Effect of Sucralose (Splenda) on the Microbiome


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  • I suggest people tough it out reduce the usage of sweeteners little by little. However, when you want to use a sweetner which of: sucralose, aspartame, stevia, xylitol, sorbitol, licorice, anise, cinamon, allspice, nutmeg, lactose, maltose, sugar, is recommended? Is there an ideal balance? You can get cheap AR glasses by using a cellphone, maybe, if we get hundreds of thousands of people to photograph their meals we then use cheap Indian labor to turn those photos into data and then mine the data.

  • The FDA works for big companies not the citizens; they banned cheap drugs from other developed countries so that drug companies get more money! Coca-Cola & other sweet companies still teaches the weight gain is caused by calories-in-calories-out – without telling people how those calories change gut microbes, hormonal response, effect on apetite, etc…

  • This makes sense. The reason it tastes sweet is because it stimulates the same sensory nerves that sugar does, and how ELSE does your body know to "prepare for sugar incoming!!" if not by nervous system stimulation? So of COURSE there's an insulin spike. And when your insulin shows up to a sugar party when there's no sugar to be found, it PROFOUNDLY influences your subliminal foraging behaviors until you find actual sugar to fillthat void. Sucralose is not directly putting more sugar into a person's blood stream, as the data shows the correlation is there but there's no study where one party of individuals in a metabolic ward are fed it with no access to carbohydrate rich food, another party is fed it but HAS access to more carbs elsewhere, and a control group is not fed it but has access to carbs if they so choose. My hypothesis is that this is a behavioral manifestation.

  • I'm not going to say this presentation is incorrect, but like is suggested in the video, correlation is not causation. During the same periods, other changes were occurring in processed foods, such as increased use of HFCS (in many cases, hidden) and increased glyphosate residues (from use of Roundup in agriculture), along with many folks switching to newly popular dietary approaches. Further, there are many habits that can harm good gut flora and enhance the bad kind.

  • Unnatural vegan has destroyed this narrative that the Fake news and videos like these has created in public perception. Her analysis is very fact based and significantly substantiated unlike this cherry picked position.

  • I suffer from recurrent bouts of IBS. I've never had any issues with Equal(not that I use artificial sweeteners that often), however, after consuming half a portion of a Dunkin Donuts Lite Iced Late, I became extremely bloated. I wound up being stuck on a brat diet for the next two to three months. FYI, I've found that peppermint capsules and L glutamine seem to help me heal from IBS outbreaks.

  • The human study mentioned only tested the effect of saccharin on the microbiome. In addition, the authors themselves specifically stated that their study was too small and too short to make any conclusions. I'd encourage everyone to actually read these studies before making dietary choices for themselves.

  • I have fatty liver and am not supposed to drink sugar I just learned sucralose aka splenda is in my kool aid squeeze water enhancer. It makes me poop mushy everyday sometimes twice a day. Guess ill go back to v8.

  • Thank you! I gave up Sucralose and Aspartame 3 weeks ago after 34 years of daily ingestion of artificial sweeteners. I have had to take smaller doses of insulin in order to avoid hypoglycemic attacks. Overall I am feeling calmer. It seems that the packets of Splenda in my daily 3 cups of coffee and 3 diet sodas were also having a negative effect on my mood.

  • A lot of flawed correlations here. And 2nd half of this video is directed mostly at Aspartame, and then lumps Splenda in with "all artificial sweeteners in general." Personally, I have been using Splenda in my mid-day coffee (2 envelopes) for 9-10 years – with no side effects. And I use it because regular sugar bothers my teeth. Splenda does not. I am 70 years old, slim, mostly vegetarian diet, and relatively good health. And absolutely NO digestive problems.

  • Don't believe commercial nutrition companies. They are all liars who publish biased researches which encourage usage of their own sweeteners or other nuritaion materials that they sell. Sucralose has no effect if you take them in moderate daily quantities. 1 gram of sucralose per day is safe and enough for 1 liter of drink especially acid drink like lemon and soda. 1 gram of saccharine daily (in addition to sucralose) is also 100 percent safe . I drink daily 1 litter of soda+lemon juice (extracted by me from lemons excelent taste better than commercial lemmon extract); also, in addition I drink daily 1 litter of milk + coffe , the soda is sweetened by 0.75 gram sucralose, the milk + coffee is sweetened daily by 0.85 gram of saccharin (together 2 litters of drink daily which clean my blood of urine acid). Everything is fine. Don't touch stevia, most preparations of stivia contain poisons which accumulate in your body and not not disposed off by the body. Commercial nuritions won't tell you that stevia is poisoning because they get rich by selling you stivia preparations (they sell you stevia for high price but the preparation is very cheap).

  • Guys who’s going to gym and having supplements if you check the ingredients you will see sucralose in there, unfortunately. So better get your supplements unflavored

  • Sucralose has a basic ph. 12. That's too alkaline. Sucralose also affects cp450 in the liver. When you eat sucralose your body doesn't know what to do with chlorine atoms. It provokes anxiety. And manufacturers are adding sucralose to weight gainers? How do you gain if you are anxious?
    Note to manufacturers: if you use sucralose I will ban your product forever. I am not supporting your stupid product with proven bad short term effects. If I need protein I will eat eggs or fish. No money to sucralose.

  • Thank you for interpreting these important studies for us! I'm starting the Slim Fast diet today for a month and vlogging about it. It's an experiment because I'm a personal trainer, and want to see what happens. I'm concerned about the Splenda, fat, and other ingredients in this product. I'm subbed and liking your channel!

  • A threshold or suggested acceptable amount – specifically of sucralose – would be very helpful. Products like Huel are vegan but contain sucralose to be more palatable (non sucralose versions I find I did not keep up the breakfast habit).

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