Erythritol May Be a Sweet Antioxidant


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  • From my own experience, Erythrotol is horrible. I get the same reactions from it as I do with aspertame, just a bit faster and worse. I have a physical intolerance for these 2 and will not buy anything containing them. This is the first time I have ever disagreed with my favorite doctor..Eurythrotol, aspartame, and sucrolose, all cause headaches, difficulty breathing, blood sickness, foggy head and really suck ass. Stevia ( the real stevia) and xylitol, are the only ones that seem safe for me..

  • Evil stuff, gave me headaches, IBS symptoms, insomnia, achy joints, tiredness, bad breath, didn't realize what it was as I'd just moved house too, its made by the same people who make coke, beware…

  • well, I guess the difference is at least this stuff is natural and not concocted in a lab with bacteria like aspertame which over time could lead to cancer. It also dosn't taste like a chemical to me.

  • i use a brand called "skinny girl" stevia liquid which has eryith… this stuff LOL in it, works pretty well and doesnt seem to affect my blood sugar, which is the goal (dont really want to be a "skinny girl" thanks heh. unfortunately with the low carb diet my diabetes (type 1) has force me into that may not be my decision, im loosing quite a bit of weight without trying… :(.

  • Did I hear you say that this sugar can be industrially made from yeast? A known fungus. Could anything good come from a fungus? Can anything derive from a fungus be also antifungal? Can a sugar that is made from yeast stop- a yeast infection, like Candida? or would it rather promote it? Since sugar is said to feed Candida.

  • Thoughts on erythritol vs maple sugar or coconut sugar. I was told erythritol is the only "sugar" you should use. Because it is "not concentrated" like pure maple syrup, coconut sugar, or even dates.

  • Thank you for making this video and your research and information regarding Erythritol. Just some constructive criticism though, the tone in which you're delivering this information is very off-putting and somehow forces me to concentrate less on the content of what you are saying and more on the sulk in your voice…are you upset? why such disdained animation in your tone? is it to garner additional views? maybe it's working for you seeing how you have over 130K subscribers? Personally, i feel i need to watch the video again just to hone in on the contents of the information, rather than get distracted by the withdrawn poutiness of your voice. Good info, bad delivery…Doc! Thanks again though…don't be mad! 🙂

  • Could you do a video on IMOs, like they are found in vitafibre?
    So, if I used pure VitaFibre (Isomalto-Oligosaccharides), not by taking
    QuestBars (I know there is a lot of junk in there), but by using the
    syrup in baking, would it be healthy?
    Thank you, it is much appreciated!

  • I tried erythritol in a product called Swerve. Ugh. Weird mouth-feel and taste and very lingering. But it's not pure erythritol, it has some other stuff added, including the mysterious "natural flavor". I'll stick to tiny amounts of organic 100% stevia extract to sweeten my beverages.

  • NOTHING IN THIS VIDEO DEMONSTRATES ERYTHRIOL FUNCTIONS AS AN ANTI-OXIDANT, only that it is better than sugar at reducing free radicals. This seems to be a point against sugar than a point FOR erythritol.

  • I love you Dr Gregor. You have helped inspire me to lose 52kg of fat over the last 3 years. I'm not vegan, sorry, but I still value so much of your advice. I'm so grateful for you and your team's work. You are one of my hero's. Thank you so much.

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