Eggs vs. Cigarettes in Atherosclerosis


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  • Eggs are good for you because we have always eaten them, and my cholesterol levels are apparently good…being a slim individual, good meaning relatively good when compared to the 2/3 of america that is overweight or obese. Rather than good compared to a healthy vegan.

  • Right now I am working on THE most comprehensive video on the internet fully exposing in detail everything the egg industry is hiding. Check it out on my channel, should be up in about a week. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • This is another preposterous video from Dr. Greger.  It's laughable as expected, but I do feel sorry for those who buy into this bullshit.  Eggs are wholesome and extremely healthy food for humans.  Hey lets do some preposterous math shall we?  Dr. Eric Berg (also on YT) claims to eat 4 eggs per day.  If 5 cigarettes per day is equivilent to smoking 25,000 cigarettes over a 15 year period as Dr. Greger has just told us, then Dr. Berg's health situation is the same as if he smoked about 100,000 cigarettes so far.  Well, Dr. Berg is the picture of health so I'd better get going.  I need to eat 100 eggs every single day for the next 15 years just to catch up.  That's if the eggs don't kill me first.  Maybe I should start smoking?  That might be healthier.  Gee, thanks… Dr. Greger.

  • These articles he quotes never talk about the peoples whole diet, like what else are they eating besides eggs? He also always acts like there is a conspiracy behind every kind of food product he does not believe in. Just give us the whole story not some partial snippet to slant towards your own view. That is not good science.

    Article Name: Putting eggs and cigarettes in the same basket; are you yolking?
    Article name: Egg on their faces (probably not in their necks); The yolk of the tenuous cholesterol-to-plaque conclusion
    Regular consumption of eggs does not affect carotid plaque area or risk of acute myocardial infarction in Finnish men

    Here are some articles done in response to the article sighted within video (Egg yolk consumption and carotid plaque). Have a read! They make good points in regards to its many limitations. (If you are not subscribed to science direct/Elsevier or have access through your university/college, you will most likely have to pay).

    I'm curious to who's actually looked up the article from the video and read it themselves??? (Again, If you are not subscribed to science direct/Elsevier or have access through your university/college, you will most likely have to pay). It seems the article sighted in the video is pretty shithouse to say the least and it seems many within the science community agree.

  • So, let me get this straight. Eggs are causing tons of people terrible illnesses, yet Japan a country with the highest egg consumption rate has extremely low rates of heart disease and most of the other stuff you mentioned. How is that possible if eating eggs is so terrible for you?

    Me thinks you're just fear-mongering to promote an agenda.

  • The CHOLESTEROL in eggs IS NOT what is causing cardiac problems!! The quality of the food given to the chickens, and the bombardment of antibiotics, hormones, and vaccines are what is causing the health problems. Chickens raised on feeds laden with insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides, including Genetically Modified feed, are the health culprits. Organic eggs DO NOT cause cholesterol elevation in patients. The so called "Healthy Heart" diet is killing people! It calls for increased use of grains, and most of which are highly loaded with chemicals. Commercial farms use grains to "fatten up" their animals for market. The "Healthy Heart" diet "low-fat" diet push is the #1 reason why 60% of the US population is OBESE. Now, OBESITY DOES lead to plaque buildup, diabetes, fatty livers, and a other health problems to numerous to mention here. Doctors DO NOT get more than about 4-6 good weeks on NUTRITION in Med School. Why? Because we are taught to Diagnose diseases, and prescribe medication and/or procedures to "fix" the problems. In the 1950's a few Cardiologists collaborated on their untested, and unproved theory that "fatty foods" caused the fatty deposits in the arteries, so people had to be warned to changed their diets. All of the sudden butter was bad, and "deadly" margarine was the healthy alternative. Cooking with anything but Veggie Oil was unhealthy, avocados, shrimp, meat, nuts, and just about ALL of natures "natural" fats were BAD. ALL of this has been debunked!! Margarine, and the Smart Balance substitutes, most with chemicals you can't even pronounce, was the healthy choice. Skim milk, that is ZERO in flavor, and health benefits, was the healthy choice. The truth is that the our "government agencies," that were set up to protect our health, was bought off by the "Big Ag" Industrialization of our food sources. Our food now is so full of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and "chemical," AKA petroleum based fertilizers. Massive non-rotated mono-crops that deplete the land of nutrients, requiring an increased amount petroleum based fertilizers each year. Massive amounts of insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides, and an the need to increase the amounts used each year. All of which is washed out of those fields, with every rain, straight into our creeks, streams, lakes, and rivers to contaminate, not only our fish, but our drinking water we give our children. Then we use it to cook our food we give to our families. So, to stay healthy, we must grow or purchase Organically grown food. But…the Genetically Modified crops have now been found to cross-contaminate our Organic efforts; requiring an even greater safety buffer of land between the GMO's and Organics. We have an FDA that allows Big Ag to do their OWN SAFETY STUDIES, a 3 month trial at best, and ACCEPTS the Big Ag companies data as "honest." Take coffee for instance. Coffee has been touted as "bad," but that is because non-organic Coffee, according to CDC tests, contain "small residual" of over 120 different insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Independent studies have shown that coffee is actually very healthy, but only if it's ORGANIC! Our government subsidizes corn, soy, cotton, and other crops/dairy. The majority of the producers of corn, sow, and cotton are Big Ag, so our tax money is given to these bastards to poison us, and our children. So the next time you shop, read the ingredients of the quick fix package meal in a box, cereals for you kids, and even down to your eggs. You will realize that most of everything you eat has some type of GMO corn, soy, cottonseed oil, corn syrup, or even sugar. Unless it says Pure Cane Sugar, it is probably GMO sugar beets! Just Google "Say No to GMO's" ……you will be surprised! So it's not the egg that's bad; it's the Big Ag that produces it!

  • What's this site ran by the United States Government ??Mabey u work for CNN. Stop pushing the agenda u low life piece of shit. Not only are EGGS a SUPERFOOD but they're the NUMBER 1 SUPERFOOD ON EARTH !!! A more healthy food Doesn't Exist ! 2-3 eggs a day will GUARANTEE a Longer Life. One of the oldest people living right now contributes their Longevity to 2 Eggs every Morning of her entire life ! If anything u said was a "Nutrition Fact" She'd be gone Along Time Ago JacK !!

    What other Horseshit Lies are you Peddling to the Public ? Let me guess.. that NUTTS are Bad Too ?? LOL Pathetic

  • There are no legitimate studies linking cholesterol and increased risk of heart disease or stroke. Sugar, however, especially the high level of those found in processed foods, has been linked to almost all chronic diseases.

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