Eating Green to Prevent Cancer


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  • TOP 10 Corp. AGAINST Prop 37(GMO labeling)and donations(source: panna dot org)
    1. Monsanto- $7,100,500
    2. Dupont- $4,900,000
    3. Syngenta- $2,000,000
    4. Dow $2,000,000
    5. Bayer $2,000,000
    6. BASF $2,000,000
    7. Pepsi $1,716,300
    8. Nestle $1,169,400
    9. Coca-Cola $1,164,400
    10.ConAgra $1,076,700
    they don't care about your health,why should you care about their financial health, stop buying their products! Copy & paste, tweet and facebook!

  • We should be eating A LOT more greens, chimps which are 99.7 percent genetically the same as us eat about 50% Fruit, 45% Leafy Greens and 5 % other(bugs, small animals, nuts, seeds, pith, bark), maybe we should eat more like them? they seem pretty happy and healthy while we do not. look up victoria boutenko and green for life and her green smoothies, amazing info, peace

  • well, there are a lot of things they do that we don't, yes, this is true, balancing check books, paying taxes, using computers, shooting people in the head with guns…BUT on a fundamental level of how the organism functions we are very close, would you disagree with that? 99% genetically the same, and when they are in nature and given the choice that is what they eat without influence from TV ads and Culture, kind of makes sense that our original diet MIGHT be the same as theirs?

  • I understand the 80-10-10 stuff which you are basically quoting, sure good. Greens are carbs btw, so 80% carbs(fruits, greens, veg.) 10% protein(nuts and seeds) 10% fats(also nuts and seeds and avocados, olives etc). Please tell me how humans are "designed" to eat 90% fruit, when we look pretty similar to chimps which eat about 50%, are we that anatomically different? You would think that chimps would eat MORE fruits as they can climb easily from tree to tree to pick them.

  • "Scientists from the Wayne State University, School of Medicine, Detroit, US, examined key genes in humans and several ape species and found our "life code" to be 99.4% the same as chimps."

  • Humans have more DNA representation of amylase (carb enzyme) therefore humans can more easily digest more calorie dense foods like root vegetables. Also humans have less hind gut digestion than other primates. Our colons aren't as colonized with beneficial bacteria which break down green leaves into fats, vit,minerals. Personally I thrive on starches rather than fruits. I'm 6'7" 235lbs lean and need more calorie density. Recently gave up wheat, oats due to sensitivity and feel even better!

  • -.- Omfg…really? Really? Yeah, we're humans. Agreed. "God created man." Not everyone has you're particular beliefs in deities or even any beliefs at all. And there really isn't anyway for you to concretely prove your point or for anyone to disprove your point. However, I like how evolution of humans is always connected to monkeys. Following the theory even further back, we also have a common ancestor with plants. The ancient cells that became green plants acquired photosynthetic bacteria.

  • Because the human brain is much more complex than chimps, we require more energy to fuel it. The brain alone needs about 1200 calories a day. For this reason I think humans would struggle to function properly on low carbohydrate diets because our evolution has increased our demand for energy(glucose).

  • Human didn't evolve from monkeys. This is a common misconception that people have. Humans share a common ancestor with apes. If you think of a family tree that has your grandfather who then had 2 children(branching down), who each had 2 children and we as humans are 1 of those 4 "grandchildren" and apes another, hypothetically speaking. Humans and apes are cousins. Our common ancestor is the grandparent.(AKA the missing link, which hasn't yet been discovered by scientists.)

  • Thanks, good points, I forgot about the color thing, we need lots of colors I agree, eat the colors of the rainbow everyday would probably make us happier like when we see rainbows ^^

  • cool, we are about the same size, 6'5. what do you think about oat groats? that are raw and soaked, i am going to try and start eating those with berries and stuff in the morning as i have heard that most very old people who are healthy eat oats daily(pharmacologically different, high silica? forget right now…and of course lots of fiber, so cleans you out). thanks.

  • I can't eat those but you might be able to. My digestion becomes gassy, bloated and skin results in acne within 2 days after eating oatmeal. Similar but worse with wheat. Given your size you'll want to eat more grains, cooked vegetables than just fruit, but again that could be just me. Some people rapidly oxidize fruit and spike their blood sugar (me) and feel nauseous for hours afterward. I can only eat large fruit meals sometime after breakfast.

  • thanks for your comments, i just got some oat groats, i am going to try and eat them for a week and see how i feel, soak them overnight for sure. just curious, saw your last name,my last name also ends in "son", Finnish/Swedish, just curious if your ancestors are from the northern countries? i went to Norway once to see a friend, it was the first time in my life I felt at home/normal as far as my height 🙂 everyone thought I was Norwegian, it was a great feeling ^^ peace.

  • DNA is a tough argument to use as an evolution proof given that we still barely understand it. However everybody will agree that we look slightly more similar to a chimp than to a tiger or a worm, which is by the way one of the reason Linnaeus classified the humans as frugivore. And also "Science" doesn't say that our ancestors were chimps, what it says is the most probable explanation is that we are at some point related to apes by a common ancestor.

  • Jeff – what do you eat for breakfast? I love oats and love my oat porridge, but my poor skin would suggest I too can't digest them too well. I've just transitioned to vegetarianism and feel like I'm not eating enough.

  • i had a tumor on my toe that popped up in feb. 2012, ignored it until last june then started eating a box of field greens/baby spinach (olivias organic) a week/raw
    the growth is 98% gone, it was almost 1/4 inch big , greens will fix anything wrong
    with you/i never ate vegetables for the last 25 years

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