Eggs and Diabetes


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  • Dr. Greger, can you comment on the 2017 differing report given by Dutch researchers? I know you're able to analyze if research is done or interpreted properly.,-heart-health-and-type-2-diabetes-92676807.html :

    Snippet from the article:
    In those, it was highlighted that consuming seven or more eggs per week was tied to a higher prevalence of type 2 diabetes and that, among people with type 2 diabetes, frequent consumers of eggs may experience more CVD events.

    All of this outdated and possibly incorrect evidence sparked calls for further scrutiny, which is why Dutch researchers from the University of Copenhagen set out to analyse more recent (< 10 years old) literature on the topic.

    Their findings are severalfold. First, they found that there is little or no consistency between egg consumption and the risk of type 2 diabetes in studies with follow-ups as long as seven years.

    It was also shown that, in healthy people and people with type 2 diabetes, no direct associations exist between egg consumption and coronary artery calcium, a marker for the development of atherosclerosis.

    Among people at higher risk for CVD, egg consumption was generally inversely associated with dyslipidemia and, in some cases, those who consumed them had less visible atherosclerotic plaque when they underwent a coronary angiography.

  • My boss is in her mid 60s and avoids all carbs, including whole foods like grains and produce because she says they cause her blood sugar to spike the bottom out. instead she eats multiple eggs a day plus things like hot dogs and cheese. She is very thin and active and refused to think her diet can change to decrease animal products and increase whole plant foods. I don't even know what to say to her.

  • umm this "studies" are quite vague, no difference eggs from pasture or eggs from grain… eggs by medicated cage chickens or free organic range  pasture non studies how many eggs and over all diet.. then again Dr Greger is not a picture of health himself.

  • After being treated with prednisone for pneumonia, we found that the prednisone had tripled my blood sugar and led to a diabetes diagnosis. My A1C increased to 10.1 in those days. I read (Go Here==  ) – which is straightforward and simple to comprehend. 2 months later, I was retested and my A1C had dropped to 6.8 (just .3 above normal).

  • I know people who eat 3 to 4 eggs a day but they are super healthy because they eat a very healthy diet(non vegan) and are very active physically. I am currently reading How Not To Day -loving it! Thanks Dr Greger!

  • All this research is done on "cooked eggs" find me one study claiming that raw eggs have any negative health effects… Exactly, there isn't any 🙂

    Raw eggs are incredible and nourishing.

    Humans are the only species dumb enough to destroy their food through cooking

  • I thought eggs were more protein which made them better option for me and my breakfast. I gave up oatmeal because I used to eat it with banana. So now what am I to eat?

  • Does egg consumption show a spike in type 2 diabetes or does it just shadow the nation’s diabetes’ likelihood and those fat lazy smoker’s just happen to eat eggs? Fat shit Americans

  • These studies show association but no cause and effect. Even the cohort study did not show the details of the food consumption of the diabetic patients. It could be due to consumption of other food in same time with egg as high sugar high carb food. Yes high protein also can spike insulin but I doubt it causes diabetes.

  • I am not trying to refute any research, but maybe the way eggs were consumed is also a big factor? most people eat eggs with high fat and carbs items like toast and butter. The way people consume eggs must be an important factor in this study. Hardboiled eggs must not pose the same risk as egg used in cakes and high fat omelettes.
    I would like to point out that I am biased towards eggs and eat 28 a week.

  • this is merely another lie to get people to stop eating the healthy fat and protein that is in a they know that it's a perfect food people have been consuming it for thousands of years and now they're going to tell us that in the last 60 years since the onset of the sugar industry that eggs are bad for us? horseshit! what is bad for you is Cheerios and Wheaties chock full of sugar and nasty wheat gluten just look what Wheaties did to Bruce Jenner!

  • This dr. is probably a leftist on the "meat is murder " bandwagon. Protein, veggies, and non sugary fruits like berries, pears, and apples keep my sugar low. Refined carbs and processed foods spike it. Eggs have no effect on my sugar levels at all.

  • Were you raped by a dozen eggs as a child? Jeez it's an egg.. get your array of macros and nutrients kids with physical activity and none of these problems will ever happen.

  • This just blows my mind ! How can my grandparents, my parents and myself eat the hell out of eggs with no ill effects ? There is more to this for sure ! Robert Atkins said that these kind of studies don't look at other food habits. IOWs if you only look at eggs eaten and not the ton of carbs that these people in the study may also have been eating then it may not be the eggs alone! My grandparents had eggs everyday (lived well into 80s) My parents, eggs regularly (still living and just about 90. Me, eggs every day and now in my 70s no diabetes ! Go figure !

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