Fasting to Naturally Reverse High Blood Pressure


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  • Is there a worry that such a period of fasting could disrupt gut bacteria and cause future problems? Anectodally, a lot of people seems to have damaged themselves with fasts.

  • how do you cover the medical supervision? I was going for the intermittent fasting but I don't go to any doctors since I don't believe in the current medical health care system.

  • This makes total sense. Obesity goes hand in hand with the largest factors in dying. I have never seen medication do anything but a small reduction in blood pressure, they are pretty useless. On the several occasions that I have fastest, I got much better numbers on every one of the medical tests I had taken.

  • Great information. 
    Great videos.
    Great web site.
    Helping people get or stay healthy.
    Want to reduce health care costs for the country or the world. Listen to Dr. Greger

  • If food shortages become an issue, we should just all stick to a fasting diet. It would make us all healthier and help solve the national healthcare epidemic.

  • Years ago I started 168 fasting to lower my BP. it worked fantastically & I just kept that up for about 18 mths most days of each month. It was easy. I didn't lose any weight at all but my doc was so pumped I got BP back to normal & didn't need meds.

  • At 55 I was diagnosed with late onset diabetes. Medical intervention. Oral drugs. Condition continued to worsen. Injection. Condition continues to deteriorate. Increase injection levels, continue to deteriorate. Nerve damage, eyesight damage … more drugs and getting worse. Gave up on the doctors and medical industry. They simply were making a fortune off my condition. Now I 30 hour fast twice a week. I eat without heavy sugars, and much less meat. (I still love a good steak and mashed potatoes with gravy once in a while!) My sugar on average is down to a safe level. It still gets as high as 190 occasionally, but comes down after a single 24 hour fast. My weight came down to a recommended level, my energy is up, my attitude is up, my endurance is up, my cognitive abilities are up, my BP is down and food tastes so much better! I used to love sugary drinks like Pepsi, now it all tastes like diet soda, and I simply do not care for the taste! Good riddance. If you are a diabetic, you really need to do yourself a favor and get into this fasting science! Just remember, your Doc will lose a fortune, so he might try to talk you out of it! I am 65 now, and wish I knew this at 55! It was not easy to do, but the reward is well worth the effort!

  • I have both juice fasted and water fasting 4 over 30 to 60 days at a time and it has not worked for me…
    I have a really high blood pressure I've been a vegan since 1989-1990 and I raised my children vegan as well .
    Im 6'4 300 lbs I cannot get my blood pressure lowered without medicine.
    My blood test for cholesterol and everything else was lower than any male 50 years old in the history of my Arizona family doctors practice.

  • Dr. Greger. I once carried out a 14 day water only fast with some potassium/salt added to prevent heart arrythmia. I lost -25 lbls. I will comment on the taste bud theory however, I broke my fast with a piece of watermelon and it was so phenomenal I had to put it down because it was the sweetest thing I'd ever tasted, too sweet in fact! My insulin resistance totally reset and after consuming my pieces of watermelon it felt like every cell in my body was bursting with energy. I have never replicated that feeling again.

  • I like intermittent fasting. I'll often do a 1-3 day fast. Usually once to 3 times a month. My blood pressure used to always be a little high, but now that I fast semi regularly, it is within the normal range.

  • Just finished my annual Buchinger fast yesterday evening after not eating for 10 days. I don't have a tool to measure my bloodpressure, but my puls sank so far, that I had a puls in my sleep down to 44 bpm. It was also my kickstarter to erase added fats and salt from my self prepared dishes, which is why I just in time came back with my HNTD Cookbook (need to buy some missing herbs to replace salted mixed spices, and still looking for a local source for misopaste) and whole food plant based no-fat cookbook from Dr. Bracht and others.

  • Finally a differentiated video about fasting. Having done 10 day fasts at least once a year. I suggest to look into Valter Longos or Alan Goldhamers work.

  • Thank you for the information. Due to the medication I'm on, I will not probably do it, but the science behind it, is fascinating!

    Do you have also any resources as in: how to deal with food shortage/the situation we are now in/long time storage without minimal compromising any DD group ?

  • if your BP responds to fasting, it likely just means you are genetically salt-sensitive. So your blood pressure will drop while you are not eating anything. But it's unlikely fasting can actually reverse your salt sensitivity.

  • if your BP responds to fasting, it likely just means you are genetically salt-sensitive. So your blood pressure will drop while you are not eating anything. But it's unlikely fasting can actually reverse your salt sensitivity.

  • Water fasting is a piece of cake once you figure out how to keep your blood volume and blood pressure under control with mineral water. salt, potassium, magnesium. When done correctly you will feel zero symptoms from it. I lose about 0.59 lbs per day which is 4.1lbs of bodyfat on a 7 day water fast, because i burn 2000 calories per day and 0.59 lbs of fat is 2000 calories. Easiest way there is to loose bodyfat when you learn how to do it correctly.

  • Dr. Greger, would you kindly answer a couple of questions? Are you vegan, and do you think veganism is the answer for everyone or just some?
    Studies you've presented on in the past have shown meat eating is important. But I feel you'd rather send the message that veganism is the right way to go. It is subtle, but it is there. I am not accusing, nor anti-veganism, only anti-anti-meat. I love your presentations, but have always wanted to ask your position, both personally and scientifically.

  • Fasting for how many hours per day ? It says up to 11 days without eating at all (only water). Is that healthy for even normal weight person. Thank you so much in advance.

  • "A Healthy Alternative" is one of the best if not the best water fasting channels on YouTube. Very informative and shows that humans can water fast for a whole month if need be and be perfectly fine. Water fasting for healthy longevity is life.

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