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  • I get this feeling that this is a vegetarian organization. They never show or discuss the studies that indicate the value of saturated fats, the essential need for cholesterol, and the valuable source of these from free range animals on their natural foods.

  • Yes but the increase in gas prices is all based on speculators, not the economic downturn. It's just that that's when these vultures swoop in and rob anything not nailed down.

  • These are just a summarization of studies that are done that contain information that can be seen as valuable, even in one sense or another. They are not there to create an argument of any sort, if that's what you're implying.

  • Also, if you haven't noticed, there are a variety of studies being posted, you are being rather selective about what you want to see and how you intend on judging the site providing the videos. You also seem to be unaware that while cholesterol is necessary for proper body function, it is not essential for consumption. Even if a person ate little to no cholesterol in their diet, their own body would make enough for its needs. Even cows need cholesterol, where do you think they get theirs?

  • I have no idea if they're a vegetarian association. But there is very little value to saturated fats, even from plant sources, and the human body makes it's own cholesterol. There is zero need for cholesterol.

  • Sorry we need cholesterol, so much that our body produces it if not enough in our diet. Also we can not produce fatty acids which have been shown to regulate HDL deposits, thus prevent heart disease. You are correct about not needing animal fats. We can eat nuts, fish, and or plant oils to get the necessary fatty acids though.

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