Eggs and Cholesterol: Patently False and Misleading Claims


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  • Can anyone explain to me… How much cholesterol would I have to eat every day to have a heart attack within 6 months? Would 12 eggs a day do it? How about if I ate a lamb brain, two kidneys, one heart, and 100 grams of liver every week? I'll keep a food journal and video myself preparing/eating every meal, just so there are no doubts.

  • Cholesterol is ok. It's a medical propaganda .
    Winning in Court doesn't make you right. A Court fond guily somebody, and he was burnt in a public place for saying that Earth is round. The Court says that is flat.
    Cholesterol is great.

  • There is a Canadian Documentary series called "the nature of things" who last season did a episode called "the cholesterol conundrum" in which they explore a genetic anomaly of persons born with a VERY,VERY, high HDL/LDL profile and take the physician prescribed precautions to reduce their Cholesterol which doesn't work yet they stubbornly aren't dropping dead as predicted, infact MOST people who drop dead of heart attack and stroke have healthy range cholesterol profiles, so what gives?Most diets high in cholesterol are also typically high in animal derived L-Carnitine, when L-Carnitine hits your gut biome they digest it into TMAO which caused increased INFLAMMATION. A few weeks prior to watching  this Docu I had comprehensive blood test and everything was in good to moderate range except inflammation markers,  I was supplementing …you guessed it L-Carnitine as a part of resistance training.

  • It's funny. People who eat eggs, dairy flesh, refined foods, etc. SAY that they are 'fine' when they are not. They still get headaches, stomach aches, toe fungus, runny nose, congestion, diarrhea, constipation, rashes, itching, foul odors, trouble sleeping, need for coffee, and all the other inflammatory ills that most 'get'. These people who say that they are 'healthy' are so unaware of what 'health' feels like. As long as they are still standing they they think that they are fine. And the game goes on.

  • I use to eat eggs raw everyday and seem perfectly fine. Till I switched to an all plant diet and wow was I wrong! When you're sick it's impossible to self diagnose.

  • Dear Dr. Greger, I'm conflicted about eggs after reading this New York Times article; "Foods High in Cholesterol Don’t Raise Heart Risks". Could you please explain on how this study fits within the larger body of work published on Cholesterol and Heart decease? It seems very contradictory.

  • Isn't it the truth that we are all different? Our bodies are essentially the same but individually they are different enough for eggs (and other so-called "unhealthy" foods)to be a danger for some and not to others; for example those (not me) who are overweight and already with high cholesterol levels. The egg Industry reflects this by being restricted by law from saying carte blanche that eggs are safe – in the general sense – for everyone. I have been eating eggs for 70 years and I don't have negative signs or symptoms of any kind, neither have I ever in my life. There is no conflict or confusion for me personally.

  • WHAT ABOUT FREE PASTURE HOME-RAISED EGGS? Btw i'm vegetarian – mostly vegan, but i'm still striving to find ONE good study that would show any negative implications of consuming an egg or 2 per day. All i hear is propaganda from BOTH sides. I WANT PURE UNBIASED FACTS and demonising cholesterol is just pure BS. My blood lipids a month ago were: Total cholesterol 147, HDL 89, Tryglicerids 88, LDL 65.

  • I have just seen a Danish TV show about food, on a leading channel:
    A man (≈42 years old) eats 28 eggs per week, and he is a marathon runner. He cuts out eggs for 14 days.
    His Total cholesterol: before = 5.7, after = 5.2.
    A professor from a Danish university/the TV show concludes:
    – Eggs doesn't lead to elevated cholesterol.
    – It is probably not the cholesterol, but he fat in the eggs that affects his total cholesterol.
    – nobody said that he should chance his diet.  
    – it is a myth that eggs are bad for you cholesterol.
    – The Man said "I am happy that it isn't dangerous to eat eggs".

  • That beep nearly deafened me.. WTF? It's bad enough the religious right makes people sensor harmless words but did you have to max the volume too? Obnoxious..

  • I'm statring to get sick of the bias in most of your videos against anything that is egg, dairy or meat. Just admit that you're pushing veganism. That disgusting sound you made when you wrote "bullshit' was very jarring.

  • Okay it's 2018 and today cholesterol and saturated fats are no longer deemed as "killers" Weight watchers actually highly encourages eating eggs and rates them as '0' points.

    From what I've been reading and listening to it's actually calcium that hasn't been properly metabolized by the body and ends up in the blood steam and is deposited in the arteries eventually blocking the arteries leading to stroke and heart failure.

    Cholesterol plays a role in the calcium blockage but the cholesterol isn't the problem it's the calcium not being properly metabolized in the body and a reason for calcium not being properly metabolized is because we are lacking vitamin K2 from in poor diets.

  • Do good exercise daily, take a bath of sweat. Then go home, if your healthy, eat 3 whole eggs straights. Then follow any of your diet plan which must exclude meat and dairy. Because you don't live in Africa and India. Indian cows and buffaloes have only A2 beta caesin protein in their milk. And it is more nourishing. Unlike any of other European or American cows which gives BCM7 compound with their A1 beta caesin milk. Bcm7cause arthritis, causes cancer , heart disease etc. Etc. You will not find these disease in an Indian person who drank 1-2 litres of milk daily and had exercise. In history Indian cow milk is called "AMRITA". GOOGLE it's meaning

  • I had like 6 eggs in a day the other week, but I made sure they're those expensive pasture raised eggs…if I'm going, it better be tasty.

  • Every time you make a video about egg, you talk about the intricacies of what goes on behind the marketing and stuff, but never actual rock solid science about the effects of egg on health. I don't see any graph or cohort studies or intervention studies. Nothing. Just this Michael Moore-ish way of degrading egg's reputation by exposing "secret" papers about egg advertisement.


  • eating cholesterol isn't the only way to raise cholesterol. your thyroid and sex hormones have a lot to do with lipid metabolism. same for stress. but yes, its a good idea to reduce cholesterol in the diet, your body does make enough on its own to function properly without having to supplement it with dietary sources of chol. its not "essential cholesterol," like essential fatty acids or amino acids.

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