Eating Healthy on a Budget


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  • I like to see you keeping up with me fuelling with tomatoes!! 😛 – they are great a love them, I eat them by the pound but as a cheap calorie source??!
    …the only thing I could buy cheaper per calorie than bananas is rice and some dried legumes – neither of which I eat! Bananas are highly nutritious, and relatively calorie dense – they are one of the most perfect foods…seen as the topic of the video was regarding cost and cost per calorie – they’re win, win!

  • Great info! I regularly try to balance budget and nutrients… Please keep making videos like this one and I'd love to see something about the most bang for your buck nutrient-wise 🙂

  • @JonFrum, not all veggies *NEED* to be organic…organic whole carrots are $1.00 per pound…kale can be eaten conventionally…about $1 or $1.50 per bunch…both very cheap. Also sweet potatoes are usually 99 cents a pound…and they don't HAVE to be organic. Just saying…

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  • kale is usually on the Dirty Dozen list, the list with the 12 produce items that are most contaminated with -icides (pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, etc). That's why I always try to find organic produce. Plus, by buying organic I support an industry I believe in while starving the industry that I don't believe in.

  • Potatoes and pasta really aren't that bad if you're eating them whole — with all the grain and skin intact. Just get some nutrient dense veggies on the side and you should be good.

  • Organ meats and animal products from pastured animals (including raw dairy and eggs), bone broths and fermented foods have the highest nutrient value absent of caloric content which should ALWAYS be measured separately and therefore provides more bang for your buck. That's a real nutrition fact!

  • So… let's calculate!
    What I eat in a day:
    Breakfast: 1 Apple, 2-3 bananas, green leftovers, spinach or salad: maybe 2 €
    Raw 2: the same or salad, maybe even with quater a block of Tofu or homemade hummus: 3€
    Cooked: some kind of cooked veggie and brown rice, potatoes, whole wheat pasta or sometimes lentils: 2€, depending on the vegetable
    Snacks: some fruit, nuts, a few times a month a bit of vegan dark chocolate: 2€
    Let's conclude: in total around 9 € for a day.
    Beat that, Omnis! 😉
    P.s.: I don't always eat rt4, but 2 raw and one cooked meal. And I know: I don't eat very much, but always when I'm hungry till I'm full and I try to eat more 🙂

  • If you really want the highest amount of calories per dollar spent, grains and potatos still give you more bang for your buck than any animal product. I'm really not sure what made anyone think meat eating won on this front; nobody forces you to eat the "average" of a food group, so obviously selections for the purpose under consideration should be compared.

  • But… Cost per calorie works perfectly fine when calculating your daily cost, as you need 2000 kcal per day with or without meat. This makes vegetables more expensive per day

  • Wrong…not true…the fat in the cheese will satiate you much more. The fruit sugars will just make you hungrier. Veggies are almost neutral. Junk food is just that. MEAT…!!! not sure?

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