Duct Tape and Wart Removal


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  • I never heard of using duct tape for warts until I was researching other dermatological remedies, like the ones found in Benzoyl Peroxide vs. Tea Tree Oil for Acne (

    , Does Tea Tree Oil Work for Nail Fungus? (

    , and Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Warts & Cold Sores (


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  • So interesting, I've removed 2 warts with the duct tape method, the first was started using vinigar but I ran out of cotton swabs half way 😅 although both times the wart came off after puss formed underneath and was painful to walk on, i wonder if that's because I kept the tape on constantly for the whole time 🤔 will be curious to see what happens with this third wart doing it as they do in the study

  • I developed a tiny wart on my plantar region (foot) and tried the duct tape method. In my case, duct tape isn't for ductwork, nor is it for wart removal. It became worse and worse over the 3 years I worked at it until I finally went to a dermatologist to have it frozen off. That took 4 more years. It got bigger, moved further toward my toes. He tried injections with candida to "stimulate my immune system," which were useless. It finally was removed when it became so dislodged deep under the skin from the cryonics that he plucked it out when cutting off dead tissue. It hurt horribly, but I was so used to the pain in that area and walked with a limp for years that it didn't matter. It was gone 7 years after it first appeared. Don't mess around with duct tape. Get it frozen off if its on a foot. You will save yourself years of hell.

  • I've had a stubborn wart for 4 years now. Here's what worked for me:
    1. Duct tape – after a few days of constantly using this, the wart is destroyed and skin grows back. But the wart isn't dead, you really have to keep wearing it for many months.
    2. Compound W – Put on, let dry, put duct tape over it. This destroys the wart even harder. The only issue is I've scared myself. The acid burrowed a dent into my finger where the wart was and isn't growing back to normal.

    One tip is to use the duct tape to get your hand oil off first, then a new piece of duct tape on the dry part of skin where the wart is. This keeps the duct tape on your finger longer. Use scissors to cut intricate shapes by folding the duct tape in on itself to cut easily. It really sucks having one on the tip of my finger.

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  • Plantar warts are highly contagious, easily passed to other family members in the shower or when barefoot, I tried many other treatments including cryotherapy! The only way I got rid of mine was using duct tape, more than a little circle of it, but a good 2 inch splat, this cured them on two different occasions (several years apart), and I said NO to having it 'cut out'.

  • It's sad that the go-to technique for medical professionals with dealing with most health issues is "kill it with fire" (cryotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, acid, etc). I'm grateful that we have these techniques and that they're generally effective, but I wish more research would be put into how these viruses/mutations actually work or how we can enhance the immune system to deal with them, rather then what poisons can be used to kill them (which generally hurt the body in the process).

  • However the WART VIRUS that causes the manifestation of the wart mushrooms, is still at large, hiding in the liver. PARASITE CLEANSE HERBS & RIFE RESONANCE THERAPY is still necessary (along with a vegan lifestyle).

  • My partner picked up a plantar wart from surfing on our local beach that is also a dog beach so lots of flora/fauna in the water. He endured TWO painful cryo treatments with no success. I googled alternative cures found duct tape and we figured it couldn't make things worse. A few weeks later and the wart was gone. I'd like to understand WHY it worked though. I've speculated maybe it's some compound in the glue, maybe the anaerobic environment precludes reproduction? who knows but it works and it's cheap!

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