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  • I seem to have trained my unconscious. You can do that, you know? On that note, blood is "more likely to be what our unconscious minds think".. more likely: according to what reference? I don't think it's more likely. Red is most often seen in the natural world. flowers and fruits, specifically. Blood is hardly the most often seen source of the color. Of course, I'm honest enough to say that this is my opinion.

  • You cannot train yourself to make your unconscious conscious, because then all you would have is a conscious mind. Good luck then reminding yourself to breathe while asleep.
    From an evolutionary psychology point of view, it's rational to think that blood represents danger and fertility. Blood is a transmitter of many diseases, thus you would not want to consume it. Thus the red label being less appealing.
    It would be interesting to repeat the study with menstruating women.

  • The most recognizable color is that which is closest to white simply because it reflects the most light. In complete darkness we cannot see any colors.
    However, red stands out in most environments. But why does the human eye pick up the color red so easily? Because being able to readily see or enhance red meant you could follow your wounded prey easier.

  • You sure it wasn't just from the junk food? I was the same, went on accutane twice even. I took out all the excess sugars, and processed foods from my diet, including drinks and started eatting lots of meat and protein powder and started making sprouts and juicing wheat/barley grass everyday along with beets and cilantro and my skin is totally clear now.I never went carb or any fruits and almost no vegies aside from what I juiced. I personally think its the sugar/processed food to blame not meat

  • Yea I never really blamed the meat.. I also agree it's the refined sugar and the processed foods that triggered me like crazy. Not to mention MILK or dairy products! Note tough: Refined sugars..not natural sugars from fruits or plant based starches (carbs ;-;) those are the true healers; I went vegan for lots of reasons but acne was one of them.

  • Sprouts, wheatgrass, barley grass, beets, cilantro? These are some of the the most effective chelators among plant foods. They probably offset the acidification from the protein you were eating. Alternately, as RG did, you could ditch the animal protein and tons of juicing and just eat ripe, water rich fruits.

  • But we have bred those plants to what they are now. 11000 years ago we would not have tomatoes but rather small, sour berries. Even bananas would be small and full of seeds. During this breeding process the outer appearance of the fruit (color, shape, texture) has also been changed. The first bred tomatoes where actually yellow and cherry sized.

  • Look better, feel better. On an all plant based nourishment plan (going on 3 years in Dec) has led me to going further athletically that I'd have ever thought possible. At 51, last Sat. I ran a first 100K in under 20 hours, including a long night in the woods. New video: "Run Woodstock 2013. FUN at my First 100K".

    On all plants, I look better, lighter, stronger … and even my vision has improved!

  • My only criticism is that fertility is what signals attractiveness, health plays a part.As we have eliminated dairy, women (as I have come to understand) have shortened their fertility years by an average of 7-10yrs *if* I remember correctly. This is supposed to be good, since it lessens our chances of breast cancer…but I would like to hear more about how older people appear more attractive for going vegan. Before and after shots in this vid are of kids :/

  • No wonder I'm so beautiful ::hair flips::.
    Well, that explains why I used to choose Pesi over Coke – because the can was blue lol Thank goodness I don't support those companies anymore! Plant based is the way!
    Thanks Dr. Greger!

  • 01:07 – this part was confusing, I didn't quite understand it right away. I thought he made a mistake or something and said: less fruits and vegetables we eat – more attractive we become.

  • I'd like to get the photograph of africans, asians and caucasians people from this article "Carotenoid and melanin pigment coloration affect perceived human health" but i can't find them in the article itself. Can someone tell me where to get them. Thx a lot!

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