginine you have to consider that they already have 600 calories 😉

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